Do I need a supplement for my old cat?

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Cats are popular when speaking of pets in Japan. In the past many houses kept dogs, but the number of people living in condominiums has increased, and the number of people who keep cats that can be kept indoors has increased.

As I have been staying together in the room, I also get anxious about cats' malfunction. So I summarized what I should keep in mind for cat's health.

The cat who lives together for many years, it is already the family itself. If the cat finds gray hair, maybe she may be upset by noticing that the cat has grown old, "Well? Is it gray for cats?" It may be natural for me to want to live together forever.

In such a case, supplements to cats will help us surprisingly. As cats grow older, they are the same as humans, bones and internal organs weaken. Since it is not supplemented with just the pet food that you are usually giving, you need to supplement it with supplements. Since it is late after becoming a warm spade, although it came a year, if you give supplements at about the time you are still fine, it will also prevent aging.

As you get older, your joints are weakening, like humans. Because it is painful and you may not be able to walk, let's give supplements such as chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen etc. to prevent it. Also, cats may become demented, so we need a supplement to activate the brain. Supplements such as DHA, EPA, coenzyme Q10 are suitable.

Also, as the cat gets older, it becomes more prone to kidney disease. There are quite a few cats with bad kidneys. It might be a good idea to give supplements such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

However, since there are various kinds of supplements for pets, I'm confused as to which one is best suited. After all, it may be good to consult a veterinarian.

1) Observe cat's ears and eyes, check health
2) What is a bad thing if a cat eats absolutely?
3) You can catch the cat's mouth, cat's health
4) What is the method of raising the immune system of a cat?
5) What is the meal method when a cat becomes cancer?
6) How to choose wisely pet insurance for cats
7) What should I do if my cat develops kidney disease?
8) What kind of disease is leukemia in cats?
9) Cat's obesity, what should I do?
10) What should I do if a cat stops eating?
11) Are you caring for a cat's teeth?
12) Diarrhea in a cat, what should I do?
13) Matatabi to a cat, what is that matatabi?
14) What is a good animal hospital for cats?
15) Stress relief method for cats
16) What should I do if the cat becomes stomatitis?
17) Sunbathing is very important for cats
18) What kind of cat allergy is it?

Observe cat's ears and eyes, check health

A cat, a member of the family, is a cat. But cats can not talk, so they will not explain with words even if they are sick. So it is necessary for humans to observe and notice the health of cats. If you do that, it will live long.

Let's see the cat's ears. Let's see if something is done in the ears or not dirty. Then, there is also a need to smell the smell. There is a bad smell when you do something in your ear. Also, often, scratching my ears with my hand, is not it likely to itch? If you have such symptoms, it may be otitis externa caused by parasites, etc., or sickness of ears caused by bacteria or the like. In the case of cats letting go outside to play outside, there is contact with other cats, so be careful. Let's see the veterinarian immediately.

Let's see the cat's eyes. There are a lot of eye spots and red eyes, shoby, there are tears, there is nothing like itchy eyes. Depending on bacteria and dust, it may be conjunctivitis or keratitis. Eyes may turn red even when it is infected with contagious diseases. In such cases, other cats may also spread, so let's take it to the veterinarian immediately. Especially in the case of kittens, it is serious as it may be dead.

For cats there is also a vaccine to prevent infectious diseases, so it may be good to ask the veterinarians what vaccine they have.

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What is a bad thing if a cat eats absolutely?

When you live with a cat, you may want to give human food alone. When it is a favorite of a cat, it tends to give it many times. But, is that food really safe for cats? It may be absolutely prohibited for cats. It is serious if it is related to the life of a cat.

First of all, absolutely useless things are all onions. Do not let onions, onegiri, starch, garlic and so on absolutely be eaten. Some of the ingredients contained in green onions are toxic to cats and symptoms such as hematuria, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc. occur.

Absolutely no spicy things such as pepper and peppers. When a cat eats hot objects, it becomes a liver obstacle. Curry as well, because it is sweet and delicious, please do not eat. Anyway, a bit of pungent taste is also prohibited for cats.

You must never eat grapes as well. I might think that "grapes can not do?", But it is true. I do not know the definite cause yet, but the kidneys of the cat are destroyed.

Xylitol contained in gums etc, this is also a prohibited thing for cats. If you think that it may be good for cat teeth, if you give a candy with xylitol, excessive secretion of insulin will cause blood glucose to drop suddenly and it will also cause liver failure.

