What is imidapepide?

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Imidapepide is the ingredient which various animals originally have in the body.
There are many parts of the animal's most overuse, and we support it so that the body does not get frayed.
For example, in the case of migratory birds to change the place to travel long distances for each season, such as on a no land sea will move to continue flying the earnestly long distances without rest the wings.
It seems that a lot of imidapepides are contained in the root part of migratory bird feathers.
In the case of fish such as tuna, bonito, it seems that a lot of imidapepides are contained in the tail part.

Imidapepides are also present in our human beings.
What parts of human beings are included in which part?
It is said to be around the brain and skeletal muscle.
The imidapepeptide supports us so that our body will not be lost.
However, with the aging power to generate this imidapeptide also weakens.
Imidapepids can be taken by meals.
Since it is contained in many meat especially, if you feel tired, you should actively eat meat.
But as we get older, the opportunities to actively eat meat will decrease.
For this reason, imidapepeptide is lacking extra.
Recommended daily intake is 200 mg? 400 mg.
Therefore, it is necessary not only when feeling tired but also consciously taking it everyday.

Recently, supplements of imidapepide have also been on sale, and if it can be ingested easily, it is also introduced in television, newspaper and so on.

1) Effect of Imidapepide
2) Food containing Imidapepide
3) Side effects and caveats
4) supplement
5) High content supplements
6) Imidazole peptide
7) Japan preventive medicine
8) Supplement for Japan preventive medicine
9) Naturle imidopeptide
10) Difference from nutritional drinks
11) Imida's power
12) AIG Em imidazole dipeptide
13) Unfer Concentrated Garlic × Imidapepidile
14) Imidazole dipeptide EX
15) Locomore
16) Fuya 's imidazole dipeptide
17) About preventive effect
18) How to ingest efficiently from food
19) About Supplies

Effect of Imidapepide

Imidapepes with several effects.
A typical effect of imidapepeptide is "anti-fatigue effect".
When we incorporate imidapepides in our body, it first breaks down into two amino acids.
Then, it reaches the part where active oxygen accumulates fatigue accumulated, and the decomposed components are recombined to become imida peptides.
The imidapepeptide removes active oxygen and prevents cells from being oxidized.

The reason that the imidapepide is resynthesized in a portion that feels tired is because there are many imida peptidic enzymes there.
In this way the imidapepeptide acts on the pinpoint of the body and effectively removes fatigue.
It is also attractive that you can demonstrate effects little by little once it has been disassembled and resynthesized.
It is a component that has a characteristic that you can not care for over a long period of time.

There are other effects of imidapepides.

  • ・ Anti-aging effect.
  • ・ Improvement in exercise capacity.
  • ・ Increase concentration.
  • ・ Aging prevention effect.
  • ・ Prevent aging of the skin.
  • ・ Prevention of arteriosclerosis.
  • ・ Improve the working of the brain.

Prevention of lifestyle diseases.
Improvement in sleep disorders.

  • ・ Preventive effect of dementia.

It seems that there is an effect to prevent dementia in the component called carnosine contained in imidapepide.

I will talk about the timing of drinking as an effective method of ingestion when supplementing supplements with imidapeps.
The most effective way to take effect is to take it after exercise or just after exiting excessive tension.
Or take it after every meal where the body is in the condition that it is most easy to absorb the ingredient as a nutrient.

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Food containing Imidapepide

For those who want to take imidapope properly from foods, I will introduce foods that contain imidapepids.
Let's take it thoroughly from everyday meals.

The first place is "chicken".
The ingredient carnosine contained in the imidapepidine is contained in chicken a lot.
Since chicken has abundant protein and less fat, it is effective for increasing muscle strength.
Among chicken meat especially "meat" contains the most imidapepide.

The second place is "tuna".
Tuna as a migratory fish swims swiftly in the sea while moving the tail fin.
As a result, there are a lot of imidapepides in the tail portion of the tuna.
Tuna is effective for making blood, it is effective also for prevention of anemia, recovery of fatigue and both effects can be obtained.
As bonito is also a migratory fish, imidapepide is abundant.

