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Do you use mail orderRecently, in Japan, mail order is popular enough for shipping companies to be troubled due to lack of personnel, but are you using mail order to purchase something?

Or have you used it even once in the past?
Once you use mail order, you are deeply impressed by its convenience, and since it is common to purchase in mail order at a later time, despite having used it in the past, it is not currently used If so, I think there are some reasons.

One of them is a mistake of a mail - order company.
Since mail-order companies are getting more and more customers, we can not secure enough manpower to do so and we will make mistakes by mistake.

If you encounter troubles such as arrival of a different one from the order you ordered with mail order you used for the first time, you may feel that you do not want to use mail order anymore after that.

However, such a thing is rare, so I would like to try using mail-order again.

As you drink coffee at home, choose a product at ease, and the selected item will be delivered to the front door in a few days, so mail order is really useful.

A catalog shopping company that has existed since long ago has been able to do online shopping early and it is possible to purchase everything in the Amazon and Rakuten markets etc. which have rapidly spread since becoming an internet society It is getting.

In addition, if you do not sell it in your neighborhood you can purchase it without leaving home.

I think that there is a favorite mail-order company on an individual basis, but this time I would like to talk about "Amazon" variously.

There may be things you do not know yet in that, so please look forward to it.

1) Company called Amazon
2) E-book (1)
3) E-book (2)
4) Try shopping on Amazon
5) Features of Amazon (1)
6) Features of Amazon (2)
7) Features of Amazon (3)
8) Features of Amazon (4)
9) Features of Amazon (5)
10) Features of Amazon (6)
11) Amazon gift certificate (1)
12) Amazon gift certificate (2)
13) Affiliate at Amazon
14) Sell books and CDs on Amazon
15) Amazon Kindle
16) Publish at Amazon
17) Buddha flight
18) Let's use the Amazon

Company called Amazon

Since I think that there are times when it is likely to be used from time to time, as well as those who frequently use Amazon, we have not used anything yet, so I wonder what type of enterprise the Amazon is I think that you should know it roughly.

From the name "Amazon", it seems that occasionally there are people thinking that the head office is in Brazil, in South America, in the Amazon of the rainforest, occasionally, Amazon is an American company It is headquartered in Seattle, USA.
The founder is called Jeff Bezos.

At the time the Internet began to appear in the world, Amazon also appeared as an Internet bookstore.

Originally it was planned to name it as Cadabra, not Amazon, but it stopped because this pronunciation was similar to the word meaning anatomical corpses, and eventually it is called the world's largest river It seems that he liked it and named it Amazon.
After that, it was in 1998 that Amazon Japan opened.

As in the United States in Japan, as the Internet bookstore initially started from the mail order of books.
I think that there are a lot of users who are still using the user since then.

Among those who have used it for a long time as mail order of books, there seems to be a few who still think that Amazon is an Internet bookstore.

As long as you register as a member, DM of various products will be sent, so why do not you notice it is unknown.

Currently, Amazon Japan can purchase almost anything.

It became a huge mail-order company with lots of things that you would like, as well as books, music related items, movie related items, foods and appliances, cosmetics, fashion goods and so on.

If you have not used it yet, please try it all by all means.
I am sure you will like Amazon.

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E-book (1)

In the current Amazon, you can buy anything as much as you want, but it seems that you are still putting power on the books you sell since the company's founding.

As one of the evidence, we began selling "e-books" as soon as possible.
Those who know the merit of e-books already think that they have purchased many e-books, but there seems to be many people who think that they do not seem to like images somehow.

Perhaps, I have never read an e-book yet, so I think that I do not understand its merits.

So, this time I'd like to introduce the merits of e-books.

Since I will purchase books of paper as before as mail order, it will be sent to my house by courier or mail service.

However, e-books are even more convenient than mail-order, you can download the application for e-books to the terminal you are using, then purchase the book, you can read it right away.

