How to see cherry blossoms in February in Japan

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Watching cherry blossoms "Hanami" is one of the Japanese culture.

Hanami will be held from the end of March to the beginning of April.
In Japan, cherry blossoms bloom at the same time as the graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies, so cherry blossoms are a special existence for Japanese people.

A place famous for cherry-blossom viewing is very crowded in this season.
This is because the period during which cherry-blossom viewing is possible is limited to about one week.

We would like foreigners who came to Japan to visit cherry blossoms.

If you come to Japan in February, ordinary cherry blossoms are not yet blooming.

but it's okay!
There are ways to see cherry blossoms even in February.

Cherry blossoms called Kawazu-zakura can bloom from February.

Kawazu-zakura will be in full bloom after about 1 month beginning flowering from the beginning of February every year.

Kawazu-zakura can be seen in Kawazu town of Izu.
The address is Kawazu-machi, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture.

For details, please visit Kawazu-machi Tourist Association HP→ Kawazu-machi Tourist Association
TOP image is a quote from this site.

Since Kawazu-machi Tourist Association HP is a Japanese site, please use Google translation etc.

Kawazu town takes more than 3 hours by car from Tokyo.
It takes 2 hours 40 minutes at the express train station that is direct from Tokyo station to Kawazu station.

There are quite a distance, either by car or by train.

So I will also introduce where Kawazu cherry blossoms are seen in the suburbs of Tokyo.

One place where Kawazu-zakura is seen in Tokyo is the garden of Chinzanso.
Chinzanso is a famous Japanese luxury hotel.

Accommodation fee is very expensive.
Restaurant meals are also expensive.

But it is free to see the garden.

Entering from the main entrance dignitely, get through the lobby, get down to 1F and leave the garden.

You can also enter the garden directly from the back door.

Although it is fewer than Kawazu town, you can see Kawazu Sakura even here as well.

How to see ch・・の画像

Kawazu Sakura before full bloom at Chinzanso.

The address of Chinzanso is 2-10-8 Sekiguchi, Bunkyo ku Tokyo.

Chinzanso HP

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