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I will introduce you about far infrared thermotherapy "SUN MAT" popular in Japan.
Household far infrared thermotherapy device "SUN MAT" is a product recommended to those who seriously wish results for those who are suffering from body cold.

This "SUN MAT" is the same as the far infrared ray therapy equipment to be performed at a hospital, but it is standardized as a household hygiene treatment device so that it can be used at home.
It is easy to use, lay it on the bed.

While sleeping, improve the blood flow of the whole body with far infrared rays of "Sun Mat".
To promote blood circulation, body temperature rises, not only can get tired, you can get a deep sleep soundly. Therefore, it can also relieve stress during the daytime.
Those who are cold or those who are stressed are in a tense state and remain stiff while sleeping. With this, I can not get good sleep. It relaxes the muscle stiffness so you can relax while sleeping. Relaxed and pleasant state means that the muscles and blood vessels become soft with parasympathetic dominance.
On the contrary, if you feel stress or you feel nervous with patience with heat, sympathetic dominance becomes dominant, blood vessels contract and blood circulation deteriorates.

Sun Matt's "pleasant adjustment" relaxes the mind and body, softens the blood vessel, and improves blood circulation. It resonates with the body's wavelength with special far infrared rays around 10 microns, and warms the body to the core.

As the effect / efficacy of sun mats, improve blood circulation and restore fatigue. I get tired of muscles. It is to relieve the pain of neuralgia, muscle pain, and to activate gastrointestinal work.
It is a thermotherapy device that warms the body and leads it to health.

1) Features of far infrared thermotherapy equipment
2) How to choose a far infrared thermotherapy device "SUN MAT"
3) What is the difference between far infrared and heating equipment?
4) Far infrared mats are relaxing!
5) "Warming" warmth of warmth of the attention of specialty stores
6) The difference between infrared and far infrared
7) Omron's Home Infrared Therapy Machine
8) Difference between "SUN MAT" and electric heating appliance
9) FAQ in Using Far Infrared Thermal Therapeutic Equipment Sun Mat
10) Four characteristics of far infrared rays
11) Far-infrared thermotherapy (Sambimmer) and infertility
12) The relationship between far infrared and mitochondria
13) Reasons why Saint Matt is popular
14) Use feeling of sun mat
15) It is recommended even during infertility treatment sun mat
16) What is thermotherapy equipment ...
17) The definitive edition of the hyperthermia treatment!
18) Saint Matt's rental
19) In order to use SAN MAT at ease ...

Features of far infrared thermotherapy equipment

It would be nice to know the characteristics of far-infrared radiotherapy device "SUN MAT".
Saint Matt has three features.

(1) Improve blood flow.
The far-infrared rays of sun matte interact with the wavelength of the body, creating thermal energy inside the body, improving blood flow. And we will ease and eliminate the feeling that the body will cool down.

(2) It can easily be continued easily.
Irradiating type far infrared ray therapy device for medical institutions Sambima and manufacturer, the principle is the same. Saint Matt is easy as "just sleeping, rolling, just spreading". And you can use it at your convenience. Especially, because mat type is just laying under the futon, you can continue to nature just by sleeping every day, you can surely improve blood flow at home.

(3) Become positive
The far infrared ray of the sun mat is very mellow.

It is as if it is entering a hot spring. Customers using Sun Mat said, "I felt that I was doing really nice things on my own and I felt very positive for myself." "You can sleep soundly and the morning wake up is refreshing." "The body warms and tiredness We brought a lot of nice voices such as "I blew away!"The basis of making body that does not get cold is "relax", "blood flow improvement", "body temperature up".
Saint Matt can do these three at the same time. Blood is flowing throughout the body, hormones, nutrition and medications are carried in the blood. It is very important to raise the blood flow of microvessels that interact with the necessary organs only with blood flow of large blood vessels.
Knowing the characteristics of sun mats makes it easier to use.

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How to choose a far infrared thermotherapy device "SUN MAT"

I think whether to use the far infrared thermotherapy device "SUN MAT" properly according to the purpose. I will introduce it as a guide for this time this time.

Anyway if you want to improve blood flow, mat type FLL type or FL type is recommended. Because "It is the highest output" and "It covers the whole body".