The third place is "whale".
The whale contains barenin as a component of amino acids.
There are also abundant imidapepides in whales, but there are drawbacks that they can not be eaten frequently because it is difficult to obtain them as foodstuffs.

Fourth place is "beef", "pork".
Not as much as chicken, these meats also contain carnosine.
I think that excess fat of meat is also used for the body without taking too much fat if you use it while also taking care of the cooking method such as dropping it.

The fifth place is "meat of sheep".
Sheep meat has habit.
However, since imidapepides are contained a lot, I think that you should eat when you want to recover from fatigue.

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Side effects and caveats

There are uses of supplements as a way to easily take imidapepide.
But is there no side effect caused by drinking supplements?
I think that everyone is anxious about side effects because it keeps drinking every day.
Imidapepides are ingredients originally found in our body.
So even if you take an imidapepeptide supplement, there are no side effects.
But imidapepid is taken from chicken etc, so I think that it is better to stop people who are allergic to the animal's meat.
In addition, in the case of supplements, I think that ingredients are compounded in addition to imidapeps.
There is no problem with imidapepe, but it is necessary to confirm that there are no problems with other ingredients contained together.
Normally, safety verification is also done in clinical trials, so I do not think there is worry about side effects.

People who tried Imida Peptide but who did not show a good effect on your body, please pay attention to the following points.

  • ・ Is the amount of intake per day too small?

It is said that you can not feel the correct effect of imidapepe unless we take more than 200 mg per day.
If you are eating but not effective, please check the amount.

Is not it an imidapepidide containing chicken extract?
If the chicken extract containing Imida Peptide is 200 mg, it will be less than 200 mg if the chicken extract content is deducted.
Let's check the ingredient display properly.

  • ・ Are you drinking every day?

The correct effect can be obtained by taking more than 200 mg daily on a daily basis.
Only when I feel tired, I think that it will not be effective if you take it occasionally.

People who do not have much effect of imidapepe, please take this point and take it again.

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A supplement is recommended for those who say that it is difficult to continue taking imidapepidos only from a meal everyday.
With supplements, you can easily take necessary nutrients continuously every day.
Many supplements of imidapepides are also on sale.
I will introduce points on how to choose a supplement of imidapepide.

Confirm raw materials.
It is imidapeptide derived from chicken that knows it is effective for fatigue recovery.
Let's choose raw materials that use chicken-derived imidapepide.

Check additives.
Because imidapepside is susceptible to oxygen, water, etc., it has many unique additives such as fragrance and sweetener because of its unique smell.
Therefore, when choosing a supplement, please make sure of the amount of additives and the additives contained.
Let's choose good ones for less additives as it is taken every day.

Confirm ingredients and nutrients contained in other than imidapepid.
We recommend that you take ingredients that change carbohydrates and lipids such as vitamins B1 and B2 into energy.
Let's see what ingredients are in it.

Confirm the content.
Instead of judging just how much imidapepeptide is contained at price, let's choose what contains imidapepes firmly.

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High content supplements

In order to choose a supplement with a high content of imidapepide, I will introduce a recommended imidapopeptide supplement.
Depending on the supplement, there is a big difference in the content of imidapepeptide.
Since we can not get effects unless we take more than 200 mg a day, we will introduce the popular products that are over 200 mg.

The first is "imidazole peptide" which is released from DHC famous for health food.
The amount of imidapepide contained here is 225 mg of 1st place in Dantotsu.
Looking at only the amount of useful ingredients, the supplement of DHC will be better than the supplements of other companies.
Furthermore, imidazole peptide of DHC has high cost performance and it is optimal to keep it every day.
DHC supplements also have the merit of being able to buy it at a drugstore, convenience store and so on.
It is a casual stop, so it's easy to get it, you can buy it as soon as it is gone, you have the merit of being able to continue every day.

The second item is "Imidapepide" released from Japan preventive medicine.
The content of imidapeptide contained in the supplement is 200 mg.
You can take the necessary amount per day.
First of all, we recommend supplements of Japan preventive medicine to people who would like to try imadapepides.
If you use the trial set, you can try it at a cheap price of 980 yen.

The third item is "Nature imidapeptide" which is released from Nature.
The content of imidapeptide contained in the supplement is 200 mg.
It is a supplement containing active vitamins B1, B2.