These foods may be related to the life of cats, so you really need to be careful. The green onions are the same in danger, even if they are raw or heated. Let me take care.

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If you look at the cat's mouth, cat's health

It can be said that the health of cats is determined by the fine observation of the owner. Because cats can not listen to their mouths, even if it is somewhat bad, there is no way to appeal it. If you are not feeling very well, you may even know by an insensitive owner, but again, I always want to be careful about the health of the cat from now on.

You need to open the mouth of the cat, see if it does not smell, dental plaque or gums are not red. If the gums are red, it may be due to some sort of virus. Older cats have tartar stones, it becomes stomatitis and periodontal disease, and it may become painful to eat meals. In that case, let's see the veterinarian as soon as possible.

I hope that you have a habit of brushing your teeth from the time of a kitty, but some cats will not toothbrush, so tartar will gradually accumulate. You do not leave as it is, you need to go to the veterinarian to take the tartar.

Also, when a cat abnormally drops, there may be some cause. Stomatitis, glossitis, etc., when it is accompanied by painful, many drool will come out, please check in your mouth carefully. And when the cat is persistently scratching around the mouth, the inside of the mouth often hurts. Even though the inside of my mouth hurts, cats can only scratch the mouth, so cats take such action, but there are many problems in the mouth rather than around the mouth.

In any case, it would be wise to see a veterinarian as soon as possible rather than looking at the situation at home.

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How to raise immunity of a cat?

Since cats are also members of their families, I want them to live long. But how can you live long and healthy. I think that it is important to raise immunity as well. The same is true for humans, but if immunity is high, even if viruses and bacteria enter the body, they will not get sick. So, although I was in the same environment, it is a feeling that some people catch a cold and the other does not catch a cold. If the immunity of a cat is also high, it will not get too sick.

I think that there are various reasons for the reduction of immunity of cats, but let's give some examples.

1. I live in a stressful environment. (I am always in the room where the air is bad because of surroundings being noisy and not resting well, tobacco etc.)
2. It is given a poor quality food with a lot of additives.
3. Viruses and bacteria are entering the body.
4. I am simply getting old.
5. I do not drink much water.
6. Lack of exercise.
There are various besides those mentioned above, but cats are less immunity due to such a cause. Then, what should I do?

Let 's improve the situation that makes the cat stress as much as possible. For example, near a cat you should not drink tobacco or not. Then give a good cat food, let 's do exercise. (It is good to leave a cat tower.) And I think supposing to give supplements, but since it is not necessary to give supplements as blindly, I will consult with a veterinarian Let's see.

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What is the meal method when a cat becomes cancer?

If your love cat becomes cancer, you think about what to do. Of course it is also important to check with a veterinarian, but meals are also very important. You may be able to overcome cancer.

If a cat becomes cancer, you will need to make a hand-made meal by the owner rather than the cat food. Anyway, it is necessary to increase the immunity of the cat and restrict carbohydrates.

Let me first eat fish. It seems to me that it is somewhat like saying something obvious, but recent cats eat cat food rather than fish itself, so less to eat fish has come down. However, please let me eat fish (saury, sardine, horse mackerel, salmon etc) contain ingredients effective for cancer prevention. But it is not good to eat only blue fish for a long time, so it is important to balance.

Also, since mushrooms Enokitake and Honsimeji etc. are also effective in preventing cancer, Let's incorporate it in a meal.

Let's eat vegetables as well. Carrots, spinach, radishes, tomatoes, broccoli, etc. have the effect of suppressing cancer. Pumpkin and potatoes are not suitable because they contain carbohydrates.

Fruits containing vitamin C are also good for cancer, but please do not eat only grapes. The clear cause is unknown, but it seems that the ingredients of grapes are not good for cats, so even if you are a healthy cat, grapes are absolutely useless.

Diet therapy is also important, but first let's go to the animal hospital as soon as the condition of the cat gets worse. Unfortunately, if you are diagnosed as cancer, let's treat your veterinarian as well as hand meals to boost your immunity.

Is it also necessary for supplements and our cats?

Around this time, a variety of supplements for pets also began to appear. Is it better to drink supplement for cat health as well as human? In the case of human beings, there are people who do not take nutritionally balanced diet for various reasons, it is convenient to supplement for those people. Then, what about cats?

