How to use Busta Shinjuku

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Busta Shinjuku is located up the stairs of JR Shinjuku Station, and it is a building that all the bus stations put into.

Until Busta Shinjuku was built, many bus stops were located at various places in Shinjuku, there were also private cars and taxi stands, so it caused a heavy traffic jam.

In order to solve this problem, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transpotation,decided to construct this terminal building.

Busta Shinjuku is an informal name, but it was named by public subscription.

You can go to anywhere in japan by taking a bus from Busta Shinjuku.

Not only people lives in Tokyo but also tourists from all over Japan use Busta SHinjuku.

The building has 4 floors, you can catch a bus and a taxi there, also there are waiting rooms, convenience stores and so on.

Shinjuku is the center of Tokyo, so most railroads are on board.

Changing from train to bus, or bus to train is very convenient.

If you use only JR line, you can transfer by using elevator.

Construction of Busta Shinjuku began in the 2006, but it took more than ten years to build.

By arranging each line three-dimensionally,transfer became smooth and it was able to get rid of the bad influence for transportation on the surrounding roads.

You can know the timetable not only at the site of each transportation company but also at the site of Busta Shinjuku.

I'll introduce each railway line that you can access from Busta Shinjuku.

JR line, Saikyo line, Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Electric Railway, and Tokyo Metro line.

There are also many high-speed buses which came from Tohoku, Kanto, Koushinetsu, Hokuriku, Tokai, and so on.

Let's check the timetable firmly so that no one will go wrong for the first time.

1) Busta Shinjuku route
2) Busta Shinjuku Guide
3) Busta Shinjuku timetable
4) Busta Shinjuku is the largest bus terminal in Japan
5) What is Busta Shinjuku?
6) Busta Shinjuku and express bus
7) Busta Shinjuku Station
8) Information of Busta Shinjuku
9) Stores of Busta Shinjuku
10) Busta Shinjuku and train
11) Busta Shinjuku and traffic conditions
12) Busta Shinjuku and Restaurant
13) Busta Shinjuku and reservation
14) Departure from Busta Shinjuku
15) Attention of Busta Shinjuku
16) Busta Shinjuku and Transportation
17) Features of Busta Shinjuku
18) Enjoy Busta Shinjuku
19) Busta Shinjuku and Jordan

Busta Shinjuku route

Busta Shinjuku is a bus terminal building built on JR Shinjuku Station.

It was built to make transfers easily and alleviate traffic jams in the surrounding area by concentrating the bus stops and taxi stands of each transport company scattered in various places.

Now,no one doesn't know Busta Shinjuku.

Let's take a look at the bus route depart from Busta Shinjuku.

It is important to check where you are going to go when you look at the timetable.

Of course, it isn't so difficult for people living in Tokyo, but it is importantfor people from foreign country to pay attention to use it for sightseeing.

These days it is better to look up on the internet than seeing the information printed on the paper.

When you search, the list of routes will be displayed.

Shinjuku WE busis convenient for sightseeing around Shinjuku.

Timetables are different on weekdays and Sundays and holidays.

Also, in the case of leaving Tokyo, the bus is different depending on where you go.

It is the same route for Osaka, Kanagawa, Kyoto and Hyogo, but there are several kinds of express bus as well.

There are high-speed bus stops in the direction of Hokuriku such as Ishikawa and Kanazawa, Tohoku direction of Yamagata, respectively.

It is natural to check the time on the timetable, but please check the bus station in Busta Shinjuku.

Since it is displayed every destination,you won't make no mistake, but you would get tired if you go to the bus terminal without any prior knowledge.

Please give yourself plenty of time for search to enjoy at the destination.

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Busta Shinjuku Guide

Even people who live in Tokyo for a long time could get lost in the first place.

Although Busta Shinjuku is built as a bus terminal, there are various places in the building, and the bus stop is different depending on the destination.

However, if you come to Busta Shinjuku without any prior knowledge, the place you want to go will be difficult to understand.

When searching on the Internet,you can find not only the timetable but also the guide of Busta Shinjuku.

Detailed information on each floor is mentioned on the web site, so we recommend you read it in advance.

Of course, if you plan to take a high-speed bus and go on a trip, please make sure to arrive in advance at the bus terminal.

Even if you check the platform and timetable with a guide book, you may get lost if it is the first place.

If you have plenty of time you can drink coffee and wait for departure.

The traffic situation in Tokyo is quite complicated as you can see from the number of train companies and the number of routes.

