About iPhone battery exchange

If you start using the iPhone for more than two years, there are cases where you become concerned that the charge gradually decreases faster or the operation does not go smoothly.
In the case of such a malfunction, it is often to improve by replacing the battery.

Here we will introduce you where you live in Japan, where and how to replace the battery, and how much it will cost to replace it.

1) How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?
2) Before replacing the iPhone battery, back up
3) How to replace the battery at AppleStore?
4) How to replace the battery at AppleStore?
5) Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?
6) How to replace the battery at AppleStore?
7) Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?
8) iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?
9) Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?
10) iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?
11) iPhone battery exchange method?
12) iPhone battery exchange method?
13) How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?
14) How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?
15) How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?
16) iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?
17) Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?
18) Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?
19) Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?
20) Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?

How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?

【Exchange method 2】
Another way is shipping.
It will be delivered to Apple for repair or exchange, but in this case you will need to look at the time of about a week, so let's consider and apply for it.

In the case of delivery, you can apply from the support page of the Apple official website or from the phone.
At the desired date and time, the specified shipping company will come to pick up, so I just pass the iPhone that I want to repair to the shipper.

● Battery replacement is important to do properly ●
Even after iPhone started using it for the first time in about two years, there was a case that not only the battery but also the response of buttons got worse and I felt the limits of hardware.

However, in recent years iPhone model, if you replace the battery, there are many cases where you can use it without problems even if you use it for more than two years.
So it is possible to use the iPhone for a long time by properly exchanging while the warranty period is on.

Recently you are feeling weird ... If you feel that the charge reduction is intense ... ... Let's think about deterioration of the battery by making use of the application etc etc.

For those who want to continue using the same iPhone for a long time, if we can exchange within the warranty period, we can continue to use it for a while longer.
Especially, if you are a member of AppleCare +, the warranty period is longer than usual, so there is a high possibility that you can exchange within that period. Please exchange battery that you can do without charge, please do not waste it.

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Before replacing the iPhone battery, back up

When replacing the iPhone battery, you need to back it up beforehand. This is due to the possibility that the data will be cleared after initializing it for repair.

Especially with AppleStore or regular service provider, it is likely to be initialized, so be sure to back it up.

● There are two ways to back up ●
Apple recommends two backup methods. One way to back up to iCloud. The other way is to back up to iTunes. We will introduce each feature.

● iCloud ●
To back up here, if Wi - Fi can be connected, it will be possible to save to iCloud on the Internet without using a PC.

However, there is a limit to the capacity that can be saved for free. If you want to save more data, the monthly fee will be charged.
Also, when compared with iTunes, there is a side that it takes time to complete the backup.

● iTunes ●
Unlike iCloud, iTunes requires a personal computer. This is because the backup destination is not on the Internet, but inside the personal computer.

It will take more effort than iCloud, because it connects using the included Lightning cable and backs up, but since the capacity limit depends on the free capacity of the PC, it costs a monthly fee even with a large data capacity It is possible to backup without it.

Also, if you can back up items compared to iCloud, iTunes has the advantage that you can back up more items.

● Summary ●
As you can see, there are merits and demerits for each of the two backup methods, so let's back up yourself and prepare for battery replacement.

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How to replace the battery at AppleStore?

There are several ways to replace the iPhone battery, but this time we will show you how to exchange at AppleStore.

When purchasing an iPhone, the warranty period is usually one year. However, if you join Apple Care +, the warranty period will be extended. Battery deterioration begins to appear, although there are differences depending on the frequency of use, there seems to be more people feeling within 1 year and 2 years. So, if you join this Apple Care +, you can exchange the battery for free, so if your battery has 80% or less of storage capacity, why do not you replace it with AppleStore for free.

● Using Genius Bar ●
If you change the battery at AppleStore, you will use Genius Bar, a support window.
This is Genius Bar, but it is very crowded. Saturday and Sunday is even more. So it is recommended that you use it after making an appointment from the AppleStore application.

Reservations can be made by booking up to one week ahead of time. Though there are three AppleStore in Tokyo, there are many cases where the reservation is full at the direct store where it is most recent.
If you are not in a hurry, let's adjust your time and schedule and let your legs go.