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Imidazole peptide

Among a lot of imidapepidos supplements, the product ranked in popularity ranking number one is DHC's "imidazole peptide".
It is a supplement containing the imidazole dipeptide of interest as a countermeasure against hepatitis also taken up in television and magazines.
Moreover, the content is 225 mg and it is attractive that it is larger than other supplements of imidapepes.
In addition to coenzyme Q10, vitamin C, octacosanol, etc. are also included as a support component for recovery of energy.
Recommended for people who want to recover their tired body clearly, people who want to revitalize themselves, who do not motivate, people who have become more sitting down.
It is such a supplement that can escape from everything that is strange.
The price is also conscientious, 30 days for one bag, regular price is 3,850 yen (tax excluded) and it is inexpensive and superior in cost performance compared with other supplements.
Continuing supplements every day can get the right effect.
This supplement is recommended because it keeps going everyday, easy to continue.
It seems that you can feel the effect little by little as you continue drinking about 20 days.

DHC supplements have various benefits when purchasing from the official website of DHC.
Since it is free shipping on purchase of 3,000 yen or more, shipping fee will not be charged.
Points are also collected according to the purchase price.
Points saved can be exchanged for popular items and lucky bags.
There are bulk buying discounts, birthdays monthly benefits, etc., so you can shop at great price.

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Japan preventive medicine

Immediate peptides released by "prevention medicine for Japan" of companies started from Osaka University's medical department.
We tried many studies that wanted to energize the body of a modern person who was tired of both mentally and physically and tried several ingredients and found that imidapopeptide was the most effective ingredient and it turned out to be commercialized.
Based on GMP standards, it is a supplement that is produced under a management system similar to pharmaceutical products.
I think that you can say with confidence.

Since supplements are not medicines, they are foods, so there is no immediate effect on the effect.
It will show its effect by keeping drinking every day.
Since supplements do not contain alcohol, caffeine, etc., it is possible to drink even before going to bed.
Please drink every day and spend lively and healthy everyday.

From Japan preventive medicine, many imidapepide products are on sale.

  • ・ "Imida Peptide Premium".
  • ・ "Imidapapeptide soft capsule".
  • ・ "Imida Peptide drink".

Imida Peptide Drink Yogurt Flavor.

  • ・ "Imida Peptide Beverage Nome Flavor".
  • ・ "Imida Peptide Soup".

Imidapepeptide Q10.

Official mail order site is recommended for product purchase.
When purchasing, it is recommended to register customers.
You can purchase items without registering.
However, if you register, you will not have to enter your name, address etc. again when you order next time.
Procedures such as purchase history and changing periodic courses can be easily done.
Points are also given according to purchase price.
The more points you buy, the higher the point grant rate will be ranked up.
Points saved can be used as 1 point 1 yen for shopping after the next time.

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Supplement for Japan preventive medicine

We will introduce the imidapepide related products released from Japan preventive medicine.

Imida Peptide Premium.
We renewed and the imidapepide ingredients were increased to 260 mg.
It is a recommended supplement when it's time to say good-bye.
Approximate daily intake is 4 grains.
It contains 120 grains for about 30 days in a box, and the usual price is 9,450 yen (tax included).
When you make a regular purchase, you get 8, 505 yen (including tax) and 10% off and it is profitable.

Imidapapeptide soft capsule.
So soft capsule so convenient to carry.
Easily ingested at any time during work, on the go or on the go.
Estimated per day Intake is 4 grains? 8 grains.
It contains 120 grains for about 30 days in a box, and the regular price is 7,500 yen (tax included).
When you make a regular purchase, it will be 6,750 yen (including tax) and 10% off and it is profitable.

Imida Peptide drink.
A drink type supplement that reduces body fatigue.
Taste is good with apple juice and honey, so you can take imidapepide deliciously.
Ten pieces in a box, the usual price is 2,680 yen (tax included), 30 pieces entered is 7,500 yen.
When you make a regular purchase, it is 6,750 yen (including tax) and 10% off and it is profitable.
For occasional people who would like to enjoy a different tasting drink, this is recommended.
Imida Peptide drink yogurt flavor, "Imida Peptide drink flavor taste".