Even people living in Tokyo don't understand everything about public transportation in Tokyo.

However,as Busta Shinjuku was built, the way to get on a high-speed bus connecting Tokyo and every place has become very easy to understand than before.

It is because you can go anywhere by using Busta Shinjuku.

Some people go out fairly far on the express bus which runs in the midnight.

Young people would make memorable experienses by traveling.

Now that we can use the Internet, we can easily get a lot of information.

Until then it would have been hard to get on a high-speed bus from Shinjuku.

It was even more difficult for people live in outside Tokyo.

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Busta Shinjuku timetable

Buses arriving and departing from Busta Shinjuku are widely spread not only to Kanto but also to Kansai, Hokuriku, and Tohoku.

It is difficult to understand in the printed timetable, so we recommend checking on the official website of the Internet.

Of course, although the high-speed bus is the main, there are lots of bus stops in the building, so people who visit for the first time would make a mistake.

You can find it by searching Busta Shinjuku's timetable on the Internet, but there are plenty of high-speed bus lines.

You syould go to the bus stop after checking the direction you go.

In the case of a high-speed bus, you can book in advance, so please check the timetable and where the bus stop is in the Busta Shinjuku at that time.

People living in Tokyo may get used to transfer trains, but it seems that there are many things that people who came from the district for sightseeing don't know.

There is no problem if you go with anyone who has knowledge of transportation in Shinjuku, but please be careful about traveling with people don't know well.

Let's relax until you arrive the destination after you get on the high-speed bus you wanted to take.

Recently, high-speed buses offer wide seats , so you would feel comfortable.

Even though it takes more time than the train, both would be same if you sleep on the bus.

There are not a few young people choosing high-speed buses in terms of a fare.

Some companies have set discount fares for young people on high-speed buses.

If you are a student, you should check it for the time of traveling from Tokyo.

Busta Shinjuku was built to ease traffic congestion and to improve the convenience of the bus.

Until then the bus stop was dotted in Shinjuku and the timetables were all different.

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Busta Shinjuku is the largest bus terminal in Japan

Busta Shinjuku which is said to be the largest bus terminal in Japan.

It has 4 floors and built just above the JR railwayroad.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport decided to construct to improve traffic circumstances in the vicinity, with each transportation companies cooperated on the project.

The express bus arriving and departing from Busta Shinjuku covers a wide area such as Tohoku, Koushinetsu, Kansai not only region around Tokyo.

If you want to take a high-speed bus from Tokyo, you should go to Busta Shinjuku.

Of course, it is important to check the timetable in advance, so you should see official website on the Internet.

Also, if you book in advance, you can take a bus smoothly.

Many people use it for traveling, homecoming and business trips.

By checking the timetable of Busta Shinjuku and the route information of each train, you can see which route you should go from your home to your destination.

If you live in Tokyo, you would be accustomed to timescheme, but it is difficult for people who came to Tokyo from time to time.

It is very easy to understand because the express buses are all consolidated at Busta Shinjuku.

Anyway, you syould go to Shinjuku by train.

Of course, it is important to preliminarily study in order to book a bus in advance.

A lot of information of Busta Shinjuku is posted on the internet.

You can see timetables of each bus company.

It is a place where people put together if the transportation is good.

That leads to the development of the city.

Many people often go shopping at Shinjuku and return home by a high-speed bus.

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What is Busta Shinjuku?

Busta Shinjuku is a bus terminal just above Shinjuku Station.

Already, more than ten years have passed since it was planned, young people would not know what it was before.

There were many buses leaving Tokyo from various places, but it was very difficult to understand because each bus stop scattered far and wide.

It was very inconvenient for users.

However, at the completion of Busta Shinjuku, if you get on the bus you can come here and it is easy for beginners to understand.

Of course, it is important to check the timetable of the bus you want to take in advance.

On the Internet there is a timetable for all destinations.

If you make a reservation in advance, you will be able to take smoothly.

There are convenience stores and waiting rooms in Busta Shinjuku, and to transfertrain is also smooth.

If it is JR, you can only use elevator.

Even people who change trains in Tokyo everyday do not often go far by a bus.

Let's use Busta Shinjuku.

In the case of traveling far away, not only JR, airplanes, but also buses are reasonable options.

Even if it takes time, I have to sleep on the bus.

Fares are definitely cheap, it will attract young people.

If you look at the website of Busta Shinjuku, you can understand how it was made.

Some people visit Shinjuku incidentally after coming to Shinjuku.