In the first place, pet food is made with various thought devised. There is well-balanced nutrients, and various baits are sold according to the age of the cat. For example, a senior cat contains nutrients tailored to it. So, if you give proper pet food in a proper quantity, it is what cat nutrition is funded. If your cat is smooth and moves cheerfully, that food alone will be enough.

However, supplements may be necessary if you are suffering from sickness, pretty old age, or whatever it is getting rid of. But, when suddenly getting out of energy, it is important to first diagnose to a veterinarian. It may be due to a serious disease. Then, you should consult the veterinarian about the supplement.

It does not mean that it will only work if you drink a pet supplement. You should let me drink the appropriate amount for that cat. Otherwise, it may be counterproductive. Also, it is a bad thing to give a cat supplement for a human to a cat just because it works for human beings. The size is quite different between a human and a cat, and the body making is also different.

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How to choose wisely pet insurance for cats

Recently, more people enter insurance for when a pet is sick or injured. It is an insurance that plays a similar role as human health insurance. Compared to dogs, cats are less likely to get sick and because of their supple body, there seems to be few opportunities for injuries. Therefore, it seems that the rate at which cats get insurance more than dogs seems to be lower. But cats also get sick as old age. You might as well think about cat pet insurance.

But, since there are various insurance, I think that I would think what kind of insurance should be included. If the insurance premium is cheap it is not that good. You may need to look for insurance that is suitable for cats.

Compared to dogs, cats are hard to get injured and they do not get sick, but they tend to get worse when they get older. There are quite a few cats with bad kidneys. Once a cat becomes a kidney disease it has to become a sickness and have to go out with the disease for a lifetime. Then, regularly checking the veterinarian, treating it, it also requires a special cat food. The treatment cost is quite expensive.

Therefore, cat pet insurance can cover medical expenses for many years, it can be said that insurance suitable for chronic illness is good. Depending on the insurance, there are some cases that the number of visits is 20 times a year, so it is not suitable for chronic illness. Even if the monthly premium is somewhat high, you may need to look for insurance adapted to chronic diseases or cancer carefully and listen carefully when entering.

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What should I do if my cat develops kidney disease?

Cats are animals prone to kidney disease. When it comes to geriatrics, its possibilities are quite high. But how do you know if you have kidney disease? If your cat begins drinking water frequently, and you frequently take a pill, please doubt kidney disease. Also, once your appetite disappears or you vomit often, you may want to check with your veterinarian once.

When an old age cats, the function of the kidneys to filter out waste products in the blood and discharge them is weakened. The cause is not clear, but it seems that about 30% of cats become kidney disease when old age. Moreover, once it gets kidney disease, it will not cure it completely, so you will have to go out with the disease for the rest of your life.

So what kind of treatment is there? Because it is not a disease to be cured, it will be a symptomatic treatment that suppresses symptoms such as vomiting and dehydration. Also we need to eat cat food for kidney disease. Humans do artificial dialysis when kidney disease gets worse, but cats have such treatment as well. However, there are few animal hospitals that do artificial dialysis, and treatment expenses become considerably high, so it may be a bit difficult.

There is no perfect prophylactic method for cat kidney disease. However, it may be important to live an orderly life that takes good quality cat food and fresh water. Also, if you do regular medical checkups, you can detect diseases early so you can delay the progress of the disease. So, let's take the veterinarian regularly from the time the cat is well.

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What kind of disease is leukemia in cats?

One of the scariest ailments for cats is cat leukemia. This is a disease that may take a cat to go out to play outside than a cat that is only at home. It is infected by contact with a cat with a cat leukemia virus. Because there are many viruses mainly in saliva, if you fight or bite you, it gets hit.

Whether or not you are infected with a virus, you can find out immediately by doing a blood test with a veterinarian. Let's take a vaccination as soon as possible if you do not have infection if you are doing blood tests while you are doing it. Especially, I think that it is better to inspect cats going out to play outside.

What are the symptoms when infected with this virus? First of all, I lose energy and I lose my appetite. Weight loss, dyspnea, diarrhea, fever, runny symptoms such as runny nose. Even if we manage to manage the symptoms of this acute phase somehow, since there is no medicine to kill the virus itself, if it takes about 1 to 2 years, it will cause various diseases. Lymphosarcoma, aplastic anemia, chronic stomatitis, thrombocytopenia, and other diseases, it is possible that it may be affected by various diseases, so I am very scared.