Of course, it is possible to change the battery without making a reservation. However, in that case, if you are congested, you are guided to wait in line waiting for cancellation.
In the worst case, when the time zone is late, there are also cases that you can not even wait for cancellation, so please be careful.

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How to replace the battery at AppleStore?

● What to do before using Genius Bar (Genius Bar) ●
If you can make a reservation, there are things you need to do by that day.
It is a backup.
When replacing the battery, all the data in the iPhone may be erased and cleared.

The staff at the AppleStore will also be told that the data will be cleared and will be confirmed, so be sure to keep a backup.

However, when exchanging all the batteries, the data will not be cleared. There are cases where data can be exchanged as it is.
Although it was initialized by battery exchange on iPhone 5, when replacing with iPhone 6, the case that data was still intact ... is also asked.

But what happens to just this will change depending on the state of the iPhone. It is necessary to keep the backup in advance so that it will not panic on that day.

● Flow until battery replacement ●
Firstly, I will head to the AppleStore time to make a reservation and go to the Genius Bar counter.

Depending on the store, the staff may welcome you before heading to the Genius Bar. In that case, if you tell the time and name of the reservation, you will be guided to wait at the waiting place, and as the order comes around you will guide us to the counters of the vacant Genius Bar.
In case you do not understand, if you call out to a nearby staff, we will guide you.

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Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?

Many people owned terminals such as iPhones and smartphones, and now they are enjoying surfing and social games as well as calling and connecting to SNS, Faccebook, Instagram, Twitter etc on LINE.

This is realized with the speed of Internet communication becoming faster and becoming a stable environment.
Earlier ago, when entering the basement of a train etc, radio waves became weak and it got dizzy now, like a lie, it became possible to operate lightly without worrying about evils such as underground.

So, during the meeting time, while traveling a taxi, bus or train ... ... and a little clearance time, a lot of people are opening up the iPhone and enjoying games and SNS ... and so on.

Besides this way of using it, it has become a tool that I can not release anymore, as it has become possible to do things such as investigating what I was concerned about and the reputation of eating and drinking establishment easily.

Thus, it is not a battery that is troubled by increasing the frequency of use on a day.
As a matter of course, if you keep using the iPhone, the remaining battery power will decrease. If it decreases, iPhone will not start, so it will not be usable.

In order not to be charged, we will charge it, but this battery is a consumable item. It will degrade to the extent that you use it if you use it.

Then, what happens to iPhone when the battery deteriorates?

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How to replace the battery at AppleStore?

When you are guided by the Genius Bar counter, I will tell you about the battery problem. Then, the staff connects the iPhone to the diagnosis terminal and checks the status of the battery.

At this time, if the storage capacity of the battery is diagnosed to be less than 80% compared with when it is brand new, you can change the battery.
With this diagnostic program, you can also see the latest charging status of the battery as a graph, so you can also grasp the speed of decrease and so on.

If it is necessary to exchange it, sign it and pass the terminal.
Before this delivery, I will be told to disable "Search iPhone", so I think that I will change my iPhone settings.

If you come this far, leave it to Apple's staff.
You will receive a document for pick up, so you can go back to the AppleStore at the designated time and receive the iPhone with battery change completed.

Although it is a required time to worry, it is about one hour as soon as possible, but if it is congested, it will wait any longer. Since some people are told to come to pick up after 3 hours, let's prepare for Saturdays and Sundays to take time to receive, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

● If it is 80% or more? ●
If the battery storage capacity is not less than 80%, you may wonder whether you can exchange it.
As I mentioned earlier, this diagnostic program allows you to see the latest charging status.

So, if there is more than 80%, there is a possibility that you can exchange the battery by telling the situation that you feel it is faulty depending on the situation of such a transition. So let's consult.

This is how to replace the battery with AppleStoa. Because it is necessary maintenance for long use, let's exchange at an appropriate time.

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Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?

● Symptoms caused by deterioration of the battery ●
So, let's introduce some of the problems that will occur, as the battery deteriorates.

Battery reduction has come earlier than ever・ The power supply will fall off without permission・ Estimated indication of the remaining capacity of the battery is strange(This is a strange display, say 60% or 40% on the display, for example, although you just charged the battery fully.)

