A thorough explanation of the charm of Ishigaki-jima

Immigration to Ishigakijima

Among those busy in the city center every day I have a longing for the environment that I did not like Ishigakijima and Ishigakijima, and the number of people who wish to immigrate is increasing.
Couples not only Ishigakijima but also mountain forests in Nagano prefecture and the northern part of Gunma prefecture are making a lodging away from the city center, and couples trying self-sufficiency living without increasing their living expenses are increasing.

Some people may be fascinated by the rich natural environment of Ishigakijima and the islands where slow time flows and consider migration to Ishigakijima.
In fact, what kind of problems are there when I migrate to Ishigaki Island? And what kind of preparation is necessary?

There seems to be no case that it costs a lot of money to move to Ishigakijima.
Rather, the cost of living on the island does not cost more than the city center.
For example, owner-occupied houses can live a satisfactory living with about 20 million yen in land in the suburbs of about 100 tsubo.
The house itself may not be big, but because of the richness of the garden and the surrounding nature, it can be said that it is a much richer life spiritually.

If you are looking for nature-centered pleasures for excursion expenses, you will almost not need it.
The park is quite splendid and well equipped. Because there are few population, I am relaxed to do anything.
If you have a car, such as coral reef sea, Bangna park, you can go to sightseeing spot immediately.
It costs less gasoline cost, time, expenses, neither.

However, it is important to go to the island on your own before deciding to move.
With telephone and fax only exchanges, you may be forced to incur unexpected inconvenience when actually immigrating.
You should check the environment, schools, traffic conditions etc thoroughly.

One thing to watch out for is that the car is easy to rust.
Because the sea is near, there is no ginger.
Especially at the lower part of the car body, rust preventive painting will be absolutely indispensable.
I think that used car is good ・ ・ ・.

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Daily life of Ishigakijima

Many people worry about the inconvenience of the island life when thinking about migrating to Ishigakijima.
Let's take a peek into what it's like on the actual island life.

There seems to be a disadvantage such as the fact that there are few articles and the vegetables are high.
However, everyday sundries, clothing, books, etc. can be purchased through online shopping etc. However, it often takes a remote island fare etc. at actual costs, so it does not seem to be easy to ask for a small amount.

Ishigakijima may have an image of a remote boundary, among other remote islands, but in reality, it can be said that life in Ishigaki Island is almost the same as the mainland. It can be said that food is somewhat expensive, as it comes from the mainland. However, since marine products can be fresh in the sea near Ishigaki Island, the price is also cheap and fresh. In fact, fish such as coral reefs, etc. are lined up in supermarkets as colorful fish as they are a little surprised. These can be called unique ingredients of Ishigakijima. If you go to Ishigaki-jima, it might be fun to look into the local supermarket. From early summer to late summer, bonito and tuna can be taken. For that reason, cheap and fresh items line up in the shop and appetite intensifies.

Vegetables are somewhat elevated, compared to fresh, relatively inexpensive fish, rich in variety. Especially after the typhoon it is expected to rise considerably. There are farmers who make island vegetables at home garden etc. There seems to be selling in suburban blue sky city etc etc.

Also, apart from the general merchandise, others are also difficult to obtain, but recently it is not different from the mainland because the net and mail order are thriving. Nonetheless, it is a matter of trouble that the delivery fee becomes expensive.

However, in the case of Ishigakijima, the majority of clothing is summer. We can sleep between April and November throughout the year. Some people say that during this time, you do not need to be careful about fashionably. On the other hand, it seems that interest in fashion increases in winter.

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Agriculture and livestock industry in Ishigakijima

Ishigakijima has a very warm climate with the lowest temperature around 15 degrees even in January in winter. Agriculture is very popular as we can harvest vegetables and fruits such as Tangkan and Ukon, papaya and star fruits during the winter season. Conversely, from July to August there is a very hot day and crops are rarely harvested.

Ishigaki-jima is mountainous on the north side, plains spread on the south side, agriculture and livestock industry are thriving. Agriculture in Ishigakijima is seen from the view of production, such as sugar cane 1.6 billion yen, leaf tobacco 1 billion yen, rice US 400 million yen, pine 300 million yen, etc. However, the transaction volume of cattle, especially Kuroge Wagyu, is surprising since it is over 4 billion yen.

Indeed, in Ishigakijima, 2.5 thousand to 30 thousand cattle are raised, but only at the time of calves are raised on Ishigaki Island, and most of them are shipped to all over the country at 8 months I will continue. Therefore, most of the breeds raised on Ishigaki is a cow to produce calves, not for meat. Some of the cows that we eat saying Matsuzaka beef, Kobe beef, etc. may mean that there are some cattle that were growing up in Ishigaki Island during the calf era. Currently, Ishigakijima is planning to sell it as a cow of the Ishigakijima brand.

When you visit Ishigaki-jima, there are lots of delicious steakhouse shops. Delicious thing of meat that will bake in front of you! Please drop by, by all means.

Agriculture is famous for sugarcane. Sugar cane cuts the stem part about 20 cm long and plantes it in the field. Then the sprout comes out and grows, the part of the stem grows, but in winter a white flower like Susuki comes out. In this way, growth stops and the sugar content rises, and it is about to be harvested. In the middle of the year, mid December to April is the harvest season, farmers will be busy.

In addition, the production of leaf tobacco is also thriving. Leaf tobacco is a brand material such as various cigarette brands, for example, Seven Star.

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Climate of Ishigakijima

The concern in Ishigaki Island is disasters such as weather. Typhoon damage is very large so that it will be annually news. In the mid-summer, the temperature rises to nearly 32 degrees and it is close to 29 degrees even at night when the sunset. Compared to other Japanese areas, I feel it is lower than I thought.

What is the weather like in Ishigakijima?
Of course, compared with the mainland Japan, it is certainly warm, but it will be cold again in January. Unfortunately, even Ishigaki Island can not swim through all the year.

From January to February, cold days continue on Ishigakijima. I feel a little warm life in Kotatsu at Ishigakijima, I feel unlikely to imagine. However, is it the influence of global warming, recently it seems unlikely that the lowest temperature will be below 13 degrees.

In March and April, the weather will be hot in long sleeves. Due to the influence of the seasonal wind, the sea becomes rough. The weather is also unstable and tends to cloud. It will be hot like sunny days, as it is early summer, so this season it will soon be about to enter the sea if you put up a little. However, because the water temperature of the sea is still 23 degrees, it may be better to wait a little more time to swim.

The Golden Week in May, June seems to be already summer. Because the ocean will become warmer, the real swimming season is almost time to go. The rainy season starts from the end of the Golden Week. Until the middle of June, a lot of rain falls. Actually, that way is better than I imagined. It is a feeling that heavy rain falls for about 1 hour, and a fine sun appears. Full-fledged summer sky is from late June.