If you keep some of them in your house, you have to be careful not to get to another cat. Also, be careful to eat better quality meals and fresh water every day, if you make it a cat with high immunity, even if you come in contact with a cat with a virus, it will be harder to infect . However, the most important thing is to get vaccinated.

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Obesity of cats, what should I do?

Around this time, there are many people who are worried that our cats are getting fat. Every day, I feel relaxed and happy, but it is pretty gluttony, is not it? But as it is, it is not good for cats. It may be necessary to take some measures.

Humans, as well as cats become obese, the risk of disease rises. For example, it may get diabetes, fatty liver, skin disease, gastrointestinal disease, arthritis and so on.

But is my cat really obese? If you want to doubt, please touch the area around the ribs of the cat. It would be nice to know that it is hard and ribs, but if you feel that there is not a hard body and soft fat, think it is obese. But, as you can see there is no doubt about cats that are fat.

How can we solve cat's obesity? Diet therapy may be exercise. However, if you suddenly reduce the amount of meal, it seems to get sick, it is better to first consult a veterinarian for a diet meal. And it may be better to ban treats other than meals.

And moderate exercise is necessary. But cats that have become fat became ceremonially moved, and will not exercise quite easily. At that time, the owner may need to actively play with the cat. I hope you play with the cat's favorite toy, put a cat tower etc. Because cats like high places, I think they will play, climb or go down. But if you get arthritis and it feels painful, it is not good to forcibly exercise, so please consult a veterinarian.

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What should I do if a cat stops eating bait?

Cats are a considerable gourmet, and the ability to split delicious things is also a big deal. Therefore, as for bait, it is very sensitive and delicate so it may be unavoidable to eat a bit. Since cats eat only the amount that they want to eat from time to time, there is not much emptiness in the plate at one time, but if you stop losing your mouth any more, you will be worried.

What can be thought of as a cause for cats not to eat food? For example, there may be something sick and lacking appetite, an appetite as an old age, or no food bought changed, because bait has been the same for a long time, etc.

If you think that you like cats and always feeding the same bait, you may get tired and eat it. There are quite a few kinds of cat food, so you may need to buy various items and make it a rich diet. However, it is useless unless the place to eat is always the same place. Due to a slight environmental change, cats will not eat.

Cats are quite odor sensitive animals. Therefore, if you put a large amount of dry cat food in a plate just because it does not decay, the smell gone, the cat will not eat. And it also tastes like fish. Even if it is dry food, let's put a reasonable amount in the dish. And, let's seal the bag containing dry food tightly. Otherwise, the smell will fly, eventually cats do not eat, so it is a waste.

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Are you caring for cat's teeth?

I want a long-lived long life alive forever, I use a lot of mind for health. But are you doing the cat's teeth care? Cats hate being touched in the mouth. Therefore, even if you want to care for your teeth, it is troubling that you can not do it easily. In the case of a cat, it becomes a periodontal disease rather than a tooth decay. Brushing is the best way to prevent periodontal disease, so somehow I would like to have a toothpaste habit in a kitty.

If your cat is still a kitten, let's start with practicing touching your mouth. I pat the head and etc and try to stroke around my mouth. When I get used to stroking around my mouth, I will put my hands in my mouth and touch my teeth. When the front teeth get used to it, I will also touch the back teeth. I try to polish my teeth by putting toothpaste paste for animals on gauze. If you get used to it, you should polish it with a toothbrush this time, but it may be better to refer to the net movies etc for how to polish the teeth of a cat.

In the case of a cat who is not a kittens anymore, it is very difficult to add a habit of brushing teeth. So it may be good to use a wet sheet for toothpaste. If you do not like it, there is a special toothpaste treat called Grinnais, so you might as well try it. It seems that it is good for teeth by having a shape of a small grain like a cat food and eating crisply with a crisp. Of course it does not have the same effect as a toothpaste. But it may be better than not doing anything.

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How do cats diarrhea?

Love cat has diarrhea, a little panic. I am wondering what is the cause, but since cats may have diarrhea although they are not sick, specifying the cause is quite difficult. But let's consider some causes.

Maybe I ate too much or eat something strange. Or it may be that the cat food does not fit your body.