I do not need even time to get my house delivered, so this is epochal.
It is even faster than going to the neighbor 's bookstore and buying paper books.
Besides, no matter how many items you purchase, there is nothing to be bulky, so you will not have to worry about the storage location at home.

Up until now, there were many books that could not fit into the bookshelf, and which ones were you not sure which to discard?

From the day it is replaced with an e-book, there is no lifetime being bothered by that worry.
In addition, it is a pleasure to purchase a lot of books if you can purchase it cheaply even a bit.
However, as there are rarely bargain sale of newly published books, we had to purchase at the regular price all the time.

However, many of e-books are cheaper than paper books in newly published books.
Currently, there are many things that have not yet been converted into electronic books, but Amazon has a large number of e-books and will continue to increase in the future.
How is it.

Could you be interested in e-books for a while?

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E-book (2)

As for e-books, there are many useful things, so we strongly recommend it, so I would like to mention further merits.

For example, think about when you go on a little longer trip.
It may be homecoming.

I start to read a paperback book inside a moving vehicle or in a bed where I do not sleep easily as my pillow changes, but it is not even fun.
I will start reading another one, but this is not interesting either.
Or it was too funny to finish reading in one or two hours.

Well, what shall we do.
There is also a way to purchase more books on the road where you left where you want to go, but want to avoid heavy luggage on the way back.

Then, if you access Amazon from Amazon and purchase e-books, you can read new books from that moment.

You can purchase as many books as you do not get stuck, and you can also choose cartoons.
From the very beginning, there is no need to bring paper books.
With interesting e-books and manga, boring travel time and soon will pass quickly.

If you actually experience it, it may even be truly touching.
Because you can take as many books as you go anywhere.
And you can choose your favorite books whenever you like.
E-books exceed the convenience of mail-order sales.

However, it does not mean that we should change everything to e-books.
Again, paper books are good.

There is a person who likes to tell the story progressing while turning page 1, page 1.

Also, you may want to decorate paper books on bookshelves.

The essential point is to use paper and e-book differently.
Even just using them properly, you should be able to save space on bookshelves quite a bit.
In any case, paper books can be purchased through Amazon mail order and e-books can be purchased on Amazon.

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Try shopping on Amazon

Many of you who are reading this now think that you've already shopping on Amazon, but some may have never used it before Right.

Let me introduce how to shop at Amazon for such a ya.
Nonetheless, the flow is the same as a general mail order company.
Choose the item you want and put it in the cart, if you are using for the first time, enter the address and name.
Furthermore, it is the flow that chooses the payment method and finalizes it.

Let me explain in detail.
First, enter "Amazon" in the search window of the browser and open the Amazon site.
It is good to go through the first page on the top page, and if you want something as soon as possible, enter the word in the search window of Amazon at the top.

At that time, you can narrow down the genre of what you want from the left side of the search window, but if there is no applicable item, please select "All".

Then, click the magnifying glass mark on the right of the search window, you will see many items related to what you want and what you want.

From that, select the item you want to buy and click on it to go to the page where the details of that product was written.

If you already posted a review of who bought the item, you can also read it.
As you refer to that review, it seems that there are many ways to choose items.

If you really want that item, click "Add to Cart" on the right of the page, click where you switched to the page, and then click "Go to checkout".

The first time you will create an Amazon account here.
Follow the instructions on the screen and enter addresses and full name.

Even then, proceed as instructed on the screen in brief, the final is finalizing the order and finishing.
You will receive it in a few days.

It is not different from other mail order.
Even if you have not e-mailed online, you can purchase anything very easily, so please try it.

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Features of Amazon (1)

Currently, there are plenty of companies that can do online shopping, but Amazon is the number one share in the world.

In Japan as well, it may be said that it is the number one online mail order company at the moment.
Rakuten markets and Yahoo shopping, etc. are also major in Japan and very popular, but Amazon has a part quite different from those companies.

Major mail-order companies such as Rakuten Market and Yahoo Shopping have a format called Shopping Mall.