Blood flow is the whole body. In addition, the "point" of blood flow spreads throughout the body. The more covered area, the more blood flow improvement will be done.
For the FLL type and FL type, we recommend choosing by height, from the viewpoint of whether it can cover the whole body or not.

For those with a height of 154 cm or more, we recommend FLL type and those with less than 154 cm type FL type.
There is another "SL type" in the mat type of sun mat. This is a half type, only upper body, only lower body is used.

For those who would like to use it during office work, "cushion type" "M type" is recommended. Basically it is installed in a chair, I use it by putting a cushion on it. By warming around the sacrum at the crack of the buttocks, I improve the blood flow of the whole body.

If you want to wear tummy, back, thighs, want to take a stiff shoulder or shoulder blades, if you want to take local chills and stiffness, the "BS20 type" of the stomach band is useful. It wears from the top of the clothes, so it's very easy and easy to wear.

It is one of things that men also want to use. Especially in men who are pregnant, blood flow is very important. Hormones, oxygen, nutrients, etc. necessary for sperm growth are sent to sperm cells by blood flow.
Please try to suit your purpose. And I think that it is more effective if you choose what suits you.

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What is the difference between far infrared and heating equipment?

There are three ways of transferring heat. The first is "conduction", the second is "convection", and the third is "radiation".

Conduction ... The heat is transmitted through the object from high to low. This is heating, stove, electric blanket, kotatsu. Heat is conveyed by warming things through things. However, with this method, the wind blows between the stove and the body, and the heat is transferred by the movement of the air and it does not transmit.

Convection ... heat is carried in gas or liquid. This is a bath or air conditioner. This also conveys heat through objects (air and water).

Radiation ... This is far infrared. Radiation directly reaches the object instantaneously from the heat source without mediating and heating the object. So even if the wind blows between the heat source and the body it will be transmitted regardless. Stove (heating equipment) etc. heat up things by "conduction" so if you touch the skin it first heats your skin, so naturally it will heat your skin if you continue.

However, since far infrared rays are transmitted by "radiation" and "resonance absorbed", it warms the inside of the body by vibrating the molecules inside the body, so it resonates with far infrared rays radiated from bones and muscles without burning the skin It creates thermal energy inside the body.
By raising blood flow with this, it means that you can warm your body.

Regarding hyperthermia, hyperthermia using sun mat is systemic therapy. Stagnation of blood flow lowers body temperature and causes cold. In addition, it affects various places.
Therefore, far infrared thermotherapy improves blood flow, improves cold, and leads to a healthy body.
It is important to understand the difference between heating equipment and far infrared heating equipment and use them properly.

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Far infrared mats are relaxing!

The feet are too cold to get stress, the feet are cold even when wearing socks repeatedly, the electric blankets dry and itchy, in hotties only the touched parts are warmed, the feet want to be shy! There are many people who are suffering from coldness like ne. So far, you should have tried electric blankets and hot water bottles .... There are also a lot of people who have a hard feeling wearing socks repeatedly. What we introduce to such people this time was Massage Therapy Clinic Director's "Electric Matt Hot and Pokka" developed. It is also used in the clinic, and far infrared rays have become electric mats.

Why can you sleep tightly at your feet when you use Hot and Pocket? Will coldness improve? It has three points.

Point 1 ... not only when you sleep! Because warmth continues all night long, I can sleep soundly until the morning. Even if it warms up, it will not make sense for electric mats if it gets cold soon. Hot pork is different in keeping power of warmth. Even those with coldness who will cool down whatever you do will warm your feet with a relaxed keeping power.

Point 2 ... It makes me warmly up to the core of the body with far infrared rays. Hot pork is warmed differently because it warms by far infrared rays. I use a special sheet using ore which releases far infrared rays. Heat reaches the core of the body with the effect of far infrared rays.

Point 3 ... Not only warmth! Happy moisturizing effect on your skin! Hot and pocketed custom-made double weave cover to achieve comfortable humidity. This cover absorbs the moisture in the air, and keeps the optimum humidity at all times, so your skin moistens.
It is far infrared thermal mat that you would like to try for those who are troubled by cold.

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"Warming" warmth of warmth of the attention of specialty stores

We introduce the thermal mat of Green Potpour Co., Ltd. specializing in "warming" founded in 1986.
Since its founding, we stick to "thermal" and "enzyme", and we are thinking about building a warm body as a basic principle that whole blood flow is good.