When such symptoms come out, there is no mistake when considering iPhone's battery as an indication that it is deteriorating.

● How to delay battery deterioration ●
Then, when thinking that deterioration of the battery does not proceed ... If it thinks, it refrains from using the iPhone itself, charging waits until it stops and makes it when it gets less.

Although it is thought of a method such as a method though it is not that everyone does not want to refrain from using it and it is not necessarily that you can recharge immediately when you are lost when you do not necessarily wait for recharging If you do not possess a portable charger, you will be worried and there is no choice.

With this, although the environment which can be enjoyed with the iPhone is made, it is one where stress accumulates.

● iPhone's battery is a lithium battery ●
Although I explained that the battery will degrade every time I use it, in addition to that I have to explain that the iPhone's battery adopts a lithium battery.

One of the features of this lithium battery is that each time charging is repeated, the capacity of the battery to be stored decreases.

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iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?

Even with any product, various problems will arise if you keep using it. The iPhone is OK. Among them, deterioration of the battery is a phenomenon that always occurs by repeating charging.

In such a case, even if you think to replace the battery, it is troublesome for AppleStore to go away soon. There is a method called mailing even if it is not directly brought in, but there are stores that you would like us to consider using if you become a difficult point ... it takes time.

That is Apple's regular service provider.
This refers to being officially affiliated with Apple, so it's safe to say that if Apple is going to go out of service, AppleStore, or an authorized service provider ... specifies ....

The good point of this regular service broker is that there are many in Japan all over the country. So it's easy to bring in near your home, near a company, going out ... and so on, you can ask for repair as one of the ones on something.

However, I think that some of you do not know where the regular service provider is in the range of your actions. So, this time I will show you how to find a regular service provider.

It is fatal to keep on handheld iPhone for a long time, as it leaves the problem caused by the deterioration of the battery as it is. It is important to exchange regularly, so it would be a good idea to remember this search method.

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Estimated battery replacement for iPhone?

So, how often will it decrease in capacity?
About this, Apple responds like this.
In the case of the iPhone, as the cycle of charging is repeated 500 times, the capacity of the battery decreases to 80% of the whole.

This cycle of charging is a thing that counted as "one cycle of" battery capacity goes from 100% to 0% ".

So, if you charge once a day, it will be calculated that it will be 500 cycles in 1 year and 4 months, that is 16 months.

By around this time, the battery is getting worse and the symptoms like the one I mentioned earlier on the iPhone will appear.
And once the battery degrades it will not recover.

● Replace deteriorated batteries only ●
So, how can we resolve the problem caused by deterioration of the battery? It's an exchange. It can be solved by replacing the battery.

So where can I exchange this battery?

There are two ways to do this.
One way is "to have it replaced by Apple". And the other one is "ask the repairer to ask for a replacement" method.

I will introduce you in a separate article, "iPhone battery exchange method", specifically how to do the exchange procedure, please refer to it.

There are major differences between Apple and a repairer. It is good to consider which exchange method is suitable for you.

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iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?

● Search method of regular service broiders ●

1. Open Apple's official websiteThen click on Support and select iPhone. Then the page "iPhone Repair Service Q & A Center" will be opened.

2. iPhone Repair Service Q & A center screenAs you scroll through the page, there is an item called bring-in repair. There is a description in blue letters saying "Search Apple's regular service provider", so click on it.

3. Search screen for locationYou can search on this "Search for place" page with four categories. The information you want to know right now is the location of the regular service provider, so please click the item "Service".

4. Enter addressClicking goes to the screen where you enter the address and selection of the product you want to support, so enter your home or current location at the top, select iPhone from the list box at the bottom, and click Search.

At this time, when the upper address is set as the present location, permission of the position information is requested. Let's select "OK".

5. List displayThe location of AppleStore or regular service vendor in the vicinity of the entered address is displayed as a list.

A map appears on the right side, a list appears on the left side, you can check the address, and the corresponding products are listed.

● Points to note when using ●
In this way, the nearby regular service provider will be displayed, so it is a good idea to take advantage of it.

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iPhone battery exchange method?