The weather will also stabilize in the first half of July. There are few typhoons. It will be very hot during the day, but it will be easier to spend in the evening.

In August, the temperature is not that much, but the direct sun is intense, so it is very hot. Enjoy a nap slowly during the day, activity starts after the night has cooled. A big typhoon will increase from late August to September.

Because we will cool down in the morning and evening in the second half in September, physical condition management is important. There are days when you feel chilly.

In October, if the typhoon does not come, the ocean is stable and the weather is relatively easy to spend.

In November, the north wind blows. It is not impossible to swim yet, but almost everyone else will be sparse. In November, the climate of the winter style will gradually increase and long sleeves are necessary.

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The sea where manta can be seen

Diving is also the biggest attraction in Ishigakijima. You can go to see Manta at numerous diving shops and see the beautiful appearance of sand and fish swimming. This manta is a kind of rays that is very popular in the elegant swimming in Spanish meaning big like a blanket.

The sea of ??Ishigakijima is also famous as the sea where manta can be seen.
Although it is often called manta, it is officially called "onite mackerel". The English name is "Manta Ray". It belongs to the Epiaceae, Epiaceae, It is said to be the world's biggest Eye. When it becomes big, it is said that the width of the body will be 8 meters and the weight will reach 3 tons, so it is a delightful scene to see this manta swimming in the ocean as it swims It will be.
Manta swims the very surface of the tropical ocean. It is said that you are eating plankton while swimming, but in fact, we do not know about the detailed ecology of manta. In addition to diving, there are places where you can see Manta in some aquariums.

Manta inhabits tropical and subtropical waters around the world. I often see it around coral reefs in particular. It seems that you are usually swimming on the surface of the open ocean, but you may also see it in the coastal area. In the waters around Japan, the surrounding seas around Ishigaki Island is a great spot to see Manta.

Manta with a huge body is said to be the largest size among fish. In fact, the size of the onite mackerel is generally expressed by the width of the pectoral fin, that is, the width of the body. It does not seem to be from the head to the end of the tail. The average individual is said to be 3 meters to 5 meters.

Manta is a popular person of divers. She is quiet and curious. It is convenient. There are places where the population density is high, and even those who do not have much diving experience are not dreams of enjoying big manta and swimming underwater.

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Awamori is recommended for Ishigakijima's souvenir

Ishigakijima is famous for bean oil. Food is a rice oil with a thought of medicine taken in it, such as those with capsicum and turmeric and rice oil trying for peppers in the island. In addition to food, the guardian shrine called Shisa, an ancient lion is regarded as a prototype, is also famous as a souvenir.

When I go to Ishigaki Island, what kind of souvenirs are there? If I enjoyed plenty on the island, I would like to give it a little bit of happy memories to my family and friends. , Let's introduce the recommended ones.

For example, how about "awamori"? It may be a bit heavy, but it may be a perfect souvenir for drinkers who like alcohol. There are also systems such as home delivery, so it may be good to have them sent home.

Awamori (awamori) is distilled liquor made from rice. It is made by distilling the mash which is fermented by black koji. Black koji is rice koji using black koji mold. Awamori is one of Okinawa's famous special products. Originally the rice itself is different from sake. How, I use Indica rice. Crushed rice mainly from Thailand is used. Especially, those stored for three years or more are called old sake. By the way, we read old sake as "Coos".
Awamori was also manufactured in the Amami District of Kagoshima Prefecture before the war. However, we are stopping production now, so it can be said that this is a unique product unique to Okinawa. In addition, only those made in Okinawa can attach the trademarks of authentic Awamori and Ryukyu Awamori.

Recently, in the recent health boom, what has been processed as a by-product of awamori as a by-product, sake cake is popular as "moromi vinegar". There is also a special awamori shop in Ishigakijima, so why not come and souvenir?

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Ishigakijima Eco Tour

On Ishigaki Island, you can do a lot of wonderful experiences that you can not experience in the mainland. For example, there are paraglider flights that you can fly with instructors. The wonderful coral reefs of Ishigaki-jima seen from the sky and the view of the sea are worthy of excitement. The cost seems to be approximately 10,000 yen.

Ishigakijima is surrounded by wonderful nature. Dive in the beautiful sea and strike a fresh seafood dish! Even this alone is enough, although it is worth visiting Ishigaki-jima ... I will feel a waste to end just by that. Eco tours are also popular in Ishigaki Island among recent Eco booms.

For example, a family with a small child, an elderly person who is not confident in physical strength, a person who is slightly resistant to enter the sea, a plan to do nature observation trekking and bird watching for such people It is done. There is also a tour with guides that slowly go around the coral reef sea and the subtropical forest of mangrove, explore Yaeyama culture and nature, and explain people's unchanged lives. Besides that, while tapping on easy trips to the sea, you can go around the beach and have a beach tour.

In addition, it is called Ishigaki-jima-itchi tour and there are tours that will introduce the charm of the island around the main sightseeing spots. In this way individuals who visit Ishigakijima can enjoy the charm of the island without wasting time. Recently popular is a canoe experience by a guide from a local hometown. We are going to guide you while slowly descending the Miyaragawa river where mangroves grow.
There are also paragliding sightseeing which you can experience with an instructor with two people. Cave exploration is also planned for small children.

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Sea manners around Ishigaki-jima Island

There is a snorkel in a very popular activity. This snorkel you can enjoy from beginners to veterans can fully enjoy the sea around Ishigakijima such as Taketomijima, Phantom Island, Kuroshima, etc. Also snorkel can be enjoyed even by young children.

Limited schedule ... ・ Limited budget? ... I think that there are many people thinking that they would like to enjoy Ishigakijima quite well. However, it is important to take good care and enjoy carefully not to know the wonderful nature of Ishigakijima, especially the sea, and never destroy it.

The Yaeyama Islands with Ishigaki Island has a very beautiful sea surrounded by coral reefs. Cobalt blue, marine blue, emerald green ... depending on the weather, we will entertain us in various colors due to the flow of the tide. Even just looking at it from outside, it is such a wonderful ocean, but among them is its appealing full mark. There are colorful coral reefs and various creatures living around them. Snorkel is good for enjoying their appearance. Please try by all means in addition to swimming.

However, there are things that have become very problem these days. That means that while you are in the sea, you are hurting the creatures of the sea unknowingly. It is also true that coral reefs are sore. When humans enter the sea, it is important to peep into the inside with the feeling that "get them to go". It is not permissible to threaten the lives of sea creatures.

Nobody is deliberately trying to break the ecosystem. But being ignorant is horrible. A little manners when entering the ocean ... It is something you enjoy enjoying the leisure of the seas, knowing how to be an earthling man.