This time we introduce "warm air mat Mat L type" is made in Japan, you can set 10 steps temperature control and 3 steps of timer setting.
Linear heating element, which can only be produced in Japan, is exactly a rich, high-quality warming with the skill of the artisan.

There are two features of this warm thermal mat.
One is the quality of warmth. This is the performance of the fundamental mat. Warming up as a line or warming up as a surface will make a difference in the quality of warming. The warm thermal mat realizes high quality warming. The heating element of this thermal mat is a very dense heater which weave alternately with carbon fiber wires and yarns and finished like a single fabric. This is a craftsmanship created by the delicacy of the Japanese, and it can only be produced at a limited factory in Japan.
Carbon is charcoal and fiber is fiber, so please consider it as a fiber made from charcoal. Charcoal releases far infrared rays well. The fact that the heating element of the warm thermal mat is carbon supports the quality of warmth.

Another thing is that timer and temperature setting are important. Even though it has finally warmed up, it is often that the timer runs out. The warm thermal mat is digital type of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 8 hours. Also, since temperature setting is possible in 10 steps, you can adjust the temperature according to yourself.

It is a far infrared thermal mat that sticks to. We are looking forward to it.

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The difference between infrared and far infrared

I do not think about infrared and far infrared rays quite often in my normal life. Although specialized knowledge is unnecessary this time, check some points and let's know the difference between infrared and far infrared.

Far-infrared is a kind of sunlight, it is light that sends heat.
The sunbeam has rays of various wavelengths, gamma rays and radium rays are the shortest, followed by visible rays of seven colors such as blue and orange. The one with the longest wavelength is red light, but the light with shorter wavelength than red is called infrared.

Far-infrared is in infrared. There are infrared rays on some of the wavelengths in sunlight, far infrared light in infrared rays. In the infrared, there are near infrared, mid infrared, far infrared.

What is good for your body is "Training Rays". "Training rays" in far infrared rays will be a good wavelength for the human body.
Breeding rays have good effects on the body.
Blood becomes smooth, "Waste is more likely to be discharged," "The metabolism of the cells gets better", "It gets warmer quickly", "The inside of the body warms", etc. are only happy things on the body.

There is a possibility that the person who chooses "far infrared ray treatment device" rather than just "infrared ray treatment device" may have a higher effect.
But what I have to be aware of is that if far infrared is even 1%, it will be "far infrared product".
Although I bought it all the time, it has no meaning if there is no effect.
It is important to check firmly before purchase.

Try refreshing your physical problems with the effect of far infrared rays.

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Omron's Home Infrared Therapy Machine

This time we introduce OMRON's infrared ray treatment device HIR-227 (household infrared radiation treatment device).
Mostly, it can be purchased at around 10000 yen.

It is a device that can be exposed to far infrared rays at an affordable price. Since it has an arm and a head that can adjust the angle according to the treatment site, it can be used according to the part of the stiffness and pain.

You can warm effectively any part of your body without difficulty.
Timer of irradiation time can be 10 minutes ・ 20 minutes ・ 30 minutes is possible. With easy to understand operation panel, you can set by just pressing the button.
The cord is retractable, it clears cleanly when not in use, it will not get in the way.
This Infrared Therapy Equipment HIR - 227 is designed to allow far - infrared radiotherapy devices like those in orthopedic surgery to be used at home.

It is very pleasant to be able to use anywhere except face, especially specialty equipment at home.

The angle of the machine is important, and if the angle does not match, it will be serious as the side you use must match the machine. However, since this treatment instrument has various angles, it can be used for treatment at ease at home.

Also, because it is possible to use for a long time, even if you adjust the angle evenly, you can slowly apply heat and hot-spring treatments will also be down, so even if you do your best you are one hour is the limit. However, it is very convenient because you can get effective only by keeping this treatment instrument.

Far infrared is very effective.
By applying it, the whole body warms up.

Those who are considering purchasing, please try.

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Difference between "SUN MAT" and electric heating appliance

A lot of questions are also gathered about the far infrared ray therapy machine "SUN MAT".
We will introduce questions to Sun Mat so that you can use it comfortably.