Here, we will show you how to replace the iPhone battery.
As the iPhone repeats charging, as the battery deteriorates, it becomes necessary to exchange it.
As a guide, it is said that the battery capacity will be reduced to 80% when charging is repeated approximately 500 times.

that? Although it charged, the decrease fell soon ...
I am troubled with the power supply being torn off ...

If you have trouble like such, the cause may be due to deterioration of the battery. With reference to the above guidelines, if there is a possibility of deterioration, let 's exchange it for a new battery.

● How to replace with Apple ●
There are two ways of exchanging the iPhone 's battery in two ways.
The first one is Apple 's replacement method.

1. Go to AppleStore (directly managed store)

2. Send by mail to Apple3. Go to an Apple authorized dealer, such as Camera's Kitamura or Bic CameraEven if it says in a word with the exchange method at Apple, there are several ways like this. Apple's official site is listed to ask Apple to do a battery replacement or ask an authorized service provider to replace the battery.

Originally, the iPhone has a one-year product warranty, and if you feel something wrong with the battery during this period, the service is included in this warranty, so if you bring it to Apple for free, You can exchange it.

Also, if you have passed the warranty period, you can use Apple's battery service, so it is important to first check the warranty period of your iPhone.

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iPhone battery exchange method?

As a precautionary point, regarding Apple battery replacement, it is highly likely that all data will be deleted.

The reason is that with Apple's battery exchange, it is initialized and returned.
Therefore, various data such as data registered in the phone book, data of images and moving images, game history, LINE conversation ... will be lost.

It is important to back up in advance.

● Replacement with a repair shop ●
Another way to exchange batteries is to ask a repair dealer to exchange it.

In this case, unlike the replacement method at Apple, traders basically exchange only the battery.
Therefore, the data accumulated in iPhone is not initialized, it remains as it is.

Even if it says to replace the battery in this way, the method is different, so it would be good to consider it.

● Amount ●
Apple is free of charge within the warranty period, but if you have passed the warranty period, you will be charged for repair so you will be charged.
Battery exchange at Apple after this warranty period is uniform for all models, as of December 2017, it costs 8,800 yen (tax excluded).

【Apple authorized distributor】
In other Apple authorized distributors, battery replacement varies depending on the shop, and there are shops costing more than 10,000 yen from 9000 yen, so it is better to check.

【Repair shop】
Repair shops can be exchanged at a lower price compared to Apple or an Apple authorized dealer. Regarding the amount, the price varies depending on the iPhone model, depending on the contractor, 4,000 yen or 6,000 yen.

● Summary ●
As you can see, there are several ways to replace the iPhone battery, so we recommend you consider how to exchange it.

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How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?

The more you charge the iPhone battery, the more it will degrade. As it gets degraded, the power suddenly turns off, or the battery has been fully charged, 60% for display and so on, although capacity has just decreased, the capacity decreases steadily ... This kind of Symptoms are the cause of this battery deterioration itself.

The solution of a deteriorated battery is to exchange it, but depending on the conditions of your iPhone, it is possible for Apple to exchange it for free.
Here, we will introduce the method of that procedure.

● Conditions for free replacement ●
First of all, there are two conditions that can be exchanged for free. Let's check the following two.

【Condition 1: Being within warranty period】
First, here. Apple can exchange even within the warranty period even after the expiration date. However, if the warranty period has passed, it will cost a replacement fee.
So, let's first check the warranty period of your iPhone. The method is as follows.

(Warranty status check method)

1. Open Apple support page2. Enter the iPhone's serial number(For confirming the serial number, start up the "Settings" application of iPhone, then select "General" and click "Information", the serial number is displayed.

3. Warranty status and support period are displayedHere, it shows valid purchase date, telephone support availability, and repair service guarantee.
Please confirm that this repair service warranty item is valid. (If it is valid, it is a green checkmark.)

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How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?

[Condition 2: The storage capacity of the battery is 80% or less]After confirming the warranty period, let's check the storage capacity of the battery next time. The method of checking is simple. Now, there are many published applications that can check the storage capacity of iPhone's battery.

Although these are unfortunately not Apple's official apps, it is possible to do as a guide, so please install it by all means.