Imida Peptide Soup.
Soup that can be revived by eliminating het hehe released in 2016.
It is said that it will be sold out as soon as it is released in popular.

Imidapepeptide Q 10.
It is a pineapple-flavored drink containing 200 g of imidapepide and 100 g of coenzyme Q 10.
Ten pieces in a box, the usual price is 3,380 yen (tax included), 30 pieces entered is 9,450 yen.
It is profitable at 8, 505 yen (tax included) and 10% off when you make a regular purchase.

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Naturle imidopeptide

The imidapepide is blended in high concentration, and the popular supplement is "Nature imidapeptide".
It is recommended for countermeasures such as increase in mature age and older, insufficient physical strength, diminished motivation.
Naturle imidopeptide is easy to carry because it is individually wrapped in 1 package each day, and it is clean.
It is a convenient supplement that you can easily take while you are on the go or on the road.
It is especially recommended for people who feel tired easily, those who feel bored over going out, those who have become confident of themselves.

Naturle imidopeptide contains 200 mg of imidapepide.
Besides fermented citric acid, activated vitamin B1 etc. are contained.
Fermented citric acid is a nutrient known for a long time as effective for hepato control.
As citric acid rich food, there are Umeboshi etc.
Activated vitamin B1 has the function of burning carbohydrates and creating energy.
Active vitamin B1 will stay longer in the body than common vitamin B1 and can sustain the effect for a long time.
It is filled domestically, and it is safe for body as it is not added.

The reason why Nature imidopeptide is popular is excellent ingredients, no addition of safe, domestic filling, clean individual packaging and so on.
Repeat rate is also high.
Naturle imidopeptide contains 15 packages equivalent to 15 days in one box, 5,122 yen (tax included), shipping fee is 600 yen.
When 2 boxes are purchased at the same time, it is 10% OFF, even the postage is free, 9,219 yen (including tax) is very profitable.

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Difference from nutritional drinks

Both the drink type imidapepid and the nutritional drink are to drink to become healthy.
I think that there are many people who think that there is no particular difference.
Actually I think that there are many people who have suffered buying nutrition drinks that are lined up in convenience stores etc. when they get tired and buy a lot.
But imadapape drinks and nutritional drinks are quite different.

Nutrition drink is caffeine and a small amount of alcohol in the drink.
These effects temporarily make fatigue less likely to be felt by these actions, it does not have the effect of removing fatigue.
Meanwhile, drinks with imidapepeptide work to remove the active oxygen which is increased in the body when the imidapepide becomes tired after becoming two kinds of amino acids in the body.
It can also prevent the oxidation of the cell, it shows the effect of caring for fatigue of the body.

Based on the above, if you are drinking to get tired of the body, we recommend imadapepide drink.
A drink type imidapepide can be purchased at a drug store and so on.
Because it does not contain caffeine, alcohol, etc., you can drink without worrying that you can not sleep even before going to bed.

Imadapepide has better effectiveness when it takes a drink type than capsule type etc.
Capsules and so on will take some time to be absorbed by the body as it dissolves out as the ingredients are concentrated.
In that point drink, we can absorb the ingredients as soon as there is no capsule etc. to wrap around.
There is no foreign body feeling when drinking like a capsule, there is also the merit of being easy to drink as it is just drinking an amount of about 30 ml.

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Imida's power

Speaking of Imadapepid 's drink, Japan' s prophylactic medicine Imida Peptide drink is famous.
In addition, I will introduce "Imida's power" as a popular drink containing imida peptides.

It is a drink containing imida peptides that is released from Nippon Ham and contains 500 mg of imidazole dipeptide.
At Nippon Ham, we are conducting research on food ingredients useful for health.
Using the long-standing research, products invented for the runners are "Imida's power".

This drink is a recommended drink for those who wish to spend and stay active everyday.
It is also a favorite drink from athletes.
Taste is also Muscat flavor, it is popular as it is refreshing and easy to drink even before sports.

Imida's power is a drink with many loyal users, especially runners.
It is recommended for those who want to do weekly runs and work hard in the next week, people who want to go out to the tournament and try hard and keep running without dropping the pace.

