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In Japan, female eyebrows also have an epidemic, changed every year with narrowing and becoming thick, now "heavy eyebrows" comes again.

Therefore, for those who have prepared eyebrows in line with thin eyebrows so far, it will be hard to make the eyebrows thick again. What you want people to use is eyebrow beauty essence "Mayu Rise".

Mayu rise has not passed much since it was released, but reviews of people who used it already have gathered. Looking at that review, "I tried various other eyebrow beauty care products, but only the Mayu rise felt a clear effect" "It not only makes you realize the effect but also makes it possible to use it safely without skin roughness even with sensitive skin" As you can see, there are many people who feel the effect that the eyebrows are darker.

In addition, although there is an opinion that "I feel that it does not feel particularly effective, but I feel that it fits the skin", such people seem to have been around for about a month since I started using them. Since it is not something effective immediately after using it, it seems that it will take time before the effect appears. However, even those who are not yet able to obtain the effect are many people who are gentle to the skin, "it fits my skin", "can be used with peace of mind", the comfort seems to be very good. And there are many opinions that "I would like to use it until effects come out".

Mayu rides are recommended, "I wrote my eyebrows with eyebrows, I want to make use of my eyebrows" "Because my eyebrows have been pulled out forever and I made it thinbrows, the eyebrows came out quite often," "Because the eyebrows are thin and short, I can not write well if I try to write with an eyebrow. "Mayurize contains plenty of ingredients necessary for growing the eyebrows, so please use it because it is the best eyebrow beauty serve for those who want to thicken or thicken the eyebrows.

1) Reason why it will not be effective with Mayu Rise
2) On the ingredients of Mayurize
3) Is side effects of Mayuzu OK?
4) Mayuize also recommended for men
5) Can you use Mayurize even during pregnancy?
6) Points of how to use Mayu Raises
7) In order to maximize the effect of Mayurize
8) Lifestyle also influences the effect of Mayurize
9) Usability of Mayurize
10) Everyday habit of suppressing hair growth of eyebrows
11) Can Mayurize be used in conjunction with other eyebrow beauty lotions?
12) Mayuizu also effective for eyelashes
13) How to use when using Mayurize for eyelashes
14) Comparison of Mayu Rise and Eyebrow Tinto
15) Mayurize also grows a beard?
16) About "repayment guarantee" of Mayu Rise
17) About "Tokutoku course" of Mayu Rise
18) Risky "eyebrow art make-up"
19) Do you stop growing again if you quit Mayu Rise?

Reason why it will not be effective with Mayu Rise

When reading the review of Mayu Rise, there seems to be no strict opinion that "There is not any change even if you use it all the time!" "It does not grow at all!" However, it is true that there are many reviews of people who do not feel the effect much. If you hear such a negative opinion, you may think that "If you use Mayu Rise, if it is not effective, let's stop it because it is a waste of time and money." However, there are reasons for such an opinion to come out. That's because most of the people who write reviews post often around a month or so.

It is important to understand the eye cycle's hair cycle in order to judge the effect of Mayurize. Hair hair cycle is said to take about 4 to 5 years, but eyebrows is 4 to 5 months and its cycle is very short. Hair cycle is to repeat "growth period" in which hair grows newly, growth period when hair grows dull, "falling period" which stops there, "waiting for hair growth to stop and stop". Because this haircut is done with each eyebrow, it does not grow all at once, it grows sparsely.

For that reason, it will take at least 2 to 3 months for the effect of Mayouize to appear. And if you continue to use it for 3 to 4 months, all eyebrow hair cycles will go around, so you should come and grow clean. If it does not change at all even if it continues to use this much, it may be good to judge that the effect of Mayu Rize could not be expected.

If you refer to a reviewer who used Mayalize, I think that the opinion of those who used it for three months can be trusted.

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On the ingredients of Mayurize

Mayurize is gentle to the skin and you can expect the effect of thickening the eyebrows, so many people would like to try using it. However, even if it is effective for other people, is it still half-trusting whether my eyebrows are really effective?