The most frequently asked question is how electric carpet is different.
Sun mat is a home-use far infrared thermotherapy device approved as a medical device. Electric blankets and electric carpets generate electricity in the heating wire and heat the body surface, but "Sun Mat" is a phenomenon in which the wavelength of invisible light called far infrared light resonates with the wavelength from the body, Heat the deep part.

Therefore, unlike a heating device that warms the body surface directly, there is no danger such as low temperature burn, even if it is used for a long time, warming the deep inside of the body to dilate the capillary, promote blood circulation, work on the gastrointestinal tract Healthy effects such as getting active, taking pain in the body are recognized.

In addition, the far infrared ray of the sun mat is different from the heat of the heating appliance which hits from the outside, the wavelength of the far infrared ray resonates by the wavelength and the amplitude which comes out from the cell inside the body to move the cells in the body to create heat in the body, It is a mechanism that raises body temperature.

Also it will not warm up like an electric blanket or an electric carpet soon. Every model takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, we recommend turning on the power beforehand and warming up before use.

Avoid warming your head on the mat. Other parts are okay so please use.

In addition, it is necessary to avoid combining with other electric blankets etc.

It is a far infrared ray therapy device that warms slowly and slowly from inside the body.

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FAQ in Using Far Infrared Thermal Therapeutic Equipment Sun Mat

In purchasing a far-infrared thermotherapy device "SUN MAT", there are things you may worry about, such as worrying.
For such times, I tried collecting frequently asked questions.

(1) How often should we use Sun mats per day?
SUN MAT is a far-infrared radiotherapy device, there is no risk of burns etc. There is no problem even if it is used for a long time.
There are two types of sun mats that are laid under the bed and the futon and wrapped around the waist.
The type of "SUN MAT FLL type" "SUN MAT FL type" can be maximized by using it as a sleeping use every night sleeping time. You can do partial treatment such as stomach, waist, shoulder, using "SUN MAT BS - 20 type" which wraps around the waist time zone during waking. Also, it is recommended that you place the cushion type "SUN MAT M type" in a chair and use it while sitting.

(2) How many times is the surface temperature of sun mats?
Saint Matt is a body-friendly setting. It is set to 41 degrees in the case of the temperature adjustment memory "10", 35 degrees in the case of "5", and 25 degrees in the case of "1".
We recommend you to find and use your own comfortable and comfortable temperature from a slightly lower temperature.
Even if the switch is turned off, the wavelength of the far infrared rays will come out.

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Four characteristics of far infrared rays

I hear that far infrared rays are good, but there are many people who do not know what things are.
This time we will introduce characteristics of far infrared rays.
Far-infrared has four characteristics.

(1) Radiation
The far infrared radiation emitted from the heat source corresponds to the object of the opponent and it becomes heat again. The far-infrared radiation emitted from the far infrared ray therapy machine hits the human body and turns into heat again in the body.

(2) characteristic absorption
Since heat is released from the material warmed by the radiation, you can feel natural warmth. Natural heat generated by radiation inside the body is absorbed naturally by the body so there is no discomfort.

(3) resonance absorption
When far-infrared rays of the same frequency collide, the molecules of the material violently vibrate and their kinetic energy turns into even bigger heat. Things will generate fever when they move. Far-infrared rays cause this effect in the body.

(4) deepening action
When far infrared hits the human body, it resonates with the water molecules in the body and generates heat. Heat converted from far infrared heat warms the body and raises blood flow, so that warm blood can warm deep into the body.

In this way far-infrared rays have good characteristics for the body.

In addition, far-infrared rays are "radiated from the human body", but far-infrared radiation that is radiated is slight. In order to improve the effect on the human body, naturally far-infrared radiation must be radiated uniformly and efficiently. Ceramics radiate particularly efficiently. Large far infrared rays do not occur with ceramics intact, but it will radiate far infrared rays efficiently when heat is applied.

It would be nice to understand the characteristics of far infrared radiation and purchase far infrared thermal therapy equipment and so on.

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Far-infrared thermotherapy (Sambimmer) and infertility

This time we will introduce that the far infrared thermal therapy machine Sanbimar is used for treatment with infertility clinic.

I think that many people are suffering from infertility. People with infertility seem to be more cold. I care how why Sanbomer is involved in fertility treatment.