It may be embarrassing if you live in Tokyo and do not know it.

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Busta Shinjuku and express bus

What transportation will you use to get to various areas leaving from Tokyo?

You can use JR and airplane, but now,people pay attention to high-speed buses.

There are many express buses leaving from Shinjuku station.

The terminal is Busta Shinjuku.

People who already live in Tokyo would definitely know about Busta Shinjuku.

If you check the timetable, you can use the express bus at any time.

Of course, you will make a reservation after confirming the timetable.

For those who first visit Tokyo or those are not yet familiar with transportation in Shinjuku, would not get used to it.

There are lots of bus stops.

However, it is a building to enhance the convenience of users, so it is very easy structure.

First, please check the access map to go to Busta Shinjuku.
Then you have to move from where you are to Busta Shinjuku.
Since there are many private railings, including JR, there will be no problem.

Second, you syould check a floor map.
The high-speed bus stops are on the 4th floor.
Further, the descending ground is on the 3rd floor, so you can't make mistakes.

Third,you should check a route.
Please find a bus to go to your destination.

You have to consider not only direct to the destination but also getting off on the way.

High-speed buses became to atract people's attenton because the seat became comfortable along with the improvement of buses.

Because a seat of a high-speed bus is wide, if you sleep on the reclining seat, you can arrive at your destination unconsciously.

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Busta Shinjuku Station

Thanks to Busta Shinjuku, you would no longer get lost at the high-speed bus stop.

The 4th floor of Busta Shinjuku is a bus stop.

You can't make mistake since the third floor is drop-off point of buses.

However, not only there is a bus stop, there are also ticket machines, coin lockers, waiting rooms and toilets.

There are manned and unmanned ticket machines, so if you are accustomed to unmanned ticket machines, it would be good to use an unattended ticket machine.

Then, there are twelve bus stops.

It is divided into four places, A, B, C and D, and each has three stops.

There are many people who use Busta Shinjuku, so when you do not know, you may ask people around.

However, those who studied the timetable in advance on the Internet can reach the bus stops smoothly.

In the case of a high-speed bus,information is also written in the timetable, but since you can book in advance, you will be able to arrive at your destination safely.

There are buses departing from Busta Shinjuku to East Japan and Osaka.

You would arrive your destination while sleeping on a comfortable seat.

Of course, Busta Shinjuku is not just a bus.

There are also tenants in the adjacent building, so there are many people for shopping.

Also, if you are going home by a high-speed bus,you can buy some souvenirs.

Busta Shinjuku was built because it was very complicated to understand where the express highway bus station is.

There were many bus stops scattered around and a bit far away.

It is probably positioned as an important point connecting the region and Shinjuku.

Please try to use it.

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Information of Busta Shinjuku

Even if you know Busta Shinjuku, if you have never used it much, let's check the information on the internet first.

Not only checking the timetable but also knowing about the Busta Shinjuku.

It would be a big mistake if you think that it is only a stop for a high-speed bus and a platform.

Of course, Busta Shinjuku is right above JR Shinjuku station, so there are many people to change buses and trains.

You can arrive at Busta Shinjuku according to the timetable, but if you have plenty of time you can go around various places.

Busta Shinjuku is said to be the largest bus terminal in Japan.

It is a bus terminal which is easy to use not only for people living in Tokyo but also for people who come from local areas.

As you can see from the fact that there are many internet sites posting guides about Busta Shinjuku,sometimes you don't understand for those who have never go there.

After using it,you can understand where displays and counters are.

Not only Japanese, but tourists from abroad can easiliy to use by multi-lingual displays.

Even people who came from the province alone will not get lost.

Some people will return home using the Shinkansen, but it is also fun using a high-speed bus.

If you move in the midnight, you will be able to sleep soundly.

If you search on the internet, you can also know the current driving situation according to the timetable.

That information is useful.

You can understand if the bus you plan to take is late or on time.

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Stores of Busta Shinjuku

Buses leaving from Busta Shinjuku are connected with many regions.

Although it is Japan's largest bus terminal, it does not mean there is a large store inside.

There are only a vending machine and a convenience store.

If you check the timetable in advance and have plenty of time you can go shopping at the next building.

Of course, after shopping, return to Busta Shinjuku and wait for a bus in the waiting room.

Since you can use free Wi-Fi, you would'nt spare time.

Check the timetable before going to Busta Shinjuku,you can buy souvenirs.

Since Busta Shinjuku is a bus terminal built on JR Shinjuku Station, it is not more than that.

