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Shimamura's Black Friday

Do you know Black Friday? "Black Friday" refers to the big cheap selling held on the 4th Friday of November.
Originally it was a Thanksgiving event that began to take place in the US and Hawaii, but it was also held at the "Shimamura" which everyone in Japan love.
Moreover, the Black Friday Sale at "Shimamura" is held from the 4th Friday of November until Saturday and Sunday, so many goods become half price through 3 days, it is very affordable.
For example, "Lucky Bag" is an image that only some days are done in New Year's Day, but at Temura's Black Friday Sale, it is matched to each with Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Kids 'Boy's Clothing, Kids' Girls 'Clothing, Baby Boy's Clothing, Baby Girls' Clothes There are times when lucky bags of 2000 yen are sold as clothes arrive in sets.
In addition, it is also one of the charms of many of Shimamura's lucky bags that the main body of lucky bags has become "a garbage thing later" such as ordinary paper bags, "backpacks and hand bags" which were thought until later usability.
If you buy one for the black Friday sale, it is convenient to use as a room wear etc for accommodation learning and excursion from your child, traveling with a couple again.
Also, "Underwear" which is consumed regularly by everyday use seems to be good at shopping if you arrange families by checking flyers carefully when Black Friday Sale is done.
Since there are rare sells close to half price, please check it so that you do not miss the Black Friday Sale of Temura.

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Shimura sale

If you are taking a newspaper, it will enter like a weekly "Shimamura flyer".
Every time it's popular with many people "cheap and cute things get in!", But a more profitable sale called "Shimamura sale" will be held several times a year.
There are also periods when we sell clothes such as "50% off", "900 yen uniform", and "200 yen uniform", among others, where Temuramu sale is particularly advantageous.
Actually I myself purchased a skirt of 200 yen for a 200 yen sale, but since it was made of materials, it was a great success from autumn to winter.
Especially on cold weather you can go down to convenience stores etc. with lower leggings and Torenka down, "I do not want to spend money on a room wear or a little outing", or "When going out for a while I would like to do a comfortable dress "It is also recommended for people.
Especially young mama seems to have many people saying "I want to buy my clothes as cheaply as possible and spend money on children's clothes", so it seems like a dream to be able to make a fashionable upgrade to households as well.
Another selling tie used by your husband every day, as well as "padding" which requires a regular exchanging bean is also sold at 900 yen for a single size, so this kind of There are many merits to using Shimura Sale.
In Shimamura there are many "towels" and "seasonal clothes" etc. as main, so if you want to "wear a clean and stylish thing all the time without spending money on expendable items as much as possible" It is a perfect store.

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Shimamura final disposal sale

Shimamura's final disposal sale seems to be very popular because various goods are being sold at a considerable "exceptional" price.
Especially for housewives who are working on households everyday, because it is a big opportunity sale of "Here they are!", Many people often buy clothes and shoes on this occasion.
I myself went to the final disposal sale of Shimamura, but in that case, the knit hat with the original price of about 1000 yen was sold at "100 yen including tax" and immediately bought it.
Even on the net, among those who are actually going to aim for "Temura final disposal sale", purchase items with original values ??of around 2,000 yen including tax for 100 yen ・ purchase items with original value 4000 yen at 300 yen A strong man also said that he did.
Shimamura price notation is different from other stores, it is a point that you can buy with confidence that "tax inclusive price display".
Those who are saying "I want a couple of boots by design!" Also confirmed that it was the final disposal sale, and those who bought a lot at "1 pair of 300 yen" and the price dropped to nearly 100 yen in the same way You know that you are enjoying "Shimamura final disposal sale" more thanks to each one's shopping technique, such as those who buy a lot of clothes.

Apart from housewives as well as students and young women, it seems that selling tension is going to rise so that they will want to brag on SNS, "I felt that I got cheaply at the final disposal sale!"It is unique only in "Shimamura" that you get various items regardless of age and sex.

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When is Shimura Sale 's time?