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An era that was called the Kingdom of the Ryukyus

The area around Ishigakijima was once called the Kingdom of the Ryukyus. This Ryukyu Kingdom regarded as unified in 1429 has a unique culture due to influence such as Ryukyu music, Ryukyu lacquerware, martial arts etc. not only in China but also trade with South East Asia such as Korea, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

Ishigakijima is included in Okinawa Prefecture. Okinawa has reached today through a very complicated history. Originally Okinawa was called by the mainland side of Japan against the name "Ryukyusu". After Ryukyu was disposed of, it was revised from "Ryukyusu" to "Okinawa" to clarify that it is the territory of Japan.

In China, Okinawa has long been called "the Great Ryukyus", and Taiwan is called "the small Ryukyus". For that reason, in the record of historical records, for example, we often confused them.

In the biography Kanzaku "Tang Yamato Uehara Densaku", the name "Aki Nana" comes out. This is probably the first word of Okinawa. When the Ryukyus was disposed of, the Kingdom of the Ryukyus was destroyed, and Okinawa Prefecture was to be placed instead. And "Okinawa" was to be officially adopted. By the way, people in Okinawa use the word "Uchinar". This is a conversion of "Okinawa". It seems that it refers mainly to the main island of Okinawa.

If you visit Okinawa, you may have a chance to see Ryukyu dance.
The origin of the Ryukyu dance is said to be "crown ship dance" which was a court dance to welcome the sealed seal from China. All were danced by only the younger brothers of the nobility. Classical dance is a nickname used to distinguish court dance from dance after Meiji era. Classical dances include elderly dancing, young dancing, two-year dancing, women's dance, battle dance and so on.
You may enjoy enjoying the sea at Ishigakijima and enjoying Ryukyu dance while eating delicious food.

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Attractions in Ishigakijima

Diving is very popular in Ishigakijima. The area is divided into three areas, but the occurrence rate of manta is very high around Kawahira, so the diver will rush from spring to autumn. But Ishigaki Island has not only such sea tourism but also other pleasures.

If you visit Ishigaki-jima, let's give sightseeing spots you want to see. Please check the position etc. firmly, please enjoy the charm thoroughly. The charm of the island is not all in the sea. A glimpse of the island's life with knowledge of various backgrounds will make your impression even deeper.

What is the sightseeing spot, historic sites, attractions of Ishigaki-jima IslandFirst of all, how about visiting "Koshihaki High Memorial Hall"? Furthermore, "Ishigakijima Observatory" is also popular. "Kawahira bay" is a scenic spot that can not be missed. This bay is designated as the scenic spot of the country as "Kawahira Bay and Omigotake". The same is true for "Omigidake". This mountain is also known as a mountain of faith. It may be nice to try a mountain with a slightly subtle feeling.
Also, "Noguchi marpe" "Shiraho coral reef" "Hirakubozaki" is also good. Ishigakijima coral reef is one of the best in Japan. People who are a little bit of diving, please enjoy the beauty and vividness by all means by sightseeing glass boat. Also, it is a thought to enjoy the garden moistly in "Mr. Miyara" inside. Here, the building is designated as an important cultural asset of the country, the garden is designated as the scenic spot of the country.
Also, if you are interested in history, please visit the "Tango Tomb". In addition, "Ishigaki municipal Yaeyama museum" and "Oyake Akahachi monument" will certainly be good studies.
Also, "Furst Original Heritage" also tickles historical interests. This is designated as a national historic site. It is said that it is a castle tomb of Oyaque Akahachi. Likewise, "Sakishima Islands Firebase Sheng", that is, "Hirakubo farimae" and "Kawahira Fire Sakamori" are also designated as historical sites of the country.

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A monument of Oyake Akahachi

There are various historical spots in Ishigakijima including the full-fledged ruins designated as a national historic site, the Sakishima archipelagosaro, and the Miyara dono which is also designated as an important cultural property of the country. Ishigaki Municipal Yaeyama Museum etc. can also take in historical sites and history.

The sea is wonderful, and the coral reef is magnificent Ishigaki-jima Island. There are also many interesting historical sites such as the Tangjin grave. Other, although it is slightly different, the sightseeing spot which can be said to be a well-known, well-known place is the "monument of Oyake Akachi".

Is this monument, what exactly is it?

Before that, you guys know "Ultraman" that is too famous as a special effects program, right? The monster "Red King" that appears in Ultraman is actually said that "Oyake Akahachi" is the origin of its name. Tetsuo Kaneshiro was from Okinawa Prefecture who was in charge of the script. He seems to think that Ultraman suffering from the caught between aliens and the alien resembles Okinawa's position.

In that kanji, that "Oyake Akachi" is written as "Rayoni red bee" or "Daigaya red bee". He was a clan who used Ohama Village of Ishigakijima of the Yaeyama Islands Ishigakijima, the current Ishigaki City Ohama as its base. Actively at the end of the 15th century, also known as "Honghawara". In Kanji, we write "Kei Mukawa", "Horikawa Hara", or "Houkawa tile".

Oyaque akahachi was born in Haterumajima. He seems to have been famous for being a jiyu since early childhood. After that, I crossed the sea and went to Ishigakijima. And he settled in Ohama village of Ishigaki Island. And expanded the scope of influence as a dominant clan in Ishigakijima.
It is said that the sister of the clan of Ishigaki village was made a wife, and that group and a brother-in-law were entrusted. However, conflicts with Mr. Yuuto Nakasone 's master of the Miyako Islands, which caused the Shuri no king of the Shuri to intervene. It developed into a battle that this turned the flag against the Shuri king. This turbulence is called a disturbance of Oyaque akahachi. In this fight he was defeated by 3,000 conquest forces sent out by Wang also. He said that he was taken down.

In Ishigaki-jima there remains a trace that is said to be the castle tower of Oyake Akachi, "Furst original heritage".

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Ishigakijima on the stage of movie Mothra 2

Ishigakijima has appeared in the novel called Okuda Hideaki's southbound centering on the legend of Oyakeakeikahachi. Ishigakijima is also set in the work of Ishigakijima's novelist Nobuyuki Ikegami's Baga Jima Nubanas, Kazimaya. Vagazine Manepanas is a cartoonization.

Ishigakijima is also the stage of the movie. The representative thing is "Mothra 2 The Great Battle of the Seafloor". This movie was released on December 13, 1997. It is the second series of Heisei mothra series. Toho is produced and distributed by Toho movie. The screening time is 100 minutes. Koichi Kawakita was involved as director of special skill by Kunio Miyoshi. Appearances are Kobayashi Megumi, Yamaguchi Sayaka, Hanano Aki, Mitsuru Hikari, Shimada Masaki, Okutake Masaki, Okuno Atsushi, Okayama Atsushi, Okayama Masako, Konno Misako, Hosokawa Fumie, Sato Masahiro, Noba Maho.