If you buy a souvenir specific to Tokyo, you can go shopping at the building next to it.

However, although convenience store in Busta Shinjuku is only FamilyMart, its prpducts lineup is surprisingly good.
Many people use it.

Please check the Internet for details.

The large shop flooded with many items.

If you think that you are going to Tokyo by an airplane or a bullet train, please try to use the express bus.

The ride quality is not bad.

It's high speed, so there's not much shaking.

Due to various means of transportation, it became more convenient.

Bus stops were scattered until Busta Shinjuku was built, and information using the Internet was also little.

Right now, people who do not know about once before are use it.

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Busta Shinjuku and train

After you get off the train and took the elevator, only a JR line has a bus stop.

This is natural because Busta Shinjuku is built just above JR Shinjuku station.

However, other railway companies are also nearby, and transfer is very convenient.

When checking the timetable, you should consider the travel distance, but you should consider it as a few minutes.

There are many buses leaving from Busta Shinjuku.

Looking at the timetable of the Internet, there are many names of the express bus going to various places in Japan.

Indeed, 17 routes run straight through into Shinjuku station.

Tokyo Metro, JR Line, Keio Line, Odakyu Line, Seibu Railway and so on.

The reason why there are so many railways is not only the area where many people gather but also the fact that there is Busta Shinjuku.

On the other hand, it can be said that Busta Shinjuku was built because there are many railroads.

Everyone who transfer from the railroad to the express bus come to Busta Shinjuku.

Even in modern times, when it comes to sightseeing in Tokyo, the difficulty of understanding transportation has become one hurdle.

However, it is considerably organized compared to the past.

One of the improvement to ease traffic congestion is Busta Shinjuku.

Why don't you use high-speed buses to go to Tokyo?

Of course, there are lots of buses connecting to the airport, so you have to make sure of which bus you want to take.

If you visit Tokyo about once in a few years, you will feel the transportation has changed every time you visit.

It won't change in the future, but it isn't difficult if you put a preliminary knowledge from the Internet.

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Busta Shinjuku and traffic conditions

There are quite a few users of Busta Shinjuku every day, but the reason why peope use Shinjuku, it is easy to use.

Not only the JR Shinjuku station, but also many railway stations are nearby, which is convenient for those who change to express buses.

Of course, Busta Shinjuku is built as a bus terminal and many bus companies drive into so that you can tell by looking at the timetable.

There are not only the buses for Disneyland and Narita Airport,but also high-speed buses to distant areas such as Tohoku and Osaka.

If you sleep on a wide seat, you will arrive at the site.

People who like the bus will surely want to use it.

How was the traffic situation before Busta Shinjuku was built?

Modern young people may not know, but in order to get on a high-speed bus it was hard to check the timetable and check the platform.

It was because the platform was scattered.

This also caused traffic congestion.

Although it is good to improve the transportation convenience, it will be better to relieve traffic congestion than that.

Everyday, there are not many people using high-speed buses for sightseeing trips, even if they are few.

Since many people take buses occtiosionaly, they wouldn't check it habitually.

They don't even know what the schedule is like.

If you still check on the internet, go to Busta Shinjuku and you will find the place of bus stop soon.

Busta shinjuku is very appealing for users because of its convenience.

Taking bus is one of the means to go to other part of Japan, you can choose bullet train or other transportation according to your preference.

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Busta Shinjuku and Restaurant

Busta Shinjuku is a bus terminal building ,and buses leave from it goes to various places in Japan.

There is no restaurant, and there is no shop selling souvenirs.

However, since Busta Shinjuku is right above JR Shinjuku Station, there are various stores and restaurants in the vicinity.

There are many tourists who enjoy the sightseeing of Shinjiku slowly until time to leave the bus , after checking the bus timetable.

If you are a high-speed bus going far away, the ride time will also be long, so the seat is wide and comfortable.

You will understand if you used it once.

Of course, not only the bus going far, there sre many buses go around Tokyo.

Please take a closer look at the timetable.

The reason why many people get lost when they come to Tokyo is complexity of public transportation.

Which is better , taking buses or trains?

There are only things you do not understand, such as where the platform is located.

You won't make a mistake where you want to go because the place you get off the bus and the place you get on are on different floors, and cabstands are also separated.

If you are planning to use the bus, we recommend that you keep preliminary knowledge in the timetable.

When you search on the Internet, there are sites such as access to Busta Shinjuku, timetable, pedestrian map and so on.

There are some people live in tokyo haven't used it yet.