It may infect the virus and cause diarrhea. But in this case you may think that this is not just diarrhea, as it will not only diarrhea but also vomiting, cheerfulness and no meals. You should go to the veterinarian immediately at such times.

Diarrhea will also occur when you eat ridiculous items such as buttons and strings, not food. Again, in this case too, it is quite violent diarrhea, vomiting, so let's go to the veterinarian immediately.

Chronic diarrhea may persist in case of a cat with a weak stomach or intestine. This will often require diarrhea unless you make the stomach or intestine strong, so you will need to consult with your veterinarian. It may not be normal cat food but you should try it as a remedy. You should also consult about gastrointestinal good supplements.

Stress may cause diarrhea in some cases. Cats are very delicate animals. A slight change in the environment sometimes makes it very stressful for cats. If you have diarrhea with such stress, you need to think about how to eliminate the stress of cats as much as possible.

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Matatabi as a cat, what is that Matatabi?

I often say to cats Matatabi. That's why cats like Matatabi. Matatabi is a deciduous vineyard woody plant of the Matatabi family of Matatobi family. The volatile matataba lactone component from the plant called Matatabi stimulates the nerves of the cat, causing the cat to become excited and in a state of trance. If you give a tree of Matatabi as a feline lion etc, you will soon feel comfortable like a cat like a cat.

How about this owner Mattathabi, how can the owner use it? Matatabi sells powdery ones, dried branches etc etc to pet food shops without fail. It may be good to tame the powder of Matatabi a little, or to put on a cat food when the cat is not cheerful, but there are not any diseases in particular. Surprisingly, I become healthier. It would be nice to attach it to nail polish goods.

There is also a Matatabi toy, so if the owner gets playing with the cat, it will be stress relieved even for a cat with stress. If a cat seems to be feeling that stress is a little lacking in exercise, playing together is okay.

Do not give it to blindly say that this matatabi, cats like it. Only a small amount is good. If you raise a large amount, it seems there is a possibility that breathing difficulties such as old cats and weak cats of the body, etc, seem to be, so let's always give as much as the instructions attached to Matatabi. Also, if you give it every day, cats get tired of it, and the effect will also get diminished. You should give them a cat at a certain interval.

Also, some cats (especially female cats) have no interest in Matatabi at all.

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What is a good animal hospital for cats?

When a cat gets sick, will you take him to the veterinarian immediately? Or are you slowly trying to see how it is? Is it because the veterinarian has not been decided yet?

There are quite a few animal hospitals. It may be difficult to choose which hospital is better. So, you may choose a nearby place. However, it would be better to carefully examine the animal hospital properly. The price is not decided, unlike a human hospital. There are also places of tremendous medical expense compared with others. So, when choosing a veterinarian, it would be nice to have a good reputation in the word-of-mouth or the internet, a place where it is said that skill as a veterinarian is good.

And it is good to have a veterinarian who draws the feelings of the owner and listens often. The owner something is relieved if the owner tells us about the explanation of the convincing disease condition, how to treat it, and so on. I think that this veterinarian will help this girl.

On the contrary, I do not want to choose the veterinarian from the top to the owner. Even if you want to ask something, the veterinarian who is uncomfortable to ask questions is not good. Also, why are you hitting so many injections so far from an amateur? I also want to avoid such veterinarians as I think. There seems to be a place to charge outrageous charges by taking out unnecessary injections and medicines, so be careful.

If you find a convincing veterinarian, trust there, let the cat regularly check the health of the cat even if the cat is fine. You can find disease early and cats will live longer and healthy.

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Stress relieving method of cat

Cats are very delicate animals, so they will immediately feel stress due to a small environmental change and various factors. I would like a cat to live a life without stress as much as I want to live long and healthy. Then, at what time does the cat feel stressed? And how can you relieve stress?

Changes in the environment are the first cause of cat stress. I do not like such a change in the environment that moving, having unknown people live together, or my favorite bedding has moved. And cats are sensitive to sound. I dislike human's big voice and I am not good at sounds of instruments. Also, I am not good at having some people gaya gaya. A cat is an animal that likes a quiet environment. Also, even if the toilet is not clean, it is stressful for the cat, and it will be stressful when there is no place to nail the nail. Lack of exercise is not good either.