As for what kind of story, one day, a story begins with a strange creature appearing in the sea of ??Okinawa. It was a creature that could imagine the onihide. It caused the fisherman to be injured with venom and it spread all over Japan in the blink of an eye. It was a precursor to the resurrection of the monster called Dagara in the creation of this creature. Dagara is an ancient civilization of the legendary Niraikanai created as a biological purification system to solve environmental pollution. However, it got runaway, and it became a cause to cause Niraikanai to ruin as a result.

And the place where Elias sisters caught the earth and came towards it was Ishigakijima. On Ishigakijima where they headed, the small creatures from Niraikanai, Gogo, had haunted. There was a poacher from the mainland who realized that there was a treasure from the decorative ring of that gogo tail. There were also local girls who protected the gogo.

Elias sisters who headed to Ishigaki Island got together with the local girls, while the black fairy Berbera conflicting with the sisters got together and the poachers went to the sea, respectively.

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For sightseeing in the evening Ishigakijima Observatory

There is a wonderful observation spot that you can enjoy at night on Ishigakijima. That is celestial observation. Of course, it depends on the season depending on the season as well as during the day, but it can be observed though it is a reservation system for approximately 22 o'clock. It is an astronomical observatory where research observations are carried out at night at a wonderful facility.

Ishigakijima is sometimes called a remote island and it is suitable for observation of stars because the air is clear. On this island, the latest astronomical observatory called Ishigakijima Observatory is set up.

Ishigakijima Observatory operates in cooperation with the National Astronomical Observatory of Natural Sciences, Ishigaki City, Ishigaki City Board of Education, NPO Yaeyama Star Association, and Okinawa Prefectural Ishigaki Juvenile Nature House in cooperation.

Since day tours are free, you may want to stop by. Astronomical observation sessions are held at night.

Further observations are being conducted at midnight, but what kind of research observations are being done here?

The main research is observation of astronomical objects in the solar system such as planets, comets, and asteroids. Furthermore, incident burst phenomena observation is also done. Unexpected celestial phenomenon observation is what we observe immediately when we receive notification such as discovering supernovae, nova, gamma ray burst etc.
Currently (November 2007), the monthly exploration plan by "KAGUYA" is being advanced. The observation work such as checking the position of the prospecting machine is done at midnight.

It is 105 cm optical and infrared reflecting telescope installed in Ishigakijima Observatory. It is familiar with the nickname "Muri Shashi". This means "a group of stars" in the Okinawa dialect. That is, "Subaru ... Pleiades cluster".

The location is the following address:〒 907-0024 Okinawa Prefecture Ishigaki-shi Shinkawa (Awaku) 1024-1Facilities are open to the general public. There are also astronomical observation sessions by prior application.

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Historic site of Ishigaki-jima Visit the Tombs tomb

The administration of the royal government was done in Ishigakijima.
Because conditions such as location are in place, there are close relations with China, etc. It seems that the distinctive history and culture can be said to be characteristic as well. You can interact with its history through Ishigakijima's literature, religion, historical sites and so on.

Ishigakijima is famous for its wonderful sea and coral reef.
But it is certainly an attractive island for those interested in history.

One of historic sites that tickles history lovers' hearts is the Tangjin grave.

The Tangda Tomb is a graveyard built for the memorial of the Chinese struggles. Located in Kannosaki, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture. It is this tomb that was built in 1971 (Showa 46) in the year 2000 (1852) of the Robert Baun incident, due to the memorial service of the Chinese affliction.

I am struggling reads as "Kurito". It is a nickname that refers to simple workers of Asian origin, mainly Chinese and Indian, workers who do not have a job in hand.

So why did the Chinese die?

In Yanfeng 2nd year (1852), America's hardship trade vessel was sailing from China Xiamen to California State. This stern trade ship called Robert Bow. A riot occurred on the ship triggered by captain's abuse of painfulness.

The ship stranded at the offshore of Sakigote village of Ishigakijima on February 19. At this time, 380 Chinese struggles landed, but Yaeyama officials who do not know the situation housed them in the camp. The camp was built in Akasaki in Sakieda village. After that, it was transferred to Tomizaki which was easy to monitor.

However, after that, two British vessels who received reports that the bouncations were stranded arrived at Ishigaki Island. And she bombed the camp in Tomisaki. In addition, more than 200 armed soldiers landed and shot and caught the struggle escaped. This is in March. After that, another American ship arrived in April. The Chinese who escaped captivity were protected by the Ryukyu Kingdom. However, sanitation of the camp was bad there. It is said that 128 deaths, suicide, or missing Chinese have reached 128 people.

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What is the sights of Ishigaki Island?

In Ishigaki-jima, various dialects and words not used in the mainland are used. The Ryukyu language is a generic name of six kinds of dialects such as Amami dialect, Yonaguni dialect which is the dialect of each island, and expression used further by region is different. This is based on historical, religious, ethnic and other such languages, so that the names of plants and the names of people can not be heard in the mainland are often used.

Looking at the numerous lists listed as sightseeing spots, sights and historic sites of Ishigaki-jima, you can find a slightly unique name, "Nogoto Marpe".

What exactly is this "bottomless marble?" The way of reading is "There Ma Pape".
Actually, this basema is the name of the mountain.

It is located at 24 degrees 29 minutes 5 seconds north latitude, 124 degrees 15 minutes 2 seconds east longitude. It belongs to Mt.

In the mountain in Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, the bottomless marpe is sometimes called "Nodome-dake" ... the way of reading is "just there" or "nuisukui" .... Looking at the records of the Meiji era, you can see that "Nusukmayahi mountain" is marked.
In Ishigakijima, the northern part of the island tends to mount, and as it goes to the south, it becomes a flatland towards the sea. This basement maupe is also located in the northern part of Ishigaki-jima Island. It is the source of the Nishihama River.

There are cliffs near the top of the mountain. It has a columnar vertical. Looking from the west, you can see it looking like a person's face. The mountain consists of green volcanic rock and lava. It is said that it is made up of the strata of the Paleogene Eocene. The whole mountain is covered with a plant community called Sudaji. Sudajii is a plant of the genus Pinus of Beechaceae. It is called an alias, Itaji, or Nagaji.

So, where did the name "mapae" come from?

At the foot of the west of this mountain there is a village called Nobiko Village. Yongzheng decade, that is, a village that made a new farmer's name from Kuroshima and Shinjojima in 1732. When the village was newly established, I divided the island into two in Kuroshima by road. And it is said that one of these was forcibly moved to the base. It is said that the name Marpe is coming from the name of a daughter named Marpe, one of the immigrants at this time. She could not forget her lover left in Kuroshima and climbed to Nozakigake. However, it was interrupted by Mt. Mt. Mt. For that reason there is a legend that despair has become a stone at the summit of the mountain.