Sambima is a thermal therapy device that was born by research and development of a special ceramic radiator, applying limited infrared wavelength.
Sanbomer has been demonstrated its excellent effect in presentations at various infertility related academic societies.
The primary purpose of infertility clinic treatment is "Improve the blood flow of the uterus and ovarian artery" "I want to raise the quality of eggs" "I want to make an endometrium suitable for implantation" "Improvement of coldness".

A number of academic societies have announced hyperthermia treatment using Sanbomar. Many happy reports have been announced that there are cases of far infrared rays leading to pregnancy.

The effect and mechanism of Sanbomer is irradiation of sambremer → rise in body temperature of subcutaneous deep layer → expansion of capillary vessel, promotion of tissue regeneration ability → function activation, promotion of immunity and healing power.

Also, as a characteristic of Sunbimer, we have our own far-infrared radiator. (We have patented) Low temperature burn prevention (air cooling) fan (patent acquisition) is adopted. It can be used in combination with other physiotherapy.

90% of patients treated for infertility are conscious of coldness, which is one cause of infertility. Focusing on the circulation of the blood circulating throughout the body, with the aim of improving the circulation of the whole body simultaneously with dissolution of the pelvic cold with a mild thermal output amount intended to improve the reproductive function, hyperthermia It helps infertility treatment.

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The relationship between far infrared and mitochondria

Among far infrared rays, the far infrared wavelength of around 10 microns, which is said to be a growing ray, is considered to be the same as the bioenergetic wavelength emitted from the human body.

Growth rays (far infrared rays) resonate in subcutaneous tissues, improve blood circulation by generating thermal energy inside the body, and as a result warm blood flows through the body further raises body temperature.

This has excellent effect of promoting activation, immunity, metabolism of cells.
It is said that far infrared rays are not just for warming the body comfortably, it is a major discovery in medicine. Body temperature is said to be a proof of life, most of the heat produced in the body is used to maintain body temperature.

Senescence can be expressed as a decrease in the number of cells, but as the number of cells decreases it means that the mitochondria in the cell also decreases.
Since mitochondria produces about 90% of human energy, cells are reduced by aging, body temperature decreases as mitochondria decrease. The fact that the body is warm means that blood flows there. Body temperature rises by activating cells, increasing metabolism and promoting blood flow.

Today, air-conditioning in the summer and food and drinks to cool the body increase, living in an environment where it is difficult to raise the body temperature. It is important to warm your body properly because you live in an environment where temperature rise is difficult.

There is also a way to add heat directly from the outside, but as you leave the heat, the body temperature will go down.
However, if the mitochondria is activated by the resonance action of molecules by far infrared rays, mitochondria secretly produces heat, ensuring core temperature and body temperature rising even when away from far infrared rays.

Let's get better with the effect of far infrared rays.

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Reasons why Saint Matt is popular

Saint Matt is a pregnant goods most people know if you are a pregnant woman. Not only women's clinics specializing in infertility treatment, it is treated in various places such as nursing care facilities and hospitals.

In addition, it is preeminent because it is featured in many pregnancy magazines such as "I want a baby."That sun mats have been sold for over 30 years is that there is a proven track record as well.

Saint Matt is different from the goods which was sold at the electric shop. SUN MAT is a medical device that has a firm effect on blood flow improvement, fatigue recovery, healthy body making by the effect of far infrared ray and heat.

It is standardized for home use as the same as far infrared treatment to be done at a hospital. The reason that Sun Matt is most popular is that I think that using the Sun Mat can realize the change of the body. It is the same as being treated while staying at home.

Saint Matt is easy to use. Although it is better to use it every day as much as possible, it is very easy to "just lay asleep," "just wrap".

Then just press the switch and set the timer. It is hard to keep going when it is difficult to use or it is troublesome. Sun Matt is a very easy mechanism to keep it easy to go on.

In addition, since Sun Mat is medical certified, it has an effect and it can be relieved.
It is also convincing that it is popular as a medical device that can be used at home certified by a country.
It is used for infertility treatment, and results are also given out.

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Use feeling of sun mat

Sun mat is a thermotherapy device that warms the body with far infrared rays. It is expected that the effect of improving blood flow can be expected, it was taken up in a pregnancy magazine and became a topic.

The effect of far infrared ray is said to improve blood circulation, fatigue recovery, activation of gastrointestinal work, relieve neuralgia / muscle pain, relax muscle stiffness etc. Far-infrared radiotherapy equipment is widely used at hospitals and bone clinics, but it is Sun Matt that has been used as home heaters the same thing.