Sometime when is the final disposal sale of Shimamura, famous for "falling to 100 yen including tax", is held around once? This time we will introduce about that time.
First of all, it is goods such as clothes and shoes / bags of "spring clothes", but it is said that spring sale final disposal sale will be carried out roughly from mid-March to the end of March.
Next, summer goods final disposal sale will be held from around August when the summer is at its peak in late September.
There are four seasons in Japan, "spring, summer, autumn and winter", but it is difficult to arrange with family clothes and shoes ... every year according to each season, "It's really spring but it's also used for autumn winter ... "There are many unexpected ceremonies, is not it?
However, if you go to buy this shrimp "Tailored to each season" buy a lot of family members, you can buy with a price that is more than half of the usual price, which is a great deal.
Especially as an autumn / winter product popular every year "Shimamura × Harris Tweed" products are stocked from small items to large bags and snoods, and many women are going to buy it, but again with the brand It seems that it is also a difficult point to be a little expensive due to collaboration.
However, at such times, using the "final disposal sale", for example, the price of Shimura Shiramura × Harris Tweed which was about 2000 yen has been reduced to "100 yen", so even students' pocket money and old-fashioned girls can buy it It is profitable and glad.

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Shimamura's Disney Collectibles

Speaking of character goods whose tension rises without thinking when seeing a flyer's flyer, "Disney".
Since Disney's Disney goods are not originally dealt with as regular dealers, maybe quality is not low? There may be people who seem to think, but from the net etc. it seems to be "Shimamura (cheap)" I will want everything with no quality! "And many voices are coming up.
So, what exactly is Disney 's Disney goods in concrete? I will introduce some of them.
First of all, popular among girls who like girly things are goods of disney princess things such as "Alice" of Alice in Wonderland and "Bell" of Beauty and the Beast.
There are also handkerchiefs that you can use for pouches, companies, schools, when you go out, etc., so you can collect various kinds of Disney Princess goods for your own use.
Then, regardless of age and sex, everyone's favorite "Mickey Mouse" has a lot of patterns.
Since there are a lot of Mickey Mouse goods widely to things such as beddings such as pillow cover and mattress covering and clothes and accessories such as pouches, it is recommended for all ages.
Other Disney movie character items such as "Cars", "Toy Story", "Princess Sophia", "Pinocchio", "Monsters Ink" are on sale to each, so we have a set of children's favorite Disney movie goods It is also good to create a children's room or create your own space with your favorite character.
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Shimamura's Tsumugumutsutazzu

A game called "Tsumsum" that appeared from the famous application "L I N E".
We called popularity because it transformed into various looks like Disney characters like balls and they are connected and disappeared by anyone who can enjoy it.
From the appearance of Tsumsumu, "Tsumtu characters are too cute!" It has become a topic from many generations from children to adults.
Although it seems to be selling 'Tsumtumguts' in various stores in the past few years, it is now sold at a more affordable price in 'Fashion Center Tamura' which is 'cheap and good goods' sold.
The first thing that I want to pay attention to is "clothes".
T-shirts of design that Tsumsum's character is one point, plush designs like dress like gymnastic tumbled characters scattered throughout the clothes, pants wearing trousers, etc. There is no other goods "are plentiful .
Other items are pajamas, beddings such as quilts and mattress covers, hand towels that can be used anywhere, such as schools and workplaces and homes, are only items that can only be purchased at Shimamura.
Especially likely to be popular among girls of small junior high and high school girls are "Tsumtum Parker" and "Tsumtum socks".
There are plenty of patterns such as "Anna and the Queen of the Snow" Anna, Elsa and Olaf, and McKee, Chip and Dale of the classic characters.
Also, for housewives, "Tsumtum slippers" and "Tsumtum toilet covers" are also recommended.
If you unify it with lovely things of Tsumsum, it seems that terrible household chores will be fun and comfortable.

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Halloween with Temura? !

Even in Japan where we live, "Halloween" has become more popular in town every year, but how are you doing Halloween preparation?
If it is Christmas somehow "Santa's Cosplay Goods" is being sold at various stores, the current situation is that it is not selling "cheap and easy to buy costumes" when it comes to Halloween.
Although the opportunities to sell Halloween goods and Halloween cosplay in general stores have increased in recent years, it is true that "Higher" is still for people who are considering using Halloween only on that day.
However, such a recommendation for you is "Halloween Cosplay Goods of Fashion Center Shimura".
Although I think that there is also anxiety such as "Shimamura saying, it is not as expensive as Halloween cosplay goods ...", but if you think of "costumes to have fun wearing a day (or several times)" Shimura Halloween cosplay It is very cheap and it takes a lot of time and labor to change, so it's easy, so it's perfect for those who really want to enjoy Halloween day.
Halloween cosplay sold at such Shimamura has various kinds, such as "Black cat" ・ "Witch", which is the classic original Halloween stuff, from Japanese classic Dizzy characters, then Japanese animated characters.

Although Disney Cosplay is popular among girls every year in "Disney Cosplay", there are Disney Princess objects such as Ariel, so it is good to take a dream "Be a favorite Princess!"I want to make a cosplay, but it is embarrassing to transform on the whole ... "Halloween socks" such as Disney and Kitty are also sold so it is also good to make "one point only conscious of Halloween" is not it.

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Leave the large size for women to the shimame!

Even a few years ago, "Female large size is on sale" is also a hot topic, Fashion Center Shimamura.
For women, "It seems that the size of the body seems to be large" is complex or it is often that "I do not want people to know", so at a shop where the clerk is coming soon It is unbearable.
However, it is recommended because there is abundant design in "Shimamura" which can do large size shopping without worrying about such "clerk san comes" or "without worrying about the eye".
For Shimamura's female large size, basically there is "LL, 3L, 4L", so you can find your favorite clothes that match your body.

Because "I can not find the size easily for other clothing shops ..." "Gaucho pants of large size" and "big size skirt" I can choose the one that suits my body with my favorite design Many women are pleased that "Shimamura is good in the neighborhood!"Also, unexpectedly large size was not sold in "big knit tops" or "sweat fabric pullover" of course, so you can enjoy "fashionable trends even a little bigger body".
A woman who says "I want to wear loose more naturally though it is not originally large," and large-sized clothing that is too large for a woman who says "clothes that can be worn for pregnant women are limited ..." is COSPA It is good, it is very recommended.

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It is safe if the large size of men's is too small!

The big size for men is also a general store, "Currently not selling ..." is the current situation.
Basically it is necessary to go to "big clothes specialty shop" if it becomes big size of 3 L or more, it is troublesome to take much trouble and money compared with ordinary size.
But in any district it is possible to purchase big size clothes for men more easily if it is the fashion center Tamura which is said to be "in the neighborhood" in general.
I myself have a big husband of the body, my husband usually wears "3 L", some ones "4 L" clothes so it was very difficult to find more than 3 L for men in regular stores .

However, in the last few years I was surprised that the amount of clothing I sold day by day was increasing as I learned that "more than 3 L for men's is sold at Shimamura."In Shimura, such as down jackets that I think that "I do not sell with the goodness of this size of Cospa in other countries" as well as big T - shirts of course, such as "You can purchase clothing with confidence in men of large size" I think that it is a shop.
Socks are also common sizes in places that are only 27 centimeters in size, but sometimes they sell socks up to "29 centimeters and 30 centimeters" when it is not Temura and every time it is "Because it's pretty much the size It is a great help for men who are troubled, or their families who can not afford the matched one ... ".
Recently there are many "large size corners" also in Shimamura's leaflets, so it is also recommended to go buy after checking with a leaflet.

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Corde is talking about it!

Corde which was born from collaboration of a popular magazine "mer" and "fashion center Shimamura" for young girls.
It is cheap ・ You can easily purchase easily in the neighborhood with the shampoo that you can buy easily, so it is popular widely from students to adult girls.
Although "Corde" which is suitable for each season of spring, summer, autumn and winter is sold, it seems that collecting popularity is especially "Corde that can be stopped in autumn winter".
It is cute when girls fall in autumn. (It is also from clothes.) It is often said in the world, but if you coordinate the whole body with "topic Kode" that is becoming a topic, attention from men also from men I heard that you can become a girl who gathers.
Many of Corde's can be closed, because the colors and designs of the clothes are making "girls like to be fluffy", "Usually, there are many boyish or cool Corde, but occasionally I want to compete with feminine cute clothes! Or, "I want to wear pretty clothes, but I do not know how to make Corde, I do not know what to buy," even if you say "Corde who can stop" will be on my side.
If you are a fashion center Tamura, girls like junior high and high school students who are not yet able to enjoy shopping by themselves, or even adult girls who are not good at communicating with clerks ... shopping without worrying about people's eyes It is good as you can enjoy it.
It is likely to be spoken to, such as "I am cute that clothes!" To Ko Kake, which I can stop, and friends around.

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You can use Shimamura's wallet pouch!

Wallet or "mobile or smartphone" is a necessity for going everywhere every day, but is there anything you worry about "If there is no other bags bulky if it is a big bag ..."?
In such a case convenient is what is called "wallet pouch".
As the name implies, "wallet" or "mobile or smartphone" is a bag with a size of Supori so if you want to have as few luggage as possible, it will be lightweight and it will be more fun to go out.
Recently it is not unlikely that the wallet pouch that was sold at affordable price also to flyers of "Fashion Center Shimamura" has been posted.
Shimamura's wallet pouch is about 1,000 yen if it is cheap, even if it is expensive, it is about 2,500 yen, it is also a friend of a housewife.
There are many things in oblong rectangular shape, long wallets as well as those entering with Supori as they are, or even smaller and more compact, you can store money and cards directly and use it as a "wallet" per bag right.
In addition, most of the purse wallet pouch "bag shoulder straps are removable", so many things can be used as a "hand-held bag" that you can hold hands next to fashionable if you remove the string from the bag .
According to the fashion of the day, it is also recommended to change it like "Today is oblique like Tasuki", "Today is shoulder", "Today is hand-held style".
Since there are plenty of colors and designs, things that can be used widely from girls of junior high and high school to adult girls are available, so even parents and sisters and friends are cute together.

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Shimamura's Crossy is popular!

Suddenly, do you know what is called "Fashion Center Shimamura's own brand" Crossy "?
Crossy is a commodity made by sticking to "quality" and "price" more, so we have a wealth of items that can be purchased with confidence from children to adults.
Fashion center Shimamura is possible to "mass-produce" by being "developed nationwide" to Hokkaido and south to Okinawa in the north.
It seems that the costing performance of Crossy is getting better thanks to that "mass production".
Crossy's popular secret is still "quality goodness" and many people want "simple and not too fancy modest color and design".
For example, "UNIQLO" like color and design development, depending on things, such as "100% cotton", those who have weak skin by sticking to fabrics, parents with parents with weak skin Because we can purchase with confidence also popularity is gathered.
For myself, when purchasing the master 's Y shirt I often purchase Shimamura' s Crossy, but I think that 'It is solid,' is cheap, but it is wonderful.
Besides, although the pants of Crossy are "chino pans" and "skinny pants" etc., even when using "material that stretches vertically", for example, even when it gets heavy or thin, some "fit" parts It is recommended in comfort to become a habit.
If you choose 100% cotton, you will feel better, and you will be more fun going out with Crossie.
Even for leaflets I occasionally have a special feature on Crossy, so please try to refer to it as well.

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It might be better than a leaflet? ! What is it?

Do you know the word "shima patto" that became famous since SNS popular in the world?
Actually it is a word abbreviated with "Shimamura × patrol" together.
It is said that there are many people who search by searching "shop pato" by tweeting them with "# (hashtag)" in front of words.
It is the meaning that I got the name "Sho-Pato", which means that next time, for example, by uploading it on the net with a picture like "I bought such cute clothes at Shimamura! "Wow! I'm selling such pretty clothes! I want it too! Let's go to Shimamura!" It is a translation.
For young girls who want cheaper and cute things, Shimamura is an indispensable existence.
If you are taking a newspaper, it is "Temura Flyer" which enters like every week, but actually I bought it and wore ・ I want to know the impression of those who tried using! How to sometimes search "shop pato", you can prejudice what you want because "This is nice!" Wasted by shopping ・ You can also prevent "regret that you should have made something else".
In addition, because it seems that some people say "I knew that it is a Temurabura sale at that time" by seeing it beforehand at Pato Pato, so if you quickly noticed "getting better than usual" quickly and hurry up to what you can do, I might be able to meet nice products.
In recent years it has become a popular topic in terms of fashionable "not as good as a high brand", so heavy users will continue to increase in the future.

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Temura's Snoopy goods

Snoopy which has become a topic of collaboration products with various shops in recent years.
Recently it seems that collaboration with "Fashion Center Shimamura" is also popular.
Snoopy miscellaneous goods are cute and healed also originally many fans are captivated by Snoopy miscellaneous goods, but Shimura truly is "cheap" ・ "Snoopy likes from being able to buy immediately if you go to neighboring shimamura" It seems that you are also captivating those who were not.

For example, "Joe Cool (Snoopy)" which is simple and cool design with snoopy black sunglasses seems to be bought by many, especially even for adults, "I am easy to learn!"Beddings such as towels, quilt covers and mattress covers, from the things that can be used as one point for parts of fashion such as socks, sandals, shoes and hats, and "gift set" with snoopy design pouches and cosmetics set as well, I am surprised because Shimamura sells it at a safe price.
Some of them sell bandana etc which "snoopy pattern looks closely", so we are selling "daddy" like dad, such as "I usually do not want to have character objects but I like fashion" It is fashionable to use it for wrapping lunch box.
There are many kinds of Shimamura Snoopy goods not only for adults but also many kinds of kids and baby items, so it is also recommended to dress with your child's favorite painting designs and colorful clothes etc.

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Shimamura's Myelo goods

My Melody has many female fans from young girls to adult girls.

Even in Shimamura, it is talked about "My Mello goods are on sale!"It seems like my melody, bedding like pads and pillowcases designed like girls based on pink, up and down sets of women's objects, pajamas and slippers ・ socks, and even miscellaneous goods such as straps and clips, "I bought it all in Shimamura" I have plenty of My Mero goods to the extent that I can not imagine.
Shimamura's unique "Mai Melo-chan Multi-Cover" seems to be popular, so it's a cover of the sofa, spreading it on the mat of the room, there are various usability and it's convenient.
Also, some of them also sell "My Melo's Goodwill" and "My Melo-Chan shaped pillow" etc. It seems like a girl would want a girl with a high quality product as if she bought it at my Melody specialty store It is only goods.
Inside is not "pink like my throat" but also mye mero goods which can be enjoyed even by simple and adult girls such as "one point of my throat" in monochrome such as "white base" and "black base" are also sold so I do not wear pink, but like Mai Mero, "I also recommend it.
Since goods such as patches and clothes are also sold for kids and babies, I think that it is particularly good for families with girls.
If a child of age who does not like changing clothes finds some favorite My Melo chan Pajama etc, it may be willing to wear it.

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Shimamura's slippers are rich in variety!

Fashionable slippers attracted attention in terms of interior such as "DIY" in the past few years.
Actually, you can easily get cheap and stylish slippers at "Fashion Center Temura" which is also in the area you live in.
Although slippers corner was originally set up in Shimamura, the type of slippers has become rich year by year.
Slippers are not "indispensable existence", especially for modern Japanese people who have custom "take off your shoes at the entrance".
That's why I'd like to pick up slippers like those who say "Slippers are cute!" As much as possible, as much as possible, with attention to visitors as well.
First of all, I talked about Shimamura 's topic "Collaboration with Harris Tweed" "Harris tweed pattern slipper" is recommended for autumn / winter season.
It is a dying design especially for adult girls that combines warm colors such as brown, red, light blue and yellow, which are stylish plaids that make Harris tweed-like Britain image.
Animal pattern slippers such as cats that have become a boom in recent years, bears, dogs, polar bears, hedgehogs, and pandas, and characters such as Snoopy, Mickey, Minnie, Kitty, My Melody, We have plenty of things to do.
Like "slippers" "shoes" to wear in the house is also popular, it fits the feet more than the slippers and wraps it so it is especially recommended for housewives who do housework in the middle of winter time.

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Fashion Center Shimamura

Fashion Center Temura which has become popular widely from small children to elderly generations, "Seasonally suitable event" is held throughout the year every year, and during seasonal change moment season "clothing etc There are also many sale according to the replacement.
Shimamura's flyer also arrives almost like every week if it is a family who takes the newspaper and has always been loved as a "shop where everyone can go easy" by always being able to enter information.
Clothes etc designed according to the trends according to the times can be obtained earlier than anywhere cheaply, so we can get plenty of stylish items with plenty of room for students' .
Sneakers and Mouton boots are also about 900 yen? There are many things you can buy at around 2,000 yen, so even if it is high, 3000 yen is hardly going so it is also friendly to the housewife's wallet that supports households.
Even those who are "not very interested in fashion and interior" but "who came to buy because they are necessary" also obviously come to Shimamura, "Well, now the trend is such fashion!" Because it is obvious, "Do not spend money It is also possible to transform into a fashionable style ".
Fashion center Tsurumera is a strong friend for children who grow bigger and increase clothing size as well.
Because it is abundant from character things to simple and adult-faced designs, it seems that your child will also change clothes happily.
Of course it is also recommended for elderly people to recommend Shimamura's products, as well as those who "are looking for clothes that match the age", as well as those who "want to try occasional fashion for young people" occasionally.

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Shimamura Bedding

As the name of Fashion Center Muramura, at first glance it is not easy to sell clothes at Tamura ...? It is a strange tendency to think, but many housewives sell "beddings" as well It has become a hot topic.
Until now it was "commonplace" to buy beddings for families, but at Shimamura it is surprising to buy one person for around 10,000 yen even if we have one set.
If it is so cheap, the quality is not good, is it? ... I tend to think that, Temura's beddings are increasingly good quality year by year, and the price is also affordable.
In addition, the commitment is packed to the pattern and the touch adapted to the seasonal feeling, and in the summer as much as possible "the material to be sweaty" and "the material to sweat" are used, so "bedding suitable for me It is possible to choose.
In winter there is even a thing stuck to "warm material with Mokomoko anyway" or "material with a comfortable feel like a blanket".
Also designs are pretty Disney characters, premium snoopy and minion ・ My Melody ・ Kitty, for a limited time, pretty design tailored to the room and taste.
Beddings for children are also very pretty, classic Anpanman, Giva Nyan, Disney Princess if you are a girl, Cars if you are a boy, everyone's exciting design makes me excited.
Also, many pet owners like pet boom, like pet dogs and love cats to lay blankets for children's shimame.
If you go when you are looking for a flier and selling at a low price, there are things such as "Mattress cover single is 900 yen", so check it out and see it.

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Disney's cosume Tamura is cute!

It is "Disney cosmetics" recently sold at drugstores and department stores across the country, but seems to be particularly popular especially among female high school students, especially in their twenties.
However, such a popular Disney cosume has become available for purchase even at that "Fashion Center Shimamura".
Although it seems rare that things are published in leaflets, it is secretly popular among girls who love Shimamura.
Even if Disney cosmetics is said, mostly it is not a classic character such as Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, but a girlish "Disney Princess" design is treated, so you can tickle the girls heart.
For example, it is a pencil eyeliner designed by Ariel who appears in Little Mermaid, Alice's design lip gloss appearing in Alice in Wonderland, Rapunzel designed by Rapunzel on the tower Shadow, a lot of kinds such as powder teak of design of jasmine appearing in Aladdin are stocked.
In the case of Shimamura these items can be purchased for around 500 yen.
Also, low sale sale such as 30% OFF is regularly held, so if you purchase at that time it will be even cheaper and you will feel like something gotten.
If it is a woman, because it is a makeup that is commonplace to do every day, rather than using a cosmetic with no ordinary design, after all, even if you arrange "cosmetic appearance is cute" It seems to be enjoyable to you.

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Shimamura's pajamas are cute!

Jelat Piquet pajamas who are gaining popularity mainly from celebrities and others because of the quality of the fabric and looks fashionable.
However, young people such as students are high-class pajamas who can not handle their hands because the price is pretty expensive.

Sometimes you will regret later only as high as you thought "High, but popular one also want me!"It is a gelato picket style "room wear" of "Fashion Center Temura" I would like to recommend to you.
It is similar to so-called pajamas, it is good to wear as a room wear, it is good to go to sleep as it is, it is an awful goods.
Mokomoko material which is the characteristic of gelato picket is used, not only it looks nice and soft and comfortable, the colors and designs are also pastel colors with borders and dot patterns ... It is also very cute.
Some long wearing long sleeves or long sleeves on short pants or upper and lower ones with length and inside, there are also room wear "easy to take off" that you can just wear a single pass as a dress .
Also, when a lot of girls wish "I want it!" The same Mokomoko material "hood" or pretty "chuck bracket" suitable for a pastel pattern, depending on things a "hair band" is set There is also so it is essential to check.
Especially for Shimamura's leaflet, "Mokomoko Room Wear Feature" is also organized especially during the fall and winter season, so we recommend that you go to the shimame aiming for a cheaper period.

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