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Coral reefs in Ishigaki

There are more than 70 types of coral reefs and it can be seen in many warm seas. Many of the coral reefs in Okinawa disappear due to erosion by starfish and so on and the outflow of soil. Under such circumstances Shiraho coral continues the ecosystem which is not threatened by erosion etc.

Ishigakijima is famous for coral reefs. Shiraho coral reef and so on.
But what exactly is coral reef? I do not know and do not know ... Is not that many people like that?

Coral reefs are made by communities of 'reef corals' and are one of the well-developed terrains that often develops on the coast facing the tropical ocean. High temperature seawater is suitable for reef coral breeding. It is high water temperature of 25 ~ 30 ℃. The higher salt concentration is better, it is said to be about 3 to 4%. On the other hand, the water depth is shallow, a beautiful ocean is good, and even if it is deep it is said that a depth of about 30 m is good.

Looking at the sandy beach near the coral reef, it feels somewhat whitish. This is because the coral remains are broken in the sand, broken by the waves, and the animals were caught. In addition to the remains of the coral age, shellfish, sea urchins, dead shells of foraminiferal pests, etc. are deposited on the coast. On the sandy beaches of coral reefs, much of biological origin is contained in sand. Therefore, many are calcareous. Do you know the word "beach lock"? This is the one where the lime of corals and other organisms accumulated, a part of it melted and then solidified again, it became like a hard rock containing fine grains of sand.

Coral reefs are such things that creatures were born in the course of nature's activities over time. Then, the large rock of limestone became coral reef, which is enough to change the topography. On Ishigaki-jima, you can enjoy wonderful coral reefs such as glass boat.

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The best scenic spot in Ishigakijima Kawahira Bay

Diving and snorkeling are great tools that you can see in the ocean, but some people do not have easy access to children and elderly people because they are wet and need knowledge and experience. It is a boat with a glass bottom that allows you to see the ocean floor called a glass boat and you can easily sight of the sea of ??Ishigakijima without getting wet with water.

If you visited Ishigakijima, please go to Kawahira Bay by all means. You can enjoy a wonderful scenery in the early tide of flow.

Kawahira Bay is located in Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, and it corresponds to the northwest part of Ishigaki-jima Island. "Kawahira bay and Mt. Morigidake", was designated as the national scenic spot in September 1997. Omogidake is reading as "fairy tale". On the other hand, Kawahira Bay reads "Kaborawan".

The sea in the bay of Kawahira Bay is considered a scenic spot of Ishigakijima Prefecture. The color changes moment by momentum of light, furthermore the tide filling. There are small islands dotted in the bay. "Kojima" is lying to block the bay mouth. I read "Kujima". In addition, there are islands such as Apostle apart and Sai separation. I read that the former is "jerky" and the latter is "saintsu". In Okinawa, how to read each proper noun is really unique like this. Numerous reef corals form a community in the sea of ??Kawahira Bay. Unfortunately, swimming in the bay is prohibited, as the tide flow is strong. However, because coral reefs in the bay can be appreciated from a sightseeing glass boat, please enjoy it by all means.

Also, the most suitable for souvenirs is black pearl. Kawahira Bay is famous for culturing black pearls.

In the case of pearls, especially "pearls", it is essential to point to abalone balls. In other words, it is the pearl formed inside the abalone. However, nowadays, besides abalone balls, pearls of Akoyagi are also called book pearls. There are various pearls besides this pearl. It depends on the type of shell.

The famous black pearl in Kawahira Bay is also called "black butterfly pearl". It is a pearl produced from black claw, or "black butterfly shell".

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Mountains of faith Omigori

In Ishigakijima there are buildings in the Miyara dono designated as an important cultural asset of the country and historical sites of the country such as the Furst original remains, Sakishima islands mori Saki etc. Furthermore, the garden in Mr. Miyara is designated as the scenic spot of the country. The scenic spots are the places designated in the areas where their value is high from the viewpoint of art and appreciation.

In Okinawa Prefecture, it is designated as a scenic spot, there is Omiguidake. Located in Ishigaki-jima Island.

It is located in Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture, and it corresponds to the northwest part of Ishigaki-jima. "Kawahira bay and Mt. Morigidake", was designated as the national scenic spot in September 1997. Omogidake is reading as "fairy tale". This is a mountain in Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture. Sometimes we call it "Umutadagi" locally.

Omigidake has long been known as a mountain. It was a central existence of local faith. It is said that the meaning of "Umtu" of Yamana is "Omoto of the island". The god of Maigo is "Umututerashi", and the desire to this God is done in many Utaki in the island. Mt. Uchaki of Noguchi Village, famous even in mangrove forests of Ishigakijima Island, is regarded as a worship place of God of Omoto dake. Shuri 's Kadogatake, Mt. Morigidake, and Kumejima' s Sanjin are combined as sisters' gods.

It is said that the second god, the god of Mt. Mt. Mt. Dake, originally assumed Kumejima as his sister. But my mountain was lower than the mountain with my sister, so I felt dissatisfaction. I moved to Yaeyama and traced to Mt. And it seems that it became the guardian god of this island.
In addition, in the 13th year of Kohji, that is, in 1500, there was a turbulence of Oyaque Akahachi. At this time, the goddess of Kumejima took over as the army of the Ryukyu Kingdom. And they said they persuaded the god of Omigidake.

Mt. Mt. Omigakudake has been widely caught as a mountain of faith. If you visit Ishigaki-jima, please come and immerse in mythological world while seeing this godly mountain. There may be interest.

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What is Taketomi-jima Island near Ishigaki-jima Island

Ishigakijima is one of the Yaeyama Islands. The Yaeyama Islands are made up of 10 unmanned islands such as Taketomijima, Yonagunijima and more than 10 uninhabited islands such as Okubojima. There are more islands with smaller areas. You can enjoy diving in many places.

It is Ishigaki Island that attracts the hearts of divers in Japan, but it seems that there are many people who enjoys diving including neighboring islands, specifically Taketomijima, including locals of Ishigakijima. If you visited Ishigaki-jima, you may consider sightseeing including Taketomi-jima surroundings. You will be able to enjoy the charm of a tropical island, which is also different in each area.

Taketomijima is located on the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture as well as Ishigakijima. Accurately, it will be Taketomi-cho in Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa Prefecture. The center of the Yaeyama Islands is Ishigaki-jima. From Ishigakijima to Taketomijima, it is about 10 minutes by a high speed boat. It is about 6 km distance. Taketomijima has a settlement spreading in the center. And the entire village keeps a very attractive overview. It is a road filled with private house of wooden red tile and white sand. This is said to be the ancient Okinawa.