Imida's power with 500 mg of imidazole dipeptide in one drink is strongly supported from the sports world, and it seems that first class leaders are introducing it to practice.
It is such a drink that supports serious running people.
Indication of Imida's power per day Intake is 1 bottle (50 ml).
The power of Imida has become a set of 5 pieces for about 5 days, and the normal price is 3,000 yen (tax excluded).
When you make a regular purchase, you get 2,700 yen (tax not included) and 10% off, which is profitable.

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AIG Em imidazole dipeptide

The imidazole dipeptide 250 of AIG Em is a supplement that contains 250 mg of Imida Peptide in 2 tablets.
Amidst many ample supplements such as imidapeprides where the indication of ingredients is ambiguous or there are few supplements themselves, this product is dignified.
The products displayed properly can be trusted.
It is something to talk about every day, so I would like to choose products that I can trust with reliability.
The price is slightly higher but I am convinced if you consider the goodness of quality.
Recommended items for those who are looking for a good imidapopeptide supplement.

AIG Em 's "imidazole dipeptide 250" contains 60 grains per bag.
The price is 7,800 yen (tax included).
The imidazole dipeptide that is used is safe from the Nippon Ham Central Research Laboratory.
Carnosine and anserine were extracted from chicken breasts and purified by high purity.
It is a recommended supplement containing high-quality imidapepide at high concentration.

In the word of the person actually drinking, it became possible to drink this supplement and concentration ability got better so that I could be more focused on what I like.
Since there are quite a few effects, it is recommended to continue to use things that are inexpensive and ineffective at only looking at the price, I think that cost performance is good.
Many comments of pleasure have been gathered to high effect, such as wanting to recommend to middle-aged people who have chronic fatigue, which motivated the work to get tired of the body and upgraded work.
The capsule seems to be slightly larger, but it does not seem to be enough to feel drunk.

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Unfer Concentrated Garlic × Imidapepidile

A supplement that was born as a result of product development based on medical care is "enriched garlic × imidapeptide" of an offer.
Stamina supplement that is also used for athletes because it contains imidapepidine as a stamina ingredient.
It is also doubling the power because it also contains 25 times concentrated garlic extract.

Please send me a balanced diet focusing on staple food, main dish, side dish, so please drink this supplement a day.
Each grain contains 20 mg or more of imidazole dipeptide (45 mg as a chicken extract), and 41.5 mg of garlic extract powder is contained.
Please drink without chewing 1 particle per day with water or lukewarm water.
Concentrated garlic × imidapepoxide Le contains 30 grains equivalent to about 30 days in one bag.
Because the price is 1,650 yen (tax included) and it is cheap, I think that it is easy to buy and easy to keep supplement.

In the word of the person actually drinking, when drinking this supplement in advance and running the marathon tournament the next day and running without drinking will realize the effect of the supplement when a large difference appears in the degree of recovery of fatigue It is.
If I drank this supplement and ran a full marathon, I could have less stall in the second half than usual, it is very good to reduce fatigue.
There is no garlic smell.
There are also people who are drinking this supplement when they feel tired, sports a long time spent other than marathon, when they are tired of sleeping, when they feel tired.
It seems that you can be healthy that the degree of recovery of your body is different on the next day.
Although it comes with garlic extract, comments of pleasure are gathered so that body odor and stool will not smell garlic and it is very good.

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Imidazole dipeptide EX

Imidazole dipeptide EX released from biosafe is also a popular imidapepide supplement.
Not only imidazole dipeptide, but also 5 different powerful materials are included in total.
Recommended for those who are looking for Imida Peptide suppliers to become healthy.

Imidazole dipeptide EX uses extract extracted from chicken breast.
Component Enhanced Imidazole Dipeptide EX also contains anserine carnosine.
In addition, L? Citrulline, L? Ornithine, alpha lipoic acid, odorless garlic, vitamin B1, etc. are contained.
L? Citrulline, L? Ornithine inject energy into the body and it makes me healthy.
alpha lipoic acid, odorless garlic, vitamin B1 demonstrates its effect on recovery of fatigue along with imidapep.
It is aimed at strengthening components four times more than the company's conventional products.
It is also attractive to have a large capacity of 90 bags in a bag.
Imidazole dipeptide EX 90 capsules are 1,625 yen (tax included) and are even more free shipping.
I think that it is easy to try because the price is also very cheap.
There are also 60 types of bags in one bag.
If it is 60 capsules, the price is 977 yen (tax included), which is also free shipping.