The reason that you can expect the effect of Mayuurizu is because it contains abundant ingredients effective for growing eyebrows. I will explain the ingredients of Mayuzui, please check with care and try with confidence.

  • ・ Hydrolyzed Eggshell membrane

The hydrolyzed eggshell membrane contains abundant amino acids related to hair growth, and it also has a skin moisturizing effect, so it also has the effect of improving skin wrinkles and sagging. Among the numerous eyebrow beauty care ingredients, this ingredient is mixed, it is only Mayu rise.

However, because hydrolyzed eggshell membrane is an egg ingredient, people of egg allergy will be wondering whether there is no problem. Egg

allergy is often caused by "egg white", but the eggshell membrane does not contain egg whites, so even people with egg allergy may use it. If you are worried, it's a good idea to do patch tests with your arms before using Mayu Raises.

  • ・ Otanenjin extract

Otaninjin is "ginseng", the extract contains the ingredient "saponin", and various excellent effects such as blood flow improving effect can be expected. And for the eyebrows, we feed the necessary nutrients to the hair root, which leads to hair growth and hair growth.

  • ・ Biwa leaf extract

Since the loquat leaf extract is a plant-derived ingredient, it is gentle to our body and has the effect of improving rough skin. In addition, it is also used for eyelash essence, and eyebrows also have the effect of giving elasticity and elasticity.

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Is side effects of Mayuzu OK?

In eyelash essence, the side effects of pigmentation and losing eyelashes were wrong. Therefore, many people are worried that eyebrow beauty lotion may have large side effects.

Eyelash essence, which caused side effects as a problem, is classified as a medicine as a "hair growth agent", and side effects as medicines have appeared. In the case of Mayu Raises, it is "Cosmetic Cosmetic", so no effect can be obtained immediately like a medicine, but even if it is used for a long time, there is no worry about side effects and it can be used with confidence.

But even if it takes months to show effects, even if there is a possibility that side effects may appear, there are people who think that it is better for eyebrow hair growth preparations of medicines that can quickly obtain the effect. However, the eyebrow hair growth agent may have insufficient safety on the skin, sometimes causing side effects unexpectedly.

If you are going to use it long and safely, it is recommended to use eyebrow beauty serum livery, which contained ingredients that emphasized the skin. Mayurize uses ingredients that fully consider the effects on the skin, such as the ingredient "hydrolyzed eggshell membrane" contained in the shell of eggs, so long-term use gets better effect.

In addition, we select ingredients of high quality, and are made in a manufacturing process that is thoroughly safe in the country, so you can use it with confidence. Recently, cosmetics in Europe, the USA and South Korea are very talked about, but when you compare cosmetics made in Japan and cosmetics abroad, it seems that there are many troubles overseas. Cosmetic products made in Japan are made for Japanese people, and quality control is thoroughly carried out by Japanese technology. In case you want to use it for a long time, after all, choosing

Japanese made Mayuurais is the most reliable.

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Mayuize also recommended for men

I made my eyebrows thin with the trend of the times, but women are not the only ones who have trouble troubling me if I want to increase eyebrows again. Many people also have troubles with eyebrows.

For example, in my school days I adjusted my eyebrows according to my hairstyle, but at the time of my job hunting I had to make it my eyebrow with a natural thickness, I got a child born but it looks like a Yankee, Sometimes you may want to change your eyebrows, due to changes in circumstances.

When thinking about increasing eyebrows, some men try to use eyebrow hair growth agents first. However, some eyebrow hair tonics are used with male hormones, so I think some people have resistance. Therefore, eyebrow beauty essence like Mayuzu is recommended.

Actually, some men use Mayuzuzu, so we introduce their reviews. A male in her twenties got to use Mayu Raises in order to make her face look tight with a job as a machine, but it seems that the eyebrow grows little by little. Men in their thirties started using Mayu Raises to become a "deep face", but since they are easy to use and realize the effect, they are said to be a daily routine. In addition, it seems that men in their thirties who are also aiming for the stage actors have changed their impressions of their face for the first time they use it to become a thick face, while using them.