Even now, local people sometimes call Taketomijima "Tedun". Currently, I use the word "Taketomi", but this is a hatena from the beginning of modern times. Until the middle of the Meiji period, it was often written as "Takefu." And it was called "Takidun".

Taketomijima was also used as a shooting location for movies.

Taketomijima is located at 24 degrees 15 north latitude and 124 degrees east longitude east longitude, and the population as of June 2005 is about 342 people. The number of units is about 172. The surrounding area is 9.12 km, the area is 5.42 square kilometers.

Access to the island is good if you use the Yaeyama sightseeing ferry. A boat is coming out from a remote island terminal at Ishigaki Port. The journey takes about 10 minutes and flies every 30 minutes from morning to late afternoon. Besides that, a cargo passenger ship, or car ferry, is in service two flights a week.

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Precious wetland called Nagura Ampal

Mangrove refers to forests located in wetlands in tropical areas. In Miyakojima, Ishigakijima also in Japan, the mangrove of the estuary of the Miyara River estuary, in particular, is a natural monument designated by the country, plants such as ohirugi and yakirugi inhabit.

A mangrove forest spreads in the mouth of Miyara River, which can be said to be the only large river of Ishigaki-jima. It is said that this has the largest area in Japan. Under the Ramsar Convention, the western capricorn Ampal was recognized as a precious wetland and registered in wetlands to be protected. It is 2005.

The Ramsar Convention is an international treaty enacted in 1971. It is a treaty on preservation of marshes, which came into effect in 1975. Its purpose is to protect the ecosystem of wetlands, which is a precious habitat for waterfowl. In Japanese, "the treaty on internationally important wetlands, in particular as a waterfowl habitat" is its official name. The so-called "Ramsar Convention" was taken from the city of Ramsar in Iran. This is the place where the international conference was held for the first time. First, parties designate wetlands that are important for waterfowl population. Afterwards, the designated wetlands are registered in the secretariat's register. What the Parties should do is to summarize the plan to properly utilize and conserve designated wetlands. And we do it.

What kind of initiatives are being done in Japan?

It was the same as Mr. Amagaru of Ishigaki-jima Island, but first, we designate wetlands etc. that are supposed to be suitable as wildlife protection zone special protection districts. And we will take various countermeasures to protect not only trapping of birds and beasts but also artificial development such as plant harvesting and landfilling.

Since 1980, the signatories have regularly held meetings. And as of 2005, 147 countries have signed. There are 1,524 wetlands registered. In addition, at the 9th Conference of the Parties committed on 8th November 2005, additional registration was announced. As a result, in Japan the number of registered sites increased all at once. There are 20 places that have increased. And it totaled 33 places. Japan joined in 1980. At this point I gave you a candidate for Kushiro Marsh.

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Iriomote Ishigaki National Park

There are very large mangroves in the estuaries of Nakagawa River and Urauchi River in Iriomote Island. Mangrove of Nakagawa River is also designated as a natural protected area. 80% of Iriomote Island is also designated as a national forest. There are many animals and plants distributed only in Iriomote Island, such as various birds and animals and Shichita.

Iriomote Ishigaki National Park is a national park that spans Iriomotejima and Ishigakijima in Okinawa Prefecture, and the surrounding islands and waters. Originally it was named "Iriomote National Park". However, on August 1, 2007, a part of Ishigakijima will be transferred here. After that, it came to be called "Iriomote Ishigaki National Park". Thus, because of expansion, the land area is 20,569 ha and the area is about 46,600 ha. Among them, the underwater park area occupies about 1,100 ha. Considering only the area of ??underwater park, it is the largest in the country.
The Iriomote Ishigaki National Park includes both the islands of Iriomote Island and Ishigaki Island, as well as those of the coral reefs between Ishigakijima and Iriomote Island. This is called "Stone Nori Lake Lake". It also includes islands of raised coral reefs scattered in the area, Kuroshima, Taketomijima, Kohamajima, Shinjyojima, and Kamishima, which is located along the southwestern part of Iriomotejima.

Ishigaki Island is a valuable environment spreading around the world. Mangrove forests of "Majo Ampal" which is a wetland registered in the Ramsar Convention, the Mangrove forest of the River Tsunami, and Yaeyama pear and Kanhisakura self-fabric of Omogidake. In these areas, you can see flora with rare value. In addition, large-scale Ao sango communities spread in the surrounding waters. These coral reef waters including the Shiraho waters are designated as underwater park districts. Specifically, it is Hirakubo, Maibara, Kawahiraizaki, Shiraho four districts.

In order to protect valuable environmental resources from now on, it is more specific and aggressive measures are required. I would like to protect the environment of Ishigakijima forever, which will provide enjoyable memories such as diving.

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What is war malaria still, is it still dangerous?

Malaria is an infection of protozoa that is common in tropical regions. Not only high fever but also nausea and headache are accompanied, there are cases where it dies depending on the symptoms. It is said that the Yaeyama Islands suffered from malaria from the Ryukyu dynasty era and there is also a history of massive infections after the war.
On the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture where there is Ishigakijima, there were several places where malaria occurs from long ago.

War malaria means that the general population who was forcibly evacuated in Okinawa during World War II was affected by malaria. For this reason many died. Like Ishigakijima, it is known that a group morbidity occurred on Hateruma Island in Yaeyama Islands.

Hateruma Island is located on the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa Prefecture and is the manned island in southernmost Japan. The position is 24 degrees 2 minutes 25 seconds north latitude, 123 degrees 47 minutes 16 seconds east longitude. The area is 12.7 km 2, the altitude is 59.5 m, and the population is a really small island with fewer than 600 people.

On the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa, several areas where malaria occurs are known for a long time. Historically, from the Ryukyu Kingdom period, it has repeatedly been said that every time a compulsory immigration to these areas occurs, everyone will die.

Especially famous for it, it is the north side of Ishigaki-jima, the back stone wall and Iriomote Island. However, now malaria has been wiped out. Still, during the Second World War, there were still many areas that occurred, and we could not prevent the damage as well.

During the Second World War, violent battles were held around the main island of Okinawa. In the Yaeyama Islands no landing operations were carried out, but attacks by air raids and ship fire were unavoidable. Therefore, evacuation of residents was done in some areas. At that time evacuation took place in the area where malaria occurred. Therefore, many people suffered from malaria. Many dead have also been issued.

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Ishigaki Island is a treasure house of nature

There is a famous cat family animal called Iriomote cat. This is famous for living only in Iriomotejima of the Yaeyama Islands in Okinawa. Not only these animals on Iriomote Island but also Okinawa have plants and animals that live only on the islands.