For those who came for sightseeing, Busta Shinjuku will be on the way back.
Many of them want to have a impressive last meal.

However, many people buy bread at convenience stores.

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Busta Shinjuku and reservation

There are many buses arriving and departing from Busta Shinjuku, many people getting on and off everyday.

So I recommend you book the bus ticket in advance.

As modern day there are various tools such as smartphone and personal computer, reservation is also easy.

Applications for smartphones can also be downloaded.

First, check the timetable on the Internet and check the bus that suits your convenience.

Later, please visit the reservation site or reserve it with the application.

Of course, credit payment is the basis.

Actually it is used by many people.

If you buy a high-speed bus with an application, how about "Basmori"?

Both iPhone and android are available.

Recently you can also buy a commuter ticket.

you have to confirm the timetable when making a reservation, but time and labor have been greatly reduced.

You can make a reservation anywhere.

Of course, those who could not make a reservation can buy with an automatic ticket machine at Busta Shinjuku.

If you do not know how to purchase or if you have something to confirm, there are staffs, so get them have tickets.

Since many bus companies are entering Busta Shinjuku, you can also make reservations on the website of each bus company.

This isn't limited to Busta Shinjuku,most of bus companies in Japan offer this service.

Either way, the system in the world will become more and more convenient.

Buildings and structures change accordingly.

Busta Shinjuku may be a typical example.

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Departure from Busta Shinjuku

How many buses leaves from Basta Shinjuku in a day?

At the beggining, it was about 1,200 buses, but now it is about 1,600 buses.

I think the number of buses will continue to increase in the future.

To that extent,you will understand many people visit Busta Shinjuku to get on the bus.

If it is a route with many numbers, you do not have to check it in the timetable, but if you go to busta Shinjuku and wait a little, the bus will come.

Which transportation people choose to take depends on each person, but there is no doubt that it is certainly convenient.

However, in order to get on the bus you have to get to the Busta Shinjuku by train.

It is important to check the route for that in the timetable.

Check the route instead of seeing the detailed time.

Of course, there are plenty of information on the internet and there are many sites about Busta Shinjuku.

There are not only official homepage but also the websites of travel agency, bus company, and individual site.

It is important to note that the number of people varies greatly depending on seasons.

In addition,occsionally extra buses are planned, so please do not forget to get the latest information.

After leaving Busta Shinjuku, please relax slowly to your destination afterwards.

However, you have to check the schedule firmly for that.

If you travel by yourself you can go on time, but if you act in a group you syould consult in advance.

Because there are some people who are always late.

I hope you guys enjoy your travel from Busta Shinjuku.

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Attention of Busta Shinjuku

Busta Shinjuku is directly connected to JR Shinjuku station which can be said to be the gateway to Tokyo is a bus terminal.

Although it is very convenient, people who use it for the first time may have to be careful.

We recommend that you check in advance.

First of all, it is to say where the toilet, convenience store, waiting room, ticket issuing machine, smoking place etc. are located.

Of course, people who know it,there is no problem, but if you go without checking in advance, you will get lost.

Also, you can see various information such as the location of the bus stop where you want to take,and the location where the bus is currently driving, but you can't do anything unless you have how to get imformation.

Check only the timetable, not going to Busta Shinjuku suddenly, let's get preliminary knowledge on the internet in advance.

The necessary information is written on the official website of Basta Shinjuku, but notes and recommendations at the time of actual use are posted on useful information sites and so on.

First of all, please search Busta Shinjuku on the Internet.

You should read information related to yourself other than the timetable from among them.

Although it is just a bus terminal, why is there much information on it?

Because it is hard to understand.

Busta Shinjuku was born with the expectations of many people, but it hasn't taken a long time since it was built.

In the meantime, many bus companies have increased the number of buses.

It has become convenient since convenience stores and others were opened.

For people who are not familiar with the atmosphere of Tokyo, the facilities may be difficult to understand.
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Busta Shinjuku and Transportation

The characteristic of the transportation system in Tokyo is that various companies gather the same place.

Of course it is the same in other cities, but public transpotation is most concentrated in Tokyo.

There are several routes and transportations to go to the same destination.

Since both time and fare are different for buses and trains, you will be puzzled which to choose.

Of course,if you live in Tokyo for a long time, you will accustomed to using trasnpotation but it is difficult for people who came to Japan for the first time.

Well, how about Busta Shinjuku?

Although you can see by looking at the timetable,there are a lot of travel agencies and it is posted for each destination.