Here, we introduce the application "Battery Care".
By installing and running this application, you can know the charging status of the battery in a minute, and it will be a useful application that you can also know the state of deterioration.

In such an application, it is displayed as less than 80%, and it will be eligible for free if there is no error. (In the case of "Battery Care", the item of capacity becomes the thing which informs the situation of deterioration of the battery.)

If it seems that the application is much lower than 80%, like 70% to 60%, it is good to think that the state of deterioration has advanced considerably. It can be said that you consider the battery exchange level.

For apps that can check Apple's official battery status, it takes more effort than this app, but it is possible to know as an accurate situation. I will explain about it in another article, so please have a look.

● How to apply for change ●
If the above two conditions are satisfied, Apple can charge you to exchange the battery for free.
There are two methods for this exchange, so please apply by the method that suits you.

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How to exchange iPhone battery free of charge?

【Exchange method 1】
The first one is to bring it yourself to AppleStoa.
In this case, if the timing is good, such as AppleStore is not crowded, you can exchange it in about an hour.
However, I do not know beforehand whether timing is good or not. We recommend that you come to the store with a margin in time.

Depending on the content of repair, there are also cases where repair on the spot becomes difficult. In that case, it may take about 1 week, because it is necessary to repair at Apple repair center.

There are 7 retail stores of AppleStoa in Japan. Those who are nearest will be brought back to hand quickly, so please consider.

  • ・ Ginza ・

Chuo-ku, Tokyo Ginza 3 - 5 - 12 Sa'agusavil main building

TEL: 03-5159-8200・Shibuya・Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Jinan 1 - 20 - 9 Koen line building

TEL: 03-6415-3300・ Omotesando ・Jingumae 4 - 2 - 13 Shibuya - ku, TokyoTEL: 03-6757-4400・ Fukuoka Tenjin ・Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka city Chuo-ku Tenjin 2? 3? 24 Tenjin LuceTEL: 092 - 736 - 6800・ Sendai Ichibancho ・Miyagi ken Sendai shi Aoba ku Ichibancho 3 - 10? 24TEL: 022? 722-3001・ Nagoya Sakae ・Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Naka-ku Sakae 3 - 17? 15TEL: 052? 238-2400・ ShinsaibashiOsaka Prefecture Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Nishi-Shinsaibashi 1 - 5? 5 Urban BLD ShinsaibashiTEL: 06-4963-4500That is the AppleStoa directly managed store in Japan.
Application method is done from the support page of Apple official website.

Let's make an appointment for Genius Bar (support center for AppleStoa). The window is very crowded, so it is safe to make a reservation in advance. In that case, AppleID is required.

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iPhone battery replacement. How can I find a nearby regular service provider?

However, there are cases where some rules are set by the store when using it. The example is as follows.

  • ・ Reservation visit indispensable
  • ・ Consent to initialization of iPhone
  • ・ Login to AppleID
  • ・ Peel off the film or remove the case in advance

Etc. These are different depending on stores, so we recommend you to check in advance. As a confirmation method, it is possible to inquire on the website of the store or by telephone.

You can also check the address and telephone number of this website from the page where the list was displayed earlier.
When you tap the store part you want to see, a speech balloon appears and it is described in it.

● Summary ●
If you want to repair an Apple product ・ If you want to receive support, it is best to use AppleStore. However, there is a current situation that it is few as the number of stores. To that end, there is the existence of this regular service broker. If you do not have an AppleStore nearby, you can not make a reservation at a desired date and time (AppleStore requires advance booking of Genius Bar), it is a good idea to consider this.

There are also merchants who will repair a non-genuine iPhone, and in that case, there is merit that cost can be cheaply suppressed, but the trader introduced here is an authorized service provider. Although it will be slightly higher in terms of price, you can use it with confidence in case of something.

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Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?

At the time of replacing the battery of the iPhone, if it is within the warranty period, it can be exchanged for free at AppleStore etc, but the condition includes 80% when compared with the time when the storage capacity is new, It contains the following.

So, when considering battery deterioration ... There are many people who use the battery diagnostic application at home to check the approximate guidelines and submit it for repair.

In this diagnostic application, it is likely that there are many people who have tried applications such as Battery Care and applications such as battery life and tried it.