Ishigakijima is also the center of transportation and economics of the Yaeyama Islands, and development has been progressing for a long time. Valuable forests, such as mangrove forests, are spreading, but the area of ??the forest is not large. Ishigakijima has mountainous tendencies in the north and coasts spreading mainly in the south.
Like forests, living creatures also live in precious species. It is also a feature that there are many common species with the adjacent Iriomote Island. However, Iriomote cat is not there. Nooyashi forest in the northern part of Maibara is a valuable forest, and it is designated as a natural treasure.

Creatures of Ishigakijima, along with Iriomote Island, are characterized by many unique flora and fauna, namely unique species. Among them, the following are representative ones whose name is "Ishigaki".

For example, in vertebrates, there are Ishigaki lizard, Ishigaki frog, and Ishigaki bulbul. There are also insects such as Ishigakitogoridae and Ishigaki Niini. As other invertebrates, there are Ishigaki shrimp.

As plants, there are Ishigaki violets, Ishigaki kinuran, Ishigakita kimishida.

On August 1, 2007, about 7,000 ha, part of Ishigakijima, which is about 30% of the area, was incorporated into Iriomote National Park on August 1, 2007. As a result, the name has been changed to "Irien Ishigaki National Park." As a result of this, famous for coral reefs, Shiraho district, which once became famous for the new airport issue, was also regarded as "underwater park area". It is said that the area of ??underwater park is the largest in the country.

In addition, mangrove forest spreads in the mouth of the Miyara River, and it has the largest area in Japan.

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After all diving in Ishigakijima

There are various kinds of diving. In general, what we enjoy at Ishigakijima etc. is said to be recreational diving in the position where the depth is 30 M or less and it is possible to levitate immediately. Technical diving is called deep cave diving by experiences and training.

Ishigakijima is a representative island of Japanese tourism as a central island of the Yaeyama Islands.
It is one of the best diving points in Japan, as it is surrounded by wonderful seas. As the climate is good, it is a popular spot where many divers visit throughout the year.

The diving area is largely divided into three. The city area and the Kawahira area, and the northern area.

The city area is also popular with local divers. It is said that people related to diving shops in downtown area of ??Ishigakijima are dive on a daily basis. Specifically, the area around Taketomijima and the Osaki area is popular. Greed who wants to enjoy after-diving, too? It may be said that it is for.
Meanwhile, the Kawahira area is famous for having "Kawahirajirazaki Manta Scramble". Manta can be seen from spring to autumn here. Moreover, because it can be seen with high probability, divers rush from inside Japan. As Manta swim slowly, I take my breath. It is said that divers who dive around Iriomote Island and Okahamajima by themselves will come out of their way in search of manta at this time of spring to autumn.
Another, the northern area is a great place. There are few people who dive and they are not very rough. It is recommended for those who want to quietly enjoy the charm of underwater.
More recently, people who enjoys cave diving are also increasing. Cave diving refers to diving with caverns, fountains and underground lakes, with specialized submarine equipment.

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Shiraho coral reef where protection is screamed

Traffic to Ishigaki Island can be used for both airplane and ship. For direct flights it is possible to go from Haneda, Kansai, Nagoya, Fukuoka. You can also visit from all over the country if it is via Naha. We can visit great coral reefs and Ishigaki Island full of nature by just tens of minutes to several hours.

Ishigakijima in Okinawa Prefecture is the central island of the Yaeyama Islands. People who have escaped the coldness of winter from all over Japan come with a reputation for the beauty of nature. Among them, coral reefs are wonderful. For example, Shiraho Coral Reef continues along the coast of the Ishigaki-shi Shimo district in eastern Ishigaki-jima Island, Okinawa Prefecture. It is a foothault spreading about 10 km north and south, spreading over a maximum width of about 1 km.

This Shiraho coral reef boasts one of the world's largest scale, and the large community of Aoango is spreading, which is said to be the largest even when looking at the whole Northern Hemisphere. Besides, there are huge communities of Hamasango, micro-atolls and communities of Ubida hamasango distributed. And it is a valuable environment that is said to be the habitat of reef corals of more than 70 species of 30 genera.

Currently, many coral reefs in Okinawa are concerned about the disappearance due to the damage caused by Onihitde and the red soil runoff. Among them, the Shiraho coral reef is escaped from damage caused by Onigiriden. It is said that even few coral reefs leaving good ecosystems.

On August 1, 2007, Ishigakijima was partially transferred to Iriomote National Park. Then I became the Iriomote Ishigaki National Park. The Shiraho district of this coral reef was designated as a submarine park district.

Meanwhile, a plan was planned to build a new airport on Ishigakijima. However, there is concern about the environmental impact of the new airport to this plan. The plan was announced in 1979, its "New Ishigaki Airport". Initially, it was scheduled to be built as a marine airport offshore of the Shiraho district. This is "Shiraho maritime plan". However, the importance of Shiraho coral reefs has been recognized and the opposition campaign has increased. Therefore, in 1989 this plan was to be withdrawn.

After that, a plan to construct an airport near Karakake in the northern part of the Shiraho district was issued. This is "Karatake Land & Equipment Proposal". Ultimately this was settled and construction of the new airport began in October 2006. Opening of the port is scheduled at the end of 2012.

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Mangrove in Japan

In recent years mangroves in various parts of the world have been destroyed. Attempts to regenerate mangroves in various places along with it have been attempted. Planting trees at Mangrove near Ishigakijima is proceeding, but we also have stench and destruction of drought such as caused by domestic wastewater and waste.

Mangrove can be said as a barometer of the environment. Every year, as environmental destruction progresses, active proactive activities are required now.

Where can we see mangrove in Japan?

Northern limit is Kikuri-cho, Kagoshima prefecture at the south end of Kyushu. The Mexico community here is said to be the northern limit of mangrove. This is also designated as a special natural treasure. However, there is a theory that it was transplanted about this, so Tanegashima is said to be the northern limit as a distribution of nature. Beyond that, as a landscape that looks like a lot, it is not unlikely that communities of spruce will resemble sometime, but it has little spread.
In the Izu Peninsula, mechirugi has been planted and established. This may be called the northernmost as anchorage.

How about Okinawa including Ishigaki Island?
On the main island of Okinawa, the growth of four species, ohirugi, mechirugi, Yayamayahiragi, Hirugimodoki is allowed. However, Hirugimodoki can only be seen at the estuary of the Yanegawa River in the northern part of the island. Yaeyama hirugi and Hirugi moodoki are said to be the northern limit of Okinawa island. In addition, you can see the mangrove forest even in Keisha Den in the northern part of the island, Lake Manhoh in the south and so on.

Then, how about in Ishigaki-jima? In Ishigakijima, six types of mangrove species are developed. Ohirugi, mechirugi, yayamayahirugi, hirugidamashi, hirugimodoki, Mayapisiki. Among them Mayakushiki is said to be the northernmost island of Ishigaki. Mangrove at the estuary of the Miyara River is the largest in the island of Ishigaki Island and is said to be the largest in Japan. It is designated as a nation designated natural treasure.