Even more clearly, we offer a place for business, we are recruiting tenants and developing shops.

A lot of unique shops are opening in the name of Rakuten Market, or on a huge site named Yahoo Shopping.

It is a clothing shop, a supermarket, a drugstore, an import shop, an electronics mass retailer, it is already different.
So, at Rakuten Market and Yahoo! Shopping, you can purchase everything.

And, as a matter of course, inquiries and exchanges about what you purchased will also be done directly with the shop you purchased.

Meanwhile, Amazon has taken the approach that Amazon himself develops shops themselves, and at the same time, it opens stores in other shops.

Because the Amazon itself is developing shops, there are various unique services.
Many of them are also services for customers to be pleased, so I would like you to use it.

I think that there are still various services of Amazon that you do not know.
Let's introduce them now.

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Features of Amazon (2)

For now, online mail order became commonplace, but at the time of its founding, Amazon was still considerably innovative.

With little precedent, Amazon has been steadily devising various ideas since its foundation, steadily gaining customers.
The sales page was also epochal.

I will explain with the book as an example, but when I open the page of the book I want, there are not only introductions of the intended book but also "goods that are often purchased together" are introduced, or "buy this product People are also buying such goods ", some books are being introduced.
Also, products such as "What are you buying after seeing this product?" Are also being introduced.
Not only introduction of the intended book but also introducing a lot of related books is what we are currently doing in other mail order as well but in the original net mail order is very epoch- That was it.

Indeed, there are many who have the experience of purchasing books other than the target books from such introductory parts.

If you are an Amazon user, I think that it was such a thing in the past several times.
I think that this service of Amazon is truly appreciated, going to a bookstore in a real shop and introducing only related products, rather than choosing from many books.

Of course, since this is the same for not only the page of the book but also all other items, there is a target item, it should have opened a sales page to purchase it, but other products are attracted to attention, It is common thing that you purchased a product that is not the intended product.

I do not feel any intrusive feeling, as I have reviewed the reviews of each product, I think that it is really useful and appreciated system.

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Features of Amazon (3)

The feature of Amazon that we introduce this time is also a story of a review (word of mouth) that has become commonplace in many current mail-order now.

This is also a very epoch-making thing in the mail-order industry initially, probably because there are many bad reviews, it is natural that the product will not be sold.
Nonetheless, I think that the spirit of adopting the review method and allowing customers to select good products is worthy of praise.

When buying something with net mail order, do not you look over the review for a while.
If it is the one with value, I think that I will reconsider after reviewing quite a lot of reviews.

Also, for similar items, I also read reviews and try to compare them with the products that I was wearing first.

I will do so because I want to purchase something even better.
In mail order, we can not actually see the real thing of the item with eyes, and we can not touch it, so the review is really helpful.

If you are also purchasing goods as always referring to reviews of other people, you may want to write a review for yourself once in a while.
It will come in handy for many of you.

However, recently there seems to be something like a part-time job of review writing, which is disappointing and unavoidable.

If it is the opinion of the person who really purchased, both good and bad opinions will be very helpful, but reviewing who has not purchased has no meaning.

If it is Amazon books, CDs, DVDs, etc., it seems somehow understandable from the contents whether it really reviews the person who bought it.

It seems necessary to examine so that people who read also do not just drink everything.

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Features of Amazon (4)

Let's give another feature from the Amazon sales page.

If you had purchased something on Amazon, I think you understand, but various items of information are packed in the product sales page in the closest way.
It is quite different from general mail order page.

It seems that there are a lot of information, actually there are so many mail-order companies that only large images are lined up.

In the case of Amazon, there are a lot of character information, so if you buy all of them from corner to corner then you probably do not have much.
However, if you look closely, you can read various interesting information.

When you open the sales page, you will soon see product photos, product names, prices, number of stars in review, and so on.
If it is well-selling, it is also indicated as "best seller".

Since the review is written in the last one, many people will scroll down to read the review soon after checking this item photo and price.