Estimated per day Intake is 1 grain? 3 grains.
You can take one capsule at a time, and you can drink once a day? Three times.

It is a popular supplement containing 100 mg of imidazole dipeptide extracted from chicken breast.

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The supplement "LOCOMORE" released from Suntory is known as a popular supplement containing imidazole dipeptide.
Locomore's recommendation is to combine cartilage ingredients to demonstrate the effectiveness of your legs.
Imidazole peptides that decrease from our body with age, and glucosamine, chondroitin.
You can take these essential ingredients necessary to keep you spirited every day from one supplement.
That is Suntory 's "Locomore".

It is a product that has won first place in ranking sites on the net as a popular supplement.
I am highly evaluated by word of mouth that it can reduce back pain by taking glucosamine, chondroitin etc.
Lumbar pain, knee pain, rejuvenation, etc. If you drink different supplements, you have to drink a couple of drinks, so it's serious, but if it's LOCOMMOR it's one.
Suntory's products of major manufacturers can also be used with confidence.
Santry's supplement is familiar in TV commercials too.
Among them, the popularity of supplements containing chondroitin is high.
Locomore is a plus imidazole peptide in chondroitin.
It also contains vitamin D, quercetin and others.

Imadapapeptide supplements recommended for elderly people who want to walk vigorously by themselves vigorously forever.
It is a popular item with cumulative sales volume of over 5 million books.
It is a popular item that many people realize the effect of supplements and are repeating.
It seems that customer satisfaction level is 82%, and those who want to continue will be 93%.

Approximate daily intake of Locomore is six grains.
The price is 5,500 yen (tax excluded) with 180 bottles of about 30 days in one bottle.
It is 9,900 yen (tax excluded) including 360 grains for about 60 days.
When you make a regular purchase, it will be 10% OFF and you will get 4,950 yen and 8,910 yen respectively.
It is free shipping.
We also recommend imidapepidase supplements for those who drink for the first time.

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Fuya 's imidazole dipeptide

The popular item ranked in the top rank in the popularity ranking of Imida Peptide supplement is "Fuya's" imidazole dipeptide ".
Rakuten health supplement ranking is the most popular item that ranked in 1st place.
This is supplement containing 84 mg of extract containing imidapepidisu extract.
Estimated per day Intake is 4 tablets, so 4 tablets can contain 336 mg, of which 15% of imidazole dipeptide can be ingested.
One of the big reasons for this popularity is the good price performance.
It contains 120 grains for about 1 month in a bag, and the price is very cheap with 1,200 yen (tax included).
If the mailing cost is also free of charge for mail service it is quite profitable.
Because it is a tablet type, it is easy to carry and it is also recommended for people who are not good at drinking type.

It is a supplement recommended for people who feel tired of the body, those who want to act actively.

Even if you look at the user's reviews, it is cheap as 1,200 yen, so comments on pleasure are gathered that it was easy to try.
There are comments such as comfort that it is easy to drink because it is a tablet type, convenient to reach immediately after ordering, or the message sent with the item is happy.
There are comments which realize the effect when the body becomes less tired easily than before when coming to drink for a while.
There are things that you can swim well as your body does not get tired easily when you drink before swimming.
It is an evaluation to the quickness of correspondence that stands out in the word.
Comments such as items arrive quickly when ordering, packaging is being cleaned, comfortable purchase is coming out that is comfortable.

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About preventive effect

Although it is an imidapepide whose anti-fatigue effect is known as the main effect, it also has various preventive effects.
We can not only cheer fatigued bodies, but also take the following symptoms by taking imidapepes.

Prevention of lifestyle diseases.

  • ・ Prevention of aging.
  • ・ Prevention of dementia.
  • ・ Prevent gout.

If you do stretching and moderate exercise, you can also prevent joint pain, frozen shoulder, etc. by drinking Imidapepide and recovering it.