Sun mat is much cheaper compared to medical, far infrared ray therapy equipment (Sunbeam) used in hospitals etc, but still it is not a price to buy promptly.

However, when I actually purchase it and try it, I feel very comfortable.

I would like to introduce a feeling of use with a stomach wrapping type this time.
Because it is a type to wear like a belly band, you can live everyday while wearing it even if you are not standing still. Since the length of the outlet is 360 cm, you can do housework well in that range. When you feel a little stomach or buttocks cold it will be warmed quickly if you wrap it immediately on the waist.
Because it can be usefully useful for one year, I will not lose even if it is a little expensive.

I tried various things such as electric blankets and hot water bottles, aquatic hot water bottles, hot potatoes etc, but we hear many singles that sun matte is the most effective.

I do not know clearly the effect of pregnancy, but I can feel that my body temperature has gotten higher, starting to use sun mats.

I can continue to enjoy because there is no strangeness during use and no hardships.
Recommended for people who are lost.

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It is recommended even during infertility treatment sun mat

Many of those who purchase sun mats are treated for infertility, or those who are suffering from infertility.

It seems that some people purchase that there is something you can do at home, even if you are undergoing infertility treatment and you are not getting results. Saint Matt is never a cheap shopping but an expensive one.

However, it seems that it is inexpensive and can be purchased compared to Sanbomar.

However, it is the size to worry about when purchasing. It is the BS 20 of the type which uses the largest FLL type and the stomach. Many people buy FLL type, but the reason is that they can be used for a long time while sleeping. It is a type that wraps around your stomach, so FLL type seems to be popular because you can not try when you are asleep.

It is very convenient to have temperature control in 10 steps from 1 to 10 and 8 hour timer. Temperature control of 10 stages can find the temperature suitable for you.

I feel comfortable sleeping when I set the temperature and warm it before entering the bed. When I go to bed I think that I can sleep soundly with a good warmth if I set the temperature lower.

By continuing to use, many people are feeling the effect of sun mats, such as being breathtaking and becoming less tired easily.

If more than half of those who are infertile are cold, results are coming out.

By using the sun mat, you can warm your body and raise your body temperature.

If it is an FLL type, just put on the bed, so there is nothing troublesome.

It is easy to continue, so if you are considering purchasing it is a product you would like to try.

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What is thermotherapy equipment ...

A hyperthermia treatment is a general term for instruments that improve the condition of the body by physically warming the body. Research has repeatedly been carried out from ancient times to improve the malfunction caused by warming up the body.

As a groundbreaking therapeutic method, there is "Mitsui 's hyperthermia therapy".

Originally the developer of the therapeutic device after treatment of Shiatsu founded that "healing power is enhanced by warming the body" through treatment of various patients, initially at the hairdresser's hometown It is said that we started thermal therapy using the iron used to hit.
Later on, he developed a thermotherapy device specialized for warming executives and began full-scale treatment from around 1984, and at this time, the principle of the heat effect such as heattech protein etc. is clarified yet It was not done. Nevertheless, it is said that hyperthermia is effective for treatment of intractable diseases such as cancer, and it became known as one of the epoch - making therapies in that era.

Today, various thermotherapy devices are being developed.
One of the reasons such as end-coldness and hypothermia is disorder of autonomic nerves. The autonomic nervous system has "sympathetic nerve" which becomes dominant when feeling stress and "parasympathetic nerve" which relieves tension of the body. When the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant, the blood vessel contracts, the blood flow is deteriorated, the body temperature falls I will. To restore body temperature to normal, it is necessary to suppress the sympathetic work and to make the parasympathetic dominant, and it is the hyperthermia treatment effective to make parasympathetic nerves dominate.

While warming the cold part, at the same time, relaxing by feeling pleasant, the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant, by releasing the contraction of the blood vessel to improve the blood flow of the whole body solves hypothermia, coldness I will.

Thermotherapy is a good treatment device for the body.

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The definitive edition of the hyperthermia treatment!

The product we introduce this time is "Nakamura Tsushin's Hot Pack".
It is a popular No. 1 medical device that is acknowledged to "I am far more important than my husband" "I can not live without this".