However, even if such a battery diagnostic application gives figures of 80% or less, when actually going to AppleStore and examining the deterioration situation of the battery with Apple's diagnostic program, a numerical value of 80% or more appears , The fact that it is often heard that it did not meet the condition of exchange for free is the fact.

Below 80% of the battery status is the result of Apple 's diagnostic program to the last. No matter how much such a third party diagnostic application cuts 80% it makes no sense.

Meanwhile, the item that can diagnose the battery is added in the app of Apple support, so I would like to introduce it.
If it is this diagnosis, it is accurate because it is Apple official.

If you are concerned about the deterioration of the battery and are considering the exchange, how about trying this diagnosis once?

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Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?

● Battery diagnostic method using Apple support application ●
Well then, I will introduce a method to perform battery diagnosis from here.

1. Download applicationIf you do not download the Apple Support application, first download the application to the iPhone and install it.

2. Open the applicationWhen you launch the application, you will be prompted for AppleID so please input and sign in.

As it comes to the next screen, the screen will be displayed with the word "Welcome" so tap "skip" in the upper right or skip to slide to the side to continue reading " Let's proceed to the screen "Look for a solution."3. Find the best solutionWhen this screen is displayed, tap "Start" at the bottom of the screen. A popup of location information usage permission appears. Optionally tap permission.

4. Select the iPhone you want to diagnoseOn the next screen, a list of "customer's products" is displayed and the iPhone you are using should be displayed.

Tap the iPhone where you want to diagnose the battery here.
Then, as you use the iPhone, items in troubled trouble situations are roughly divided and listed.
Since the item "battery, power supply, and charge" appears, tap there.

5, Battery requires repairWhen "Battery, power supply, and charge" is selected, various failure conditions related to the item are listed.
Let's scroll to the bottom. The item "The battery needs repair" appears.

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Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?

6. Diagnosis executionWhen you tap "Requires repair by battery", you will be taken to a screen asking whether hardware diagnosis is performed or not, so select "Run diagnosis".

As soon as the terms of use are displayed, tap "Continue" in the upper right corner and select "I agree". Because it will be in a waiting situation, wait as it is.

7. Run Mobile Resource InspectorAfter waiting, "Running Mobile Resource Inspector" is displayed. Loading takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute. When you finish, you will switch to "All tests completed", so tap "Complete" in the upper left corner.

In the upper right there is a display called "history". This means that you can see the history of the Mobile Resource Inspector.

In addition to the capacity of the battery, this mobile resource inspector says that whether the function such as ApplePay, TouchID, Wi - Fi, camera, sensor etc is functioning normally is taken as data It is a thing.

8. Hardware diagnosisBy tapping "Complete" explained above, hardware diagnosis will start at last. "Hardware diagnosis" "Diagnosis in progress" is displayed on the screen.

9. Support optionsWhen the diagnosis is completed, the screen changes and it becomes the screen of support option.
Battery diagnosis of this Apple support application, unfortunately the results are not displayed.

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Is iPhone battery diagnosis possible from the official application?

So, if you want to know the result of diagnosis, you need to tap the "Set up a phone now" section on the support option screen. However, since you can know the deterioration situation of your iPhone's battery with this, you can see how much degradation is progressing and whether it is necessary to exchange, so please try by all means.

● Summary ●
That is the battery diagnosis method using the Apple support application.

When doing battery exchange free of charge at AppleStore, because there is a condition of 80% or less, I thought that there were many ways to grasp the indication of deterioration situation by using informal diagnostic application I will.

Of course, it was still possible to diagnose with the web version of Apple Support.
However, here, it was a bit of a troublesome way to not start diagnosis of the battery unless you enter the serial number or ask the support person for diagnosis.

So, everyone was using informal apps. However, the result of this application is not necessarily the same as the diagnostic program done at Apple, but rather it tends to have many different values ??in many cases, so at this stage it is a situation where you can not swallow.

Appears inside such, battery diagnosis in the Apple support application. This is also a nice aspect for users as it makes it easier to perform diagnosis compared with the diagnostic method in the above web version.

Unfortunately, the diagnosis result is not displayed and it is a telephone to confirm, but for those who are considering replacing the battery, this method will be useful.

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