How can you make cats relieve stress even a little? First let's set up a cat tower. Cats love to go up high, so a cat tower with a certain height may be nice. Let's always clean the toilet. Always keep nail clippers goods in the same place all the time.

And it would be nice if there is something like your own room that you can run away as soon as the cat feels stressed. Because cats like narrow places, let's think about something like a small, small box that cats will fit all along. We also sell cat nets with nail clippers and so on, so it may be good to choose what cats like to like.

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What should I do when cats get stomatitis?

If a cat does not eat food and scratches around her mouth, it may be because it is a stomatitis. When you can have a stomatitis, human beings are the same, but the place that it is done is very painful. So, although a cat wants to eat bait, because it hurts and can not be eaten, it gets thinner and harder. Moreover, it seems that most of the cat's stomatitis is quite severe than human stomatitis.

As stomatitis gets worse, it will start to blossom with blood. If that happens, we need to show it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. When it comes to a stomatitis, the mucosa and gingiva in the mouth of a cat are swollen red, ulcerated or bleeding. That makes the drool of blood mixed up.

The cause of the stomatitis of cats seems to be mostly caused by various viruses that cats infect. Or, because the immune system is reduced due to diabetes or renal failure, bacteria are easily infected, causing stomatitis. In addition, tartar and dental plaque accumulate, it seems to be a stomatitis.

Although it is a treatment, I examine why the stomatitis occurred, and if it is caused by a virus, I will treat that. At the same time, wash and disinfect the inside of the mouth and administer antibiotics. If you have stomatitis caused by dental plaque accumulation, you may get anesthetized to remove dental plaque and tooth extraction. When the painful cause ceases to exist, the cat quickly becomes appetite and will eat deliciously the cat food.

When the cat is sore and can not be eaten, it is sorry, so please go to the veterinarian regularly and have it inspected in your mouth.

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Sunbathing is very important for cats

Looking at the figure that a cat takes a nap in the sunshine, I feel that my heart is really healed. Cats are cold, so I love to sunbath. For human beings to maintain good health, it is very important to get sunlight. It is the same for cats.

It is said that vitamin D is made in the body when it hits sunlight, and it strengthens the bone, do not you think? But vitamin D is not easy to eat with meals. So, it is necessary to catch sunlight as soon as possible. It also has the effect of increasing immunity, so sunbathing is also important for cats.

There is an image that a cat is sleeping for the day without a day. But, unexpectedly the sleep of a cat seems shallow. There is a habit of taking shallow sleep for a long time. So, a warm and cozy place is needed. Of course it may be heating the air conditioner or putting out a kotatsu in winter, but if possible, it is best if there is a place to hit the sun in the house. If there is a sunny window side, leave the curtain open and let the cat's favorite cushion and cushion be placed there.

Also, by hitting sunlight, you will remove moisture from the cat 's hair and be protected from ticks and fleas. Moreover, since sunlight has bactericidal power, it is protected from becoming dermatitis.

And spending slowly in a cozy and warm place can also help to relieve stress of cats. It is also a place to take a break from a cat, so making a place where you can sunbathe is really important.

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What kind of cat allergy is it?

Cats are covered with soft hair and have pretty faces, you really want to hug. But, when you stroked a cat before, did not you sneeze? If so, it may be a cat allergy. If you have a plan to keep a cat, you might as well inspect whether you are allergic to cats or not. If you have quite severe allergies you will need to give up keeping the cat.

Cat allergies react, cat allergens are proteins secreted primarily from dandruff, sebum, saliva, tears and anal glands. Approximately 90% of people with cat allergy respond to this. Even if you do not touch the saliva of a cat directly, cats are constantly licking their bodies, so even if you stroke a cat's back etc, people with allergies will react.

Symptoms of cat allergy are sneezing, runny nose, eye itching, throat hurting, etc. In severe cases it may cause itching of the skin, breathing difficulties. Such a symptom appears only by being in the same room as a cat, or if you embrace or sneeze, sneeze or runny nose goes out, the place where the cat's hair touches becomes red, cat allergy It might be.

If a person who is not severely allergic to cats is not so severe, if you really want to have a cat, do not hug a cat, do not bring your face close, or put a vacuum cleaner frequently in a room, it is quite tough. It might be a bit sad that you can not hold a cat even though you have a cat. For people with severe allergies, it also becomes difficult to breathe, so you should cease keeping cats.

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