This thermotherapy device is a medical device aimed at relieving muscles and nerve pain, improving blood circulation. Far infrared rays with a wavelength of 8 to 14 micron penetrate into the core of the body. He warms each person's body from its core.

Adhere to the effect and effect of electrothermal hot pack ...

(1) relieve nerve pain
(2) relieve pain of muscle pain
(3) Activate gastrointestinal movement
(4) improve blood circulation
(5) The muscle also unravels the cori
(6) recovery of fatigue

You can see effects such as.

This secret of the super hot commitment hot pack is a special feature The ceramic far-red sheet uses ore, which is said to release far infrared rays such as barley stone, ceramics and tourmaline.

People who bought this commitment are happy that "parents are happy to be able to sleep well", "they are pleasant to warm up before going to bed", "they are expensive, but the effect can be realized, so it can be bought" A lot of reviews are highly productive.

You can treat yourself well by warming up your painful parts such as arms and shoulders, back and waist, soles of feet.

Although I will price a little, I think that it is convenient because it can be easily done at home, such as those who can not go to the hospital quite easily. I think that it is a product that can be taken out at the time of purchase even if it is expensive, because it can be used all the year and can be used for a long time.

Recommended for those who want to ease the pain.

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Saint Matt's rental

Far Infrared Thermal Therapy Unit Unlike ordinary heating appliances, Sun Mat improves blood flow by the effect of far infrared rays and heat, takes fatigue, and leads to a healthy body.

There are many people who are experiencing far-infrared therapy to warm up from the stomach, such as those who are under treatment at the ladies' clinic.

This time we will introduce the rental of the sun mat recommended for those who are suffering from purchase.

The sun mat to be introduced here is the same as far infrared treatment to be done at a hospital, but it is standardized as a home thermal therapy device so that it can be used at home. We are preparing "SUN MAT BS-20 type" which can be used by wrapping around the belly or waist with the mat type "SUN MAT FLL type" for whole body of 120 cm for renting to use sleeping.

Rental Recommendation 1 ... Just as needed for your own convenience!

In accordance with the schedule of treatment, I want to use only when necessary ... It is recommended for such a person. We will receive it at your home or designated place even in the busy time of every day and return it. You can rent it any number of times and extend it.

Rental recommendation 2 ... I found out what I can do!
Treatment is a clinic, but I'd like to try something if I can do something by myself, etc. Many consultations are posted on our boyfriend or Honpo. Saint Matt can realize that feeling. Improving blood flow should improve the effect of treatment. I am satisfied because I am doing my best.

Rental Recommendation 3 ... Easy Rent Relief
We have about 100 machines for rent at all times. There is no obligation to buy or solicit after rental, unnecessary such as deposit.

Rental recommendation 4 ... There is a simple rental system.
For those who are considering purchasing, we are preparing a new rental system for those who want to decide after trying once. I'd like to try it before purchase and want to purchase with confidence.
Even at purchase, rental is also recommended for those who are troubled because they can not purchase.

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In order to use SAN MAT at ease ...

I would like to introduce frequently asked questions this time because I want to use it safely for those who want to purchase sun mats.

(1) I hear that warming is not good, but is it okay?
There is no problem because it is unthinkable that the body temperature rises above normal body temperature by using sun mats. However, please avoid warming the same place more than necessary with the same position continuously for a long time in an abnormal state such as bringing the body close to the mat. It may cause low temperature burns. For sleeping using the 8 hour timer according to normal usage, such worry is not necessary at all.

(2) Can Saint Matt be used during pregnancy?
(Does not far infrared affect the fetus?)
Far-infrared rays are growing rays, so the effect on the fetus is unthinkable, but it is good to be used under the guidance of a doctor during pregnancy.

(3) The children are co-slepting, is it okay?
Children are all right. Children may suffer from a cold especially night sweat, so it is no problem if adults do temperature adjustment and time adjustment. When children are together, we recommend you use at a lower temperature setting.
However, please do not use it to infants who can not hit sleepy.

(4) How to store when not in use?
Please check that the temperature of the sun mat has lowered and store it in the original case. Please make money on heavy futon etc on top of sun mat. It will cause malfunction.
Because it is an expensive thing, people who suffer from purchase, I care whether the goods are properly ne.
Did you understand that San Mat is safe for you to improve the disorder as often as possible?
Let's warm your body and stay healthy.

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