In Ishigakijima there is a Miyara River, local language words Meura is called a second class river. Tours of canoeing around mangrove wetlands and estuaries at the downstream are also underway. A lot of fields such as sugarcane and pine can be seen near the origin.

Mangrove spreads in the estuary of the Miyara River, which is a big river that can be said to be the only one of Ishigakijima. This mangrove in Ishigakijima is said to have the largest area in Japan. In addition, the western distinguished name Ampal was registered under the Ramsar Convention in 2005. It is recognized worldwide as a valuable wetland to be protected.

What kind of mangrove is it?

Mangrove is a forest that grows from a tropical zone to a salty wetland located in the estuarine brackish water area of ??the subtropical region. Mangroves are also sometimes referred to as "red trees" or "sea floors". In the case of mangrove, the term may refer to "the entire forest" and "seed" for each of the forests. Because it may lead to confusion, the case that refers to "the entire forest" is called "mangrove (forest)". On the other hand, when representing individual species, it is said to be "mangrove plants", and it is common to use properly.
Also, when referring to the whole forest is called "Mangal", when referring to seeds it is sometimes differentiated as "Mangrove".

Mangroves are distributed in Southeast Asia, Indian Coast, South Pacific, Australia, Africa, USA, and so on. In Japan, it is distributed in Okinawa Prefecture including Ishigaki Island and Kagoshima Prefecture.

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Coral reefs in Ishigaki

Coral reefs are divided into several types according to shape. The main reason that this shape is different is thought to be the settlement of the island itself and rise of the sea level. There are also cases where coral reefs become islands not only in Ishigakijima but also in Miyakojima and others. In addition to reef corals, it may be formed from red algae called lime algae.

Ishigakijima has a reputation for its beautiful sea. Especially on the south side of Ishigaki-jima, great coral reefs are spreading. But what exactly is coral reef? There seems to be few people who can be answered clearly, once asked again.

Coral reefs are made by communities of reef corals and are one type of terrain. It is said that it is the coast that faces the tropical ocean that develops.

In Japan, where you can see coral reefs, it is the southern islands such as the Nansei Islands, the Izu Islands and the Ogasawara Islands. However, coral reefs may be formed up to a water temperature of about 18 ° C. Therefore, you can see coral reefs on the mainland of Japan if it is small scale. For example, coral reefs exist even though it is small but small south of Tsushima Strait and south of Boso Peninsula. Including these small coral reefs, it is an environment you want to cherish.

So, is such an environment suitable for reef coral breeding?
At high water temperature of 25 ~ 30 ℃, high salinity concentration of 3 ~ 4% is required. It should be shallow, and it is necessary to be a highly transparent area with a depth of about 30 m even deep.

Worldwide, coral reefs are concentrated in the west, such as the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. I can not see much on the east side. Moreover, even large scale coral reefs are not seen much in the estuary area. It is said that this is related to the rotation of the earth.

There are hundreds of reef corals. Midoriishi, northern gang, chrysanthemum and so on. These are clusters of small polyps like sea anemone, less than 1 cm in diameter gathered to form a group. Indeed, corals have various shapes, but these are made of many polyps independently forming their skeleton by each kind.

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Geography of Ishigaki Island

Ishigakijima is an island where you can enjoy 360 degrees. In addition to diving, reef spreading in the south, there is Hirukubo peninsula in the northeast. In the western part of the East China Sea, the east part of the peninsula where the ocean of the Pacific Ocean spreads is called Funakoshi and it is called Fudayaki. The straight line distance of this bay is small, about 300 m.

Ishigakijima belongs to the Yaeyama Islands. It is 24 degrees 20 minutes 4 seconds north latitude, 124 degrees 9 minutes 22 seconds east longitude. Although the area is a small island with 222.64 square kilometers, in Okinawa Prefecture to which Ishigakijima belongs still, the Okinawa main island is No. 1, the second is Iriomote Island, and then the third largest size.
Ishigaki island located in the East China Sea, but what is the shape of the island?

Looking down on Ishigakijima from the sky, it looks almost square shaped. In the northeastern part, the Hirakubo peninsula stretches out narrowly and is doing. Omodo dake with an altitude of 526 m is spreading somewhat north from the center of the island. It may seem surprising, but this is the highest peak in Okinawa Prefecture. Including this mountain, as you head north of this mountain there are a few. It is Ishigaki-jima where the image of the sea is strong, but this area spreads a different landscape from what you are imagining a bit.

Meanwhile, you can see the charm of another Ishigaki-jima when you go to the south. In the south there are many plains of raised coral reefs spreading. The population is also concentrated in the southern part. To the south, the Miyara River is spreading, but there is not much river in the other.

On Okinawa, especially Ishigakijima, please enjoy the wonderful coral reef, which you can not usually see easily. Coral reefs are one of the topographies made by the reef coral community and can be seen in Japan in the Nansei Islands, the Izu Islands, the Ogasawara Islands and so on. If it is even smaller, you can see it in mainland Japan.

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Overview of Ishigakijima

Okinawa Prefecture has a temperature of over 18 degrees even in warm and cold months throughout the year. Tourism industry belonging to tertiary industry using its characteristics and tradition is very active. There are more than 5 million tourists to Okinawa Prefecture, and tourists from abroad are also abundant and over 70% are tourists from Taiwan.

In winter, you will definitely want to go to a warm place. Okinawa is one of the popular tourist spots in winter. Recently, it seems that more schools go to Okinawa on school excursions. Among the Okinawa prefectures, Ishigakijima is still the most popular next to the mainland. What if I went to Okinawa? Why do not you try extending your legs to Ishigaki Island? The mainland is different, you can enjoy the unique charm of the island.

Ishigakijima is an island in Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa Prefecture. Ishigakijima is included in the Yaeyama Islands and is the center of politics, economics, education, transportation etc. of these islands. The area of ??Ishigaki-jima is about 222.6 sq. Km. It is the third largest island in Okinawa Prefecture. Of course, the main is Okinawa main island. The second is Iriomote Island, and the third largest island is Ishigaki-jima. Because the population is approximately 45,000 people, it can be said that it is an island that was truly snug.

Ishigakijima belongs to Okinawa Prefecture. However, the distance with Naha city which is the prefectural office location of Okinawa Prefecture is over 410 km. The distance is surprising because it corresponds to the distance between Tokyo and Osaka. Conversely, it is only 270 km away from Taiwan. From Nagoya and Osaka, there is also a course of boat to Taiwan through Ishigakijima via the main island of Okinawa. Of course, it is really close if you go by plane, but sometimes you may want to experience a journey to relax and enjoy the sea by boat.

Ishigakijima is geographically located not only in Naha, Okinawa but also in Taiwan rather than in other areas.

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