How long have you read about the middle of the sales page?
Near the middle, a neat product description is written.

There are cases sometimes written in quite detailed, and although it may be written easily, it will be helpful for purchasing, so please look through it here.

In addition, under it there is written "registration information", in addition to the manufacturer name, dimensions, weight, release date, handling date in Amazon, etc., in addition to what number is in the ranking of selling points in Amazon It is.

It is popularity within the Amazon of that product.
From there, furthermore, you can fly to the selling points ranking page of each product.
For those who want to buy popular items, this is very useful, so please check it out.

Also, even if there is no hesitation in the product, it will become a story of what kind of things are popular these days.

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Features of Amazon (5)

Even shopping at mail-order, like shopping at a real shop, it is common to get lost as to which to buy.

In the case of a real store, sometimes you think that you may be sold out when you next come and buy both the lost things.
And it is also common that you will end up over budget and other things you wanted.

Even in mail order, the product is not infinite, so if it is a popular item you can get sold out.

However, we can predict that there will be more inventory than real stores, so we can check whenever we notice it, so we can be lost for quite a while.

However, it is also troublesome, and while you are not buying, more and more lost products will increase.
Also, what would you do, if you wanted two, three things that you can not buy this month by the budget relationship anyway?

It is Amazon 's "What I want" to say that in catalog mail order, such as sticky note sticking and dog's ears, I wish I could do it via internet mail order.

Now I am hesitant to buy, but if you click on one thing you want in the list you want, it is a very good feature that you can open it and purchase it without having to bother searching later.

Here as well, at present it is an ordinary function in big online shopping, but the wonderful thing about Amazon's list is that you can register up to what you want for other sites.

What you want on the net is not limited to items of Amazon, but if you put it all here, you will not have to find it again.
There is not a list of wanted items There are still many mail-order sales, so it is highly recommended function.

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Features of Amazon (6)

Many online mail order is a system that registers address, name, etc. at the time of initial purchase.

By doing so, there is the merit that you can easily purchase it, saving you the trouble of entering personal information at the time of purchase from the next time.

Although Amazon is also such a system, there is also a very advantageous and special membership system called "Amazon Prime Member".

If you become an Amazon Prime member, for example, you can use "Express Hurry" or a date and time designated flight as fast as you can deliver the item you purchased as often as you like, depending on the area of ??your residence, from 1 hour to 2 hours after ordering There is a delivery service that the goods arrive at.

Also, movies, domestic and foreign drama, animation etc can be unlimited or you can enjoy more than 1 million songs without advertisement display.

In addition, you can save photos with unlimited capacity, and subject e-books have unlimited reading services as well.

There are also a number of other useful services of value.
With this, the membership fee of Amazon Prime is now 400 yen including tax, monthly payment, it is further discounted and tax included 3900 yen only.

Those who like movies, overseas dramas, Korean dramas, etc. and often going to rental shops or those who have paid thousands of dollars for monthly membership fee on video-on-demand is more advantageous when becoming a member of Amazon Prime I think so.

Of course you can also see the latest work.
You can usually try free service for 30 days at any time, so it's a good idea to check out what movies and dramas you can watch.

Although it costs a fee, there is nothing else other than the internet, such as mail-order sales which can receive only this service at a price of about a cup of coffee per month.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Amazon's greatest feature is this Amazon Prime member.

About the Amazon logo〓 About the Amazon logoMost mail-order companies have original logo marks, but of course there are also Amazons.

Do you remember the Amazon logo?
It seems that a lot of people are watching somewhere, but when you try to remember it, it may be difficult to remember clearly even if you are frequently using Amazon.

However, if you are using it frequently, I think that you understand roughly.
In lowercase letters of the alphabet, it is "amazon", from the first letter "a" to the fourth "z", a yellow arrow is drawn at the bottom.
It is not a straight arrow but an arc that looks like a light arc.

Did you remember?
Perhaps, until the point where the arrow is drawn under the letter "amazon", I think that there are many who remembered somewhat, but it is yellow and it is heading from "a" to "z" I could not remember until the point that it was an arrow.

That arrow also has a proper meaning.

First of all, the meaning that the arrow extends from "a" to "z" means from a to z, that is, from the beginning to the end of the alphabet, but as such "all the items are gathered It means "I will do it."Also, the yellow arrow represents the mouth of a smile by drawing an arc, but this represents customer satisfaction.

The logo is often a thing with some meaning, but even in the case of Amazon it has become a logo marking with such a meaning properly.

As a online shopping mall, a logo marking the feeling that customers wanted to be satisfied with all the items available.

Remember this story when you see it next time.

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Amazon Gift Certificate (1)

Did you know that Amazon has an original gift certificate?

It is common for Amazon's gift certificate to be chosen as an exchange commodity when a certain point is accumulated at an online point site and you know that it is prepared as a prize of various prize prizes, do you know It will be a lot too.

Among mail - order companies, I think that it is very unusual for me to issue original gift certificates.

Because it is an Amazon original gift certificate, it can only be used in the Amazon, but this is more popular than imagined.
Anyway, since it is an Amazon that has everything from items necessary for daily life to items of hobbies, there is no reason to be disappointed with receiving that gift certificate.

However, if you have never used Amazon, you may be confused, but since it also makes it easier to use Amazons, I think that you may try giving it away.

Because gift certificates are anything useful, I would like you to also use gift certificates for those who use Amazon.

There are four types of gift certificates for Amazon, roughly divided.
Typically in gift certificates Delivery type entered in boxes and envelopes.
A print type that downloads a gift certificate in PDF format and prints on its own.
E - mail type that you can easily give a gift by e - mail.
Charge type that you can charge yourself.

If you do not have a credit card, if Amazon usage is low, if you use a type of gift certificate that you can charge by yourself, you will be able to buy most things, including secondhand items, in Amazon.

You do not need to go to pay the convenience store etc.

Charge itself is possible from convenience stores, internet banking, electronic money, etc.
Depending on the charge amount, there is also a point reduction service.

I can not find such a convenient service in other mail order.

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Amazon Gift Certificate (2)

Let's introduce convenient usage of Amazon gift ticket to those who use Amazon which is huge net mail order.

There are various convenient uses for gift certificates of type to send by e-mail.
Just like a gift certificate of a type to charge, you can charge yourself by entering your email address.

Also, you can give a gift to online friends who do not know the address etc.
Even online friends will want to celebrate your birthday as you get along, and you always want to thank us for taking advice.

Even so, I still feel a bit worried about being able to tell my address or real name.

At that time, if you are an Amazon gift certificate, you can give it only by e-mail address, so there is nothing useful like this.

Even for those who got it, I am glad that it is an Amazon that you can purchase anything.
I think that it is one of services which can not be copied by other mail-order sales.
Please do use it by all means.

There is another very convenient usage method.
For example, if you go out for a drink with a friend or go out for lunch, it is common for someone to collectively pay the price.

And, after leaving the shop, each one will hand over their own food and drink fee, but at this time there is no fine money, many paid, less paid, only big bills, we met again There are times when you decide to pay sometimes.

Those who paid all at once, even if they are smiling, it is unexpectedly surprising in many cases that they feel somewhat disgusting.

In such a case, I think that it may be enough for only the sum of money or no change, but I will use gift certificates of the Amazon type mail type and give it from the smartphone on the spot.

Since gift certificates can be used in units of 1 yen from 15 yen to 500,000 yen, it is very convenient.
If you frequently use Amazon, you will never face disgusting, but let's give it to you after you gain consent.
It is the same kind of money you got.

Please also try to use like this.

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Affiliate at Amazon

Affiliate that you have been doing for quite a long time at various companies, including mail-order companies, have you done that?

In the meantime, rumors spreading from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of yen every month in affiliates has spread.

Some of you may have been such, but even if you try an affiliate, at most it will cost only a few tens of yen to hundreds of yen, and those who have soon stopped giving up It will be the majority.

Basically, an affiliate is a system in which a visitor clicks on an advertisement such as a shop on your own blog, etc., and you get one click 1 yen, 2 yen and compensation I mean that.

In other words, the more visitors to your blog, the easier it is that the probability of clicking will be higher, but the less it will be, the lower it will be.
Funny blogs, helpful blogs, visitors will not come, so it's unexpectedly difficult for affiliates.

On the other hand, if you only post a advertisement of a shop, even if you click on it, income is small, but if you convert it in one year, it may be about tea fee or lunch fee, If you are able to write popular blogs, there is of course the possibility of several ten thousand yen, several hundred thousand yen.

In the case of Amazon, pasting the product image you want to introduce will click on you who is interested in that product, so the probability of clicking is higher than for mere shop advertisement or corporate advertisement.

Currently, not only PC users but also smartphone users has increased dramatically, so it seems that the affiliate market has expanded.

There are some places where affiliate systems are prepared in other mail-order shops, etc. However, Amazon has a wide range of usage, many handled items are considered.
By the way, the affiliate system of Amazon is called "Amazon Associate Program".

Since there are cases where up to 10% referral fee enters, how about trying it too?

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Sell books and CDs on Amazon

I think that you know that you can sell books and CDs on Amazon even if you are an individual, if you are using Amazon for many years.

If you have not used Amazon for a long time yet, I think that you know that the second-hand trader sells second-hand goods cheaply.

That is not privileges of only second-hand traders, you can also sell.

In other words, you can become a seller of mail order.

At Amazon, you will sell at "Amazon Market Place".

There are also those who sell used books and CDs at other site auctions, but after all, as many sellers decide the price with reference to pricing at Amazon marketplace, even in such auctions, There is almost no difference in price.

Moreover, in the case of Amazon Market Place, the seller side does not need to take pictures or upload them, and if someone purchases it, the address and the invoice written with their name and address Because it makes it, the seller side is easy enough to print out it.

Speaking of what the seller prepares, when you ship, a transparent plastic bag that puts books and CDs and envelopes into which books enter, and printers for printing invoices and mailing labels, banks to be deposited Account, only this.

With that alone, you will be able to do mail ordering on that Amazon.
Because it is often sold higher than selling at a secondhand bookstore in your neighborhood, let's endure it takes a little time and effort.

Rather, it is a good idea to use fancy gummed tapes and stickers for shipping work, without having to worry about having fun while doing it.

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Amazon Kindle

Do you know Amazon 's "Kindle"?
I think that if you are a heavy user of Amazon, you know, but I think that some people do not know yet.

Also, as you may know, there are many who say you have never used it.
However, Kindle users are currently on the rise, growing momentum.

Major mail order selling books, including Amazon, deals with e-books, does not it?
Kindle is the e-book reader (or application) necessary to read that e-book.

Although I sometimes call Kindle-dedicated terminal Kindle, since I can use Kindle application on PC, tablet or smartphone, any of these can read e-books.

Though weak in the machine, I think the terminal exclusively for Kindle and the common tablet are the same thing, but it is not so.

A dedicated terminal is a tablet-type terminal created for the sole purpose of reading e-books.
It is a dedicated terminal that was devised variously so that it is hard to get tired even if reading fine letters.
I will give you one precaution, but some online bookstores sell e-books, but in order to read e-books sold in Amazon, Kindle is necessary, in other applications I can not read it.

Vice versa, you can not read electronic books purchased at other online bookstores with Kindle.
Therefore, when purchasing a dedicated terminal, please be sure to thoroughly examine whether Kindle is really good or not.

Several kinds of terminals for Kindle are sold depending on the function.
There is also a Kindle dedicated to manga.

There is a big difference in price between the previous model and the latest model, so if you think to use it, please compare well and decide.

Since e-books read by Kindle can be read immediately after purchase, they will arrive at hand quickly beyond mail-order sales.

It's not bulky and it's too convenient to purchase paper books less.

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Publish at Amazon

As you know, you are a mail order company as you know, but you actually knew you could publish it?

Yes, the Amazon publishes the book you wrote and also sells it.

And it's free.
Do not you think it is terrible?
That too, thanks to e-books.

The e-book store recently has an increasing tendency, but also in this field, Amazon is strong as well.
In the future, e-books will gradually grow.

That is why electronic publishing is also an opportunity.
In the Amazon, we call it "Kindle direct publishing (Kindle direct publishing)", abbreviated "KDP".

There are many ways to write novels yourself.
However, even if you want to publish a completed novel, there are many people who do not know how to do it well.

If it is not a competence enough to apply for the Akutagawa prize or Naoki prize, and there is not enough financial resources to publish self-financed expenses, it is good to write but it is nothing but to give up as it is.

Or will you keep it until some chance comes.
In truth, your novel is a waste, although it may be interesting enough to be a best seller.

If you already have the manuscript you have written, please publish it soon.
If you have such a good opportunity, please start writing soon if you want to write a book now.

On Amazon, your books are sold oneself as status itself.
Things that I can not do very much for other mail-order companies will be possible in Amazon.

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Buddha flight

___At one point, remember, Amazon's "Otobo", remember?
In the one who does not watch TV or newspaper before you do not remember, you may have heard it for the first time now.

I think that there are also many ways that you can understand from the name "Otobo Flight", but this is the name of the monk as expected.

Since Amazon is basically a mail - order company, it is good to think that you buy your monk temporarily by mail order when your monk is necessary.

However, what is currently being sold is not a monk for waking or funeral, but a priest in the case of a bureaucrat.
Even if there is no border on the temple from time to time, the monks in the case of waking-up or funeral, etc. are often arranged by the funeral shop, so it is relief for the moment, but what if There are many who do not know whether it is good.

Also, in the case of a small temple, it is often that you will not be able to come to a bureaucrat because there are other plans in the priesthood.

In such a case, honestly, I will be in trouble.

This is the time for "Boston flight" to come.
With a fixed payment, we will read magazines from the law.

Normally, in addition to the offer, we will give you the car and the meal fee together, but on Bunka flights it is supposed to be included in the price offered, so about the amount There is no need to worry.

Everyone who can come is a qualified neighbors properly, but since there are various people who are monks as well, we do not know whether you like it or not.

However, as you see the review etc, you understand, but since reviews of those who have actually asked for a buddy flight are often satisfied, so when you are pressed for necessity as well Why do not you ask me once.

Even though you usually do not have a temple and a rim, there are still pros and cons for systems that you can come to the monk easily with mail order, but it is certainly useful.
Knowing it, it will be very useful when it comes to emergency.

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Let's use the Amazon

If you have used Amazon already, did you know all the services of Amazon that I introduced.

Many of you probably did not have one or two things that you do not know.
I think that you again understood the convenience of the Amazon.
Even though you use other mail-order sales, what did you think about having never used Amazon?

I would be happy if I wanted to use it even a bit.
In the Amazon, we really sell everything from what you want to life to essentials.

To begin with, please check whether you really sell what you want in the Amazon.
If you do not want to purchase what you want yet, please try ordering supplies first.

If you buy things that are too heavy or bulky for purchasing yourself on Amazon, you will understand its convenience.
Originally Amazon was a mail order of books, so I think that ordering books and magazines is also good.

Try challenging fashionable e-books, too.
If you already use Amazon, how about trying to become a prime member?

It is really recommended for those who frequently use Amazon.
The annual membership fee seems a little settled amount, but thinking it on a monthly basis, it is very inexpensive, so I would like to recommend it to students as well.

And, if you wanted to publish a book someday, we encourage you to publish it soon.

There are lots of charms that Amazon can not fit within the frame of a mail-order company.
I would like to use it for many people.

Now, the topic of popularity is...

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