If you have already chosen a travel agency, you don't have to hesitate at all, but people who have only decided destinations will take a long time to make a decision.

In such a case, if you consult with the staffs in Busta Shinjuku, it will resolve soon.

It also tells the place of bus stop and the departure time.

When you arrive at Busta Shinjuku, then if you still have time to depart, please enjoy meals and shopping in nearby buildings.

Many travel agencies are taking time for that.

I reccomend you have enough time to buy souvenirs not only for sightseeing trips but also for returning home.

There are many young people who think Tokyo is a pleasant place, but as they become over middle age or older, it becomes hard to understand the complexity of transpotation, so they would be disposed to go home early.

If you can get on the bus at Busta Shinjuku, you can sleep afterwards before you arrive your destination.

The seat of the high-speed bus is luxurious.

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Features of Busta Shinjuku

Let's introduce the characteristics of Busta Shinjuku.

First of all, it is Japan's the largest bus terminal.

This is because the number of buses arriving and departing on a day is about 1,600 buses.

Although there are many buses departing fron Busta Shinjuku in a day, the bus operates smoothly, because the terminal is classified neatly.

Because the platform is different for each destination, even people who came to Busta Shinjuku looking only at the timetable can find out the target station.

Of course, some people will use taxis as a means of transport to get on the bus.

Also there are many taxi stands for that purpose.

The floor of Busta Shinjuku are divided according to their purpose.

People getting off the bus are on the 3rd floor and those on the bus are on the 4th floor.

There are various tenants next to Shinjuku Busta and underground, but these aren't Busta Shinjuku .

However, if you search on the internet etc., you can see lots of information other than the timetable.

Even people who visit Tokyo for the first time won't get lost.

Until Busta Shinjuku was built, bus stations were separated depend on traffic companies.

It was very inconvinient for people who came Shinjuku for the first time .

Now people can easily understand where they should go because bus stops concentrate on one place.

Users are increasing at the same time.

The scale of Busta Shinjuku is expected to grow from now on.

I would like you to use it if there is opportunity.

Many people think buses are easier to use than trains.

Even though it takes time, the fare is cheap.

Utility value of buses is high.

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Enjoy Busta Shinjuku

How do you enjoy Basta Shinjuku without taking a bus.

It is only to see how many buses departing every day.

If you have a child likes buses, it will be exciting just for looking them.

Although you can see from the timetable of Busta Shinjuku, buses arrive and depart not only in Kanto area but also in Tohoku, Hokuriku, Tokai, Osaka etc.

Some would have souvenirs, and also there would be young people going on a trip in groups.

Of course, only Busta Shinjuku is not a bus terminal.

However, there is no doubt that many people get on and off.

There is a drama.

In Busta Shinjuku, there are convenience stores and information, ticket issuing machines, waiting room facilities.

There is no tenant for enjoying shopping or entertainment.

However, there are many neighboring buildings and these are directly connected to JR Shinjuku station, so if you want to have fun, go to various places.

There is a large bus terminal, and many people come and go there, so that various interesting places are created.

Many new shops are constructing now.

The timetable can be checked on the Internet, but the enjoyment of Busta Shinjuku is not clear unless you come there.

People who are going around various places in sightseeing will be able to see the good and bad points of each bus terminal.

It would also become pleasure of traveling again.

People should travel no matter how old they are.

There is something to learn.

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Busta Shinjuku and Jordan

You can see the bus timetable of Busta Shinjuku by Jordan transfer guide.

Of course, you can also check how to change trains and subways, so we recommend that you check the website in advance.

Since many buses are arriving and departing every day at Busta Shinjuku, we have to make sure not to mistake where you are going.

Please check at the website of Jordan.
It is important to check the timetable and where the bus is in good time rather than rushing to check on the day.

It will be the same not only for travel but also for work.

It's possible to check the timetable of buses other than Jordan.

Also, in Tokyo many transportation facilities often correspond to one destination, so you have to check the merit of choosing a bus.

The difference of fare isn't negligible when going far.

If you take a private trip, you will want to keep it as cheap as possible, so check in Jordan.

Although only Busta Shinjuku isn't a bus terminal, you can think that you can go anywhere if you come here.

Most people are accustomed to moving to Shinjuku.

Not only in Tokyo, but also in the rural areas, due to the development of transportation, each bus stop is often dispersed, making it very difficult to understand.

Busta Shinjuku in built to prevent it.

Its purpose is satisfactorily achieved, but you should check the floor map in advance.

That will allow you to afford.

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