Imida peptides with antioxidant activity can reduce active oxygen in the body.
Oxygen ingested in the body is used for power to produce energy, and the remaining part becomes active oxygen.
Active oxygen has an effect of attacking cells in the body.
By reducing this active oxygen it is possible to reduce causal factors of lifestyle diseases.
Therefore, it has a preventive effect on lifestyle diseases.
Arteriosclerosis may occur if blood vessels etc are damaged by active oxygen.
In addition, the blood becomes easy to become a muddy.
By taking imidapepides you can lower the risk of getting these diseases.

Furthermore, imidapep- tide also has the effect of reducing lactic acid.
Lactic acid is made in the body by doing intense exercise.
If lactic acid accumulates too much in the body and accumulates in the kidneys, it will cause the function of the kidneys to deteriorate, and uric acid will not be discharged successfully outside the body.
Uric acid is a waste product.
Excessive accumulation of uric acid in the body causes gout.
By taking an imidapepide, it can reduce the uric acid level and reduce the risk of gout, even kidney failure and urinary calculus.
It is said that imidapepeptide has the effect of preventing and improving various diseases like this.

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How to ingest efficiently from food

If you plan on taking imidapepide with your regular meal, chicken, tuna, whale, beef, pork etc. are recommended.
In the case of chicken, onion meat contains more imidapeptide than peach meat.
In the meat, anserine and carnosine are contained at a ratio of 3: 1.
Tuna and bonito often contain anserine in the tail fin to move frequently.
The whale contains imidapepide called barenin.
Beef and pork also contain carnosine of imidapepide.

In order to ingest these efficiently it is necessary to pay attention to recipes etc.
As a characteristic of imidapepide, it has the property that it is easily dissolved in water.
Therefore, sometimes I go out as meat juice while cooking meat.
It is recommended to eat raw raw tuna, bonito etc. with raw fish as it is.
But you can not eat meat raw as it is.

Therefore, "cooked dish" is recommended as the recipe most efficiently ingested.
Even if it melts into a broth such as curry, stew, soup, if it is a dish that also cooks broth, it is no problem.
Some nutrients are vulnerable to heat.
But Imida Peptide is strong against heat so you can overheat it without problems.
I think that you can take it efficiently if you only care that it is easy to dissolve in water.

It is said that power comes out when you eat meat from long ago, but this may be related to the recovery effect of imidapepidose.
Even the same meat seems to contain chicken breast meat twice or three times as much as pork and beef.
Let's actively eat chicken if you feel tired of your body.

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About Supplies

Finally I will talk about a summary of how to effectively drink supplements of imidapepeptide and notes on supplements.

Since supplements are not medicines, basically it is okay to drink anything.
Basically, you can drink a predetermined intake once a day.
Here we will introduce recommended timing to more effectively drink imidapopeptide supplements.

Before exercise ... If you drink about 30 minutes to exercise about 1 hour ago, you can exercise because you can exercise with imidapepid absorbed in your body.
It also makes it harder for your body to get tired.

Before bedtime We recommend you to drink before going to bed, people who want to be energized the next day, those who do not want to carry over tiredness the next day.
While sleeping, the imidapepid is absorbed in the body and it gets up in the next morning fine.
In the case of a person whose stomach tends to be rough, it is recommended after dinner.

After meal ... It is after eating that it is most easy to absorb nutrients in the body.
It is also hard to forget, there is also the merit that you can continue drinking well every day.

Morning ... It is recommended to drink it in the morning in the summer.
It will be prevention of summer and it will support a hot and hard day.

Next is a caveat about supplement.

  • ・ Drink with water, lukewarm water.
  • ・ Continue to drink every day.
  • ・ Because it is not medicine, there is no worry about side effects, please do not overdose.

Sometimes I get sick due to constitution etc.
Always be sure to drink within the range of intake determined.
No matter how good ingredients are overdosed it is not a good thing for the body.
It is said that the daily intake of imidapepid is 200 mg - 400 mg.
Considering chicken breast meat, it is around 100 g as an alternative.

  • ・ Pay attention to food allergies.

It is okay because the imidapepeptide is originally in the human body, but depending on the supplement it may have allergic components in the nutrients contained elsewhere.
People who have allergies to chicken should choose fish based imidapes such as tuna.

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