In this way, there are many people who want to change the impression and face of their face based on something, and I realize that effect by using Mayuzu.

However, there are things you want people to pay attention when men use Mayu Raises. That is because men have more sebum than women, so if you use Mayurize, if you do not drop sebum well in advance, it will be difficult to penetrate the ingredients. Therefore, even men, after washing and moisturizing carefully, let's use Mayu Rise.

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Can you use Mayurize even during pregnancy?

Even though I'd like to use Mayurize, I think that if you are pregnant you may be worried that your stomach baby will be affected. Mayurize can realize the ideal eyebrows, can you use it even for pregnant women?

The ingredients of Mayalize do not contain artificial coloring or flavoring and since alcohol is not compounded, it does not contain anything that is harmful to the body. It is a product with very weak stimulation, so it seems that it can be used without problems even during pregnancy, where the skin tends to be sensitive.

Maybe you can use another eyebrow hair restorer if you can use it? However, caution is necessary because hair tonic agents containing male hormones can not be used by pregnant women. Depending on the ingredients that are compounded in this way, there are also dangerous goods for pregnant women, so it is necessary to fully check the notes.

In addition, women get sick up in various parts of the body when pregnant, but some eyebrows and eyelashes are easy to get out. Many women say that when the first child was pregnant, there was nothing at all, and at the second time a symptom appeared. Most of the reasons are thought to be hormonal balance and stress, but because the cause is certainly different for every person, why the eyebrows have become thin and you will not feel depressed.

In addition, it would be good if you could arrange your eyebrows with makeup, but after childbirth or raising children it will be hard to make time without making time. Under such circumstances, it may become mentally weak at an important time spent with the baby.

Women who are suffering like that, please try trying Mayu Rize by all means. Because it takes less time and effort, I can continue even during busy child care. Besides, as we continue, we will have an effect and our face will be better and better, so I think that it will be fun to care for in Mayurize.

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Points of how to use Mayu Raises

Mayuurizu which can realize healthy and ideal eyebrows is easy to use, the method is only to paint on the thin part of the eyebrows in the morning and night. Even just that, you can expect the hair growth effect of the eyebrows, but if you introduce the points introduced here, you can try out the effect of Mayuuri better, so please try it.

  • ・ There seems to be a lot of people who do not brush eyebrows, but brushing makes it easy to remove dirt on the eyebrows. In addition, because stimulation by brushing has a massage effect, it also has the effect of promoting blood circulation, activating the hair root, making eyebrows easier to grow. For brushing, "Eyebrow brush" is sold, so let's prepare.
  • ・ Before using Mayu Raises, it is important to wash your face tightly and clean up the dirt attached to eyebrows such as makeup and sebum. If dirt or the like remains in the eyebrows, the active ingredient of Mayuzui can not penetrate sufficiently, and it will not be able to demonstrate the precious effect.
  • ・ Even if you wash your face cleanly, even if the moisture on the eyebrows is not completely wiped off, the active ingredient will be diluted with moisture and the effect will be halved. Towel drying is good, so let's wipe out the eyebrow conscious so that moisture does not remain. At this time, rubbing strongly with a towel will strain the skin and eyebrows, so wipe gently and politely.

I think that these points are not troublesome, so if you decide to do eyebrow care with MayuReze, please make sure to keep on consciously twice every morning and night.

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In order to maximize the effect of Mayurize

Mayoize should be applied twice in the morning and night, but in order to get enough effect, it is important to clean your face and wipe off moisture thoroughly before using mealize. By paying attention to these things, you can fully demonstrate the effect of Mayu Rize, but there are also ways to bring out the maximum effect, so I will introduce it.

First of all, it is a method to use an eye mask of a type that can be warmed with commercially available steam. By warming the eyes around with this eye mask before applying Mayurize, blood circulation improves, so the ingredients of Mayurize are easy to penetrate. Not only does the effect of eyebrow care increase, but also by warming the eyes around it gently, it is good for tired eyes and mood is healed. Besