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Characteristics of a studless tire

If you are in a car you will know what to use a studless tire.
A studless tire is a tire for running on a snowy road, but you can run on a normal road after snow has melted without problems.

Tire manufacturers are considerably studying the state of Japanese snow roads and sell studless tires suitable for Japan.
However, there are various studless tires when going to a tire dealer, and the price has become wide.
You will not know what to choose.
So, let's think about the characteristics of studless tires and how to choose.

First of all, it is the basic structure of a studless tire.
It is absolutely essential that rubber material keeps elasticity even in low temperature condition of snowy country and does not impair performance as tire.
It is because elasticity disappears at low temperature as a feature of natural rubber.

Then, it is a braking force that does not slip on frozen roads.
This is characterized by a jaggy carved on the surface of the tire.
Of course, even with regular tires, there is a striped pattern, but we are further refining it to increase resistance.
This is characteristic of each manufacturer.
The groove of the studless tire is deep, the corner part is sharp.
It has been studied so as not to slip even on ice.

If you live in a snowy country and are running on a snowy road, you will be aware that studless tires are a necessity.
However, by changing the way of choosing you will be able to find high-performance tires at low prices.

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How to choose a studless tire

As the snow season approaches, we have to prepare studless tires.
People who should put out last year's studless tires are fine, but let's consider how to choose new buyers.
Of course, since it is used every year, it is important to choose a studless tire that can be used for a long time.
So what should I check?

Even if you understand vaguely about studless tires, how to choose will also be halfway if you do not understand where the differences due to manufacturers or the price differ.
First of all, please check the condition of snow in the area where you are driving.
As long as you live forever, you know, some people will have the first winter due to work.
You should investigate it not to cause an accident.

Although there are various types of studless tires, the point is related to how to choose the degree of road condition assumed.
It is impossible to drive with ice burn unless the tire is deepened and it is a tire that maintains flexibility even below freezing.

Manufacturers establish technology by various experiments.
Even so, new studdless tires are on sale every year, so we think that we can still improve it.

If you do not have confidence in your driving, it is wise not to drive a car than to purchase a studless tire.
However, in areas where public transportation is not enough, driving by yourself is commonplace.
Please choose firmly so as not to cause an accident.

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Studless tire information

Let's examine studless tires on the internet.
You will be able to obtain a wide range of information including basic principles and features, manufacturer's efforts.
Among them, we must clarify how to choose which studless tires to buy.
It is important to change before the snow season.

For information on how to choose, you can refer to the information on the Internet, but maybe some acquaintances have lots of knowledge about cars.
Since cars are a necessity of daily life, many people have studless tires as well.
Of course, the necessity will change depending on the region.
Because in warm areas you can drive without studless tires all year round.
In addition, chain regulation may be laid in the place where snow is deep.
Studless tires are judged to be inadequate.

It affects not only the manufacturer but also the price.
If you have the same performance you will want to choose the cheaper one.
Car tires will be exchanged according to the season, but in the case of cheap studless tires you may not be able to save for a long time.
Please check the reason why the price is cheap.

There is a difference for each manufacturer, but it will not be enough to understand the difference in actual driving.
In other words, there is no difference in performance regardless of which manufacturer is chosen.
Of course, there are also people who decide how to select a studless tire from the experience so far, so there are also hands to consult with those who have such knowledge.

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Prices of studless tires

Most people think studless tires are more expensive than general tires, but how much is it actually?

Even if the price is high, if you are running on a snowy road, studless tires are a necessity, so do not stick to too much about the price.
Let's check the price with a mail-order site etc.
You will notice that there is considerable width.
There is also a studless tire cheaper than a summer tire.
In other words, you will not know which price is true.
This is because the person who rides in the car has the tire's attention and those who value the suspension are going to buy high tires.

How about you?
If you are thinking of running speed with snowy roads, you should choose a highly reliable studless tire.
How to choose a tire depends on the owner's feelings.
There is no correct answer.

You can check the price of various mail-order sites on the Internet, but please choose the cheapest studless tire anywhere you want.
There is no sale of studless tires with no performance at all, even if you choose the way.

If it is a worn-out second-hand goods, it will be a problem, but a brand-new studless tire keeps enough quality even if it is somewhat old.
That is the technology of the modern automobile industry.
It might be doubtful if it is a tire a little before.

In addition, those who stick to the brand designate the manufacturer and model.
This is probably because that person can use it with confidence.
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Use of studless tires

Many people have experience of slipping handles on frozen roads, stepping on brakes and slipping.
I will put on studless tires to prevent it, but what kind of choice do you do?

You may think that the same regardless of which studless tire you choose.
However, even the same manufacturer sells many types of studless tires, each with different braking performance.
Women who are not very familiar with cars are not supposed to know how to select a studless tire.
However, it will be done if you ask dealers and car accessories dealers of a car to sell a studless tire to replace it, so you do not need to choose yourself.

Even if you are actually driving a car, the current situation is that many people do not know the inside, so we do not know the performance of the studless tires.
Still you can drive on the snow road.
The modern car and tire technology has considerable performance, and there is no need to worry about anything if it is a general road.
As for how to choose a studless tire, including the exchange, I do not mistake the idea of ??asking everything.
It is because the experts are sure to be detailed.

All you have to do is drive safely.
Even if you are wearing a studless tire, the car slips with a sudden braking or steep handle.
It is important to think about the risk that it will be a major accident.
However, those who knew how to select a studless tire can purchase cheap tires.

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Studless tires and mail order

Do you check the actual item when purchasing a studless tire?
If you live in a cold district and you are exchanging for a studless tire every winter, you will be able to purchase it without looking at the actual item.
The catalog of mail-order site is enough only for choosing tires.

Of course, you may not know without actually using the actual performance, but I know what level of studless tires to purchase from my experience.
As new tires are launched, the difference is immediately apparent to those who are familiar with how to choose.
Most modern products can be purchased at mail-order sites, so if you know how to choose it, mail-order sites will be useful.

However, in the case of studless tires, replacement work will occur.
It would be nice to do it yourself, but if you think that work is impossible, it would be more convenient for people who purchased a studless tire together with a replacement work to use a car shop.
If the store is not crowded it will be replaced immediately.

Since many people exchange for studless tires in the snow country, it is important to choose the time zone that you can finish without waiting as much as possible.
Of course, workers at car supply stores are accustomed to replacing tires, so there will be no problems.
It will definitely tighten the bolt more than yourself.

However, the price of the car supplies shop is higher than the mail order site.
It costs as much as you have a store and you have to secure workers as well.
Since it may be possible to receive discounts if you register as a member, let's investigate variously.

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Imported studless tire

Studless tires not only domestic manufacturers but also overseas manufacturers manufacture and sell.
There are also cases where studless tires sold abroad are imported as they are, and some companies sell tires designed for Japan.

What kind of studless tire is best depends on how you think about how to choose.
In other words, some people are looking for high-performance studless tires that do not slip even on ice, others think that performance enough to drive with confidence is enough if speed is not given even on a day when snow falls suddenly.
The way you choose depends on the desired performance.

As a precaution when choosing how to choose a price rather than the performance of a studless tire, you should check the share of overseas manufacturers importing.
In other words, if it is a famous manufacturer, it is considered that a certain quality is secured in any tire where it is produced.

Because automobiles often ride when the weather is bad, if you can be safe with studless tires, you should exchange tires as soon as possible.
By securing stable brakes, safe operation becomes possible.

Studless tires are best in terms of high performance and low price, but if you do not know the difference even if you look at the tires let's consult a dealer.
The place where imported goods are handled has increased.
In the case of a mail-order site, you may not be able to see the actual tire, so it may be a bit uneasy, but if you can convince yourself imported items are enough.

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Installation of studless tires

As cold weather and studless tires are needed, you have to replace regular tires, but recent young people have never replaced tires by themselves, so even if you purchase a studless tire you can not install .
Do not you care about choosing a tire and forgetting to replace it?

In such a case we recommend that you do the replacement at the store where you purchased a studless tire.
Although it is desirable that you can replace tires, you can just ask the vendor to do so even if you can not do it.
In other words, how to select a studless tire must include not only the price of the tire but also the installation work cost.

If you are a young man you can easily exchange it yourself, so purchasing costs will be lower as much.
If I accidentally slip on the snowy road, I will immediately exceed the price of a studless tire.
Let's be cautious about choosing the tires to avoid such a situation.

Although it is uneasy with tires only cheap, it is not a bad product if it is a manufacturer item.
However, some tires are inferior in performance, so it is best to drive safely on the snow road.
Please choose from studying yourself about using tires as to how to choose studless.

Depending on the installation work and how to drive a car, how to choose will also change.
Many people driving in the snowy country are wearing studless tires and there are not a few people who think that there is no problem even if speeding up.
On the other hand, more people can not install.

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Studless tire campaign

As the studless tire replacement season comes, campaigns are held at various dealers.
There is also a mail-order site, and there will be general dealers as well.

How to choose a studless tire is performance oriented, but what if you try to change your mind a little if you can purchase at a low price with a campaign?
In general, when purchasing a studless tire, it is likely to collect 4 pieces in many cases.
There are campaigns that the discount rate also becomes higher as the number increases.
Please collect various information on the Internet.

What is important here is understanding the performance of the studless tire to a certain extent and it is necessary to judge whether it is sufficient for your car from the manufacturer's model.
There is no point unless the point of view is biased toward choosing a cheap tire and it is useless when actually used.
It is not bad choosing cheapest ones, but having to choose a cheap tire after securing the safety of the studless tires.

Studless tires are designed so that the grooves are deeper than regular tires and the contact area with the road surface is wider.
For that purpose, manufacturers are doing various research and selling new tire series as well.

If you can purchase new studless tires cheaply in the campaign, you'd better think as a chance.
New tires have improved performance more reliably than before.
Of course, in order to experience it, I have to run on the snow road.

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Comparison of studless tires

Is the performance of the studless tire different depending on the tire manufacturer?
If the presence or absence of slip changes according to how to choose the manufacturer, it will be an important point.
However, in reality all manufacturers sell ordinary tires and studless tires, so there will be no extreme difference.
Of course, even with the same maker, there is not only one type of studless tire, so performance will change depending on the price difference.

Although you can see the point of how to choose by comparing studless tires, how to choose depends on how much performance you want, such as where you drive and distance.
Let's compare a studless tire with a regular tire.

First is the depth of the groove.
Studless tires are tires for running on slippery roads such as snowy roads, so friction resistance is getting bigger.
In other words, the pattern that makes contact with the road surface wider than the normal tire is attached.
Also, since it is often below freezing, materials are used to keep sufficient elasticity even at that temperature.

For general tires, there are products that lose elastic at below freezing point.
Please check the internet tire manufacturer's site.
Various comparisons are posted.

There are not many people who know little about the structure of the car even if you are driving, but if you are running on a snowy road you should know the difference between a studless tire and a regular tire.
The way of driving will change accordingly.

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Manufacturers of studless tires

I can understand as soon as I am looking at the manufacturer of a studless tire, but I also make a studless tire where I am making a tire.
In the cold area, most people are wearing studless tires, so their demand is high.

Each manufacturer raises the performance of a studless tire by its own research.
However, since the basic way of making is the same, preference will have a big influence on how to choose.
Of course, some people place importance on prices as one way of choosing.
As a result, manufacturers of summer tires and studless tires are often quite different.

Not only domestic manufacturers but also overseas manufacturers sell studless tires for Japan and there are also cases selling imported goods cheaply.
Is it not necessary to stick to the manufacturer?
Looking at the manufacturer's homepage, various types are made even with the same studless tire.
By gradually changing the performance, it is possible to choose a tire that matches the snowy road of the area.

For high performance studless tires in areas where snow does not snow too much, it will be excessive and its cost can not be ignored.
People who are choosing low-priced items on the mail order site are not seeing manufacturers, etc.

Demand for the Japanese automobile industry is high, and tire manufacturers are always developing new tires.
The flow will not change from now on.
When it comes to the snow season, studless also appears in TV commercials.

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Studless tire size

Generally the size of the tire is determined by the car.
It is important not to mistake the size of how to choose a studless tire.
Of course, it may be necessary to change the size depending on the load for business use and trucks.
Studless tires are not enough to run the snow road and you may have to wind the chain.

Since size and hardness etc are written in numbers on the side of the tire, you can tell at a glance if you are familiar with cars, but for those who do not care about things other than driving, I do not understand anything.
If you are planning to purchase a tire at a mail-order site or the like, you must hold down the specifications such as size as well as price firmly.

Although you may be able to install it even if you purchase the wrong tire, there is a possibility of triggering an accident, so you should not choose an easy way.
If you can not judge yourself, please ask at acquaintance or car shop.

Many studless tires are on display at the car shop in the snow season.
It would be a good idea to choose products that fit the car from among them.
Of course, the price may be higher than the mail order site, but the way to choose it is important.

Please give priority to safety when choosing a studless tire.
Tires are not limited to size, there are provisions such as structure and width.
There is no need to understand detailed information, but let's not mistake the purchase method.

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Types of studless tires

A tire for running on a frozen road in winter is a studless tire.
Many manufacturers sell studless tires, so some people will get lost in their choice.

Even if you look at the manufacturer's website, various kinds are posted.
If you do not know how to choose, we will tell you as soon as you listen at the car accessory store, and some will ask tire change.
Either way it is very dangerous to run on a snowy road with normal tires.
Every year, the news that slips on the snowy road and becomes a serious accident is reported as it is reported.

Even if you are driving safely you can not avoid slipping, you must think that winter tires are necessities.
Of course, there is no worry in areas where snow does not fall, but people who moved from southern country to Hokkaido and Tohoku would be the most dangerous.

By the way, why is there a lot of tires that the manufacturer sells even though there are few kinds of studless tires?
It is the same as a regular tire, it is a difference in feeling of running.
People who think that driving is a simple way of traveling will not matter how to select tires, but people who care about slight slippage will want to choose firmly the studless tires as well.
You should think of it as a product for that purpose.

If you live in a snowy country and exchange for studless tires every year, you should already know.
However, new products will appear each year, so why not try changing the way you choose.

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Recommended studless tire

Goods that manufacturers recommend and say are good cost performance is probably good.
But how you choose depends on what level of performance you are looking for.
How about a studless tire to run on a snowy road?

There are many manufacturers.
It can be the same as a normal manufacturer, or you can choose another manufacturer.
It is not a bad thing to make the price the main way of choosing.
Even with low price items, we are satisfied with the performance as a studless tire.
However, how many years you can use is an important point.

Studless tires will remain in the warehouse for more than half a year, so the turn is not long.
Still prices are higher than normal tires.
You may well think that you want to buy as cheap tires as possible.
For that reason, please check not only the homepage of each maker, but also mail-order site etc.
And we will check each recommendation.
You should not react sensitively to words of cheap sale, but if you are a famous manufacturer's studless tire you do not need to doubt the performance.

What I would like to keep in mind is not to be confident about studless tires.
On the road where the surface is frozen it will slip if you step on the brake.
Of course, the studless tire has less slip, but it does not slip at all.
If you are not accustomed to snowy roads, try to drive with extreme caution.

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Studless tires and seasons

It is natural that the seasons and studless tires are heavily related, but it will be difficult to judge when to make a studless tire from when.
Of course, it is not realistic to change to a studless tire in the cold in the morning, saying that because the road suddenly became cold and the road was frozen.
We recommend that you exchange it earlier in a car accessory store or the like.

As I have experienced studless tires many times, it may be that they have bought without much thought.
However, I would like to choose a studless tire that can run in the same way on both asphalt and snowy roads that are not frozen.
The type of studless tire that the manufacturer sells varies depending on the situation you use.
Hokkaido and Kanto do not use the same tire.

Of course, if the snow is deep, studless tires will not make it in time, so you will be wearing a chain.
It is said that the change of the season is understood by the studless tire.

In warm places such as Kyushu, it is rare that you feel the season with tires.
Region, season, and combination of tires can be said to be a landscape unique to Japan long in the east and west.
Although it is possible to go to work by car even when freezing the road surface by using studless tires, it is important to keep in mind the safe driving.

Sometimes studless tires can not stop completely.
You must drive by checking the condition of the snow.

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Points to choose a studless tire

In order to drive steadily on a frozen road in the winter, not the driving technique, but the type of tire is greatly related.
People who live in cold areas will be preparing studless tires in advance.
When looking at tire manufacturer's TV commercial etc., a new studless tire is appearing like every year.
Perhaps people who have already purchased may have thought that they chose the wrong way.
Let me introduce the points of how to choose here.

First of all, it is to select the usage situation of the studless tire that the manufacturer is supposing and the image of when you use it.
There are various types even to say studless tires.
Studless tires with no problems running asphalt road can not deal with deep snow.
Also the reverse is true.

Since studless tires do not contain metal in tires like spiked tires, there is no problem on asphalt roads reasonably.
However, there will be no guarantee that it stops reliably on a frozen road.

It is important to drive safely, but it is important to understand the characteristics of a studless tire and think about the characteristics of the tires you choose.
If the studless tire can not grasp the effective condition of the road surface, please consult with a car shop or dealer and have the tire replaced.

It is important to keep safe driving in mind.
Even if it costs it, it can be said that choosing which emphasizes safety is right.
What point do you emphasize?

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Cheap studless tire

Looking at the internet mail-order site, studless tires are sold cheaply.
Many people do not know what to choose.
Of course, it is not that bad products of manufacturers that have never heard of cheap studless tires have been sold.
There is no problem in terms of quality if it is sold for surplus in stock etc.

Although you can not decide how to choose by price alone, it is certain that price is one big factor.
Well, how much difference is the cheap studless tire from the regular price?
Of course, it will differ depending on the timing of the season and purchase, but since we will purchase not only tires but also wheels, we also want to check the design.
As a price 4 sets are sold from 30,000 yen units.
If it is less than 10,000 yen it will hardly change from normal tires.

Depending on how much you spend on car maintenance costs, the evaluation of the price of a studless tire will change.
I think that it may cost you money.
It is important to be able to smoothly exchange studless tires and normal tires.

Only cheap items are not recommended, but if you can not judge yourself, let's consult a dealer.
Some people use mail-order sites, but there is a limit to what you can check through the net.
The best way to choose a studless tire is to decide while talking with a clerk.

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Attention of studless tires

Are people driving a car everyday wary of safety?
Of course, no one wants to cause an accident, but an accident happens somewhere in Japan every day.
We have to think firmly about driving to avoid it.

Well, in winter we can not neglect attention to snow.
Specifically, it is to exchange from a normal tire to a studless tire.
Of course, since when to change exactly depends on the area where you live, you will be judging based on the state of the road surface and past experiences.

If you think that experience of driving is still not enough, we recommend that you consult with a dealer etc.
However, it will be tough to exchange on the day the road surface is frozen, so you must exchange it early at the turn of the season.

Also, what you must be careful about selecting a studless tire is sold in various types, but low price items are sufficient unless you do a special driving.

Of course, if you are driving on a highway everyday, it is important to have a steady ride.
Even if you know how to choose, there are cases where you can not make good use of the performance of a studless tire from the inexperience of your driving.
For that reason a collision accident occurs.

On studded tires and frozen road surfaces, it is important to be aware that you can not drive like the summer road.
Even if I usually know, my mind will turn around as the tires slip while driving.
Please be careful when driving carefully.

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Caring for studless tires

The main material of automobile tires is rubber.
Because rubber is a natural material, it depends on storage method to decide whether to last long.
Studless tires vary depending on the region, but the use period is less than half a year.
Therefore, it is important to know the careful care method.

Basically it is to avoid external irritation.
There are various irritants such as rain and moisture, direct sunlight, ozone and so on.
It is important to secure a place to store studless tires, but if you are a normal home you will not have much space.
Some people put it in for example.

Many people are concerned about how to select a studless tire, but once you purchase it is a prerequisite to using for several years.
Care and storage are a point.

First of all, let's purchase a studless tire with careful selection at the car goods store.
Then please listen carefully and carefully to the shop clerk.
Once we exchange it we will use it everyday.
Let's check the slippage of the tire in the morning when the road surface is frozen.
Of course, you should avoid driving to slip.

Although the frozen road surface is very slippery, using a studless tire makes it possible to run steadily.
Even if it is not 100%, the difference is clear when compared with normal tires.

How about the winter in the area you live in?
If the snow is deep, I will use the chain, but studless tires will be the best if it is freezing from time to time.

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Domestic studless tire

There are many domestic manufacturers selling and selling automotive products, but imported goods can be used in the same way, so sales competition is very severe.

Studless tires are also the same.
Although it becomes difficult to choose from the viewpoint of the user, it will not be a bad thing because the number of options will increase.
It is a studless tire to use every day if it comes to winter.
It is important to choose a tire that can run on the snow road with confidence rather than the manufacturer or price.
Of course, the quality of low-priced items is not as bad as price, so it's worth using.

If you think that a domestic manufacturer can be relieved, let's purchase it by all means.
However, foreign manufacturers also started to manufacture and sell studless tires suited to the freezing of the road surface in Japan, so there is no need to distinguish them from domestic and foreign domestic products.

It is important to drive according to the road conditions, but since it is not always possible to drive ideally, slip in emergency is a big risk.
It will change with how to select a studless tire, so you should not choose with a casual feeling.
In order to confirm the performance of a studless tire, it is most easy to understand using it.

Some people choose the same manufacturer as the normal tire.
I am particular about car products.
Still there is no problem, so please find a tire that you can appreciate.
Let's check the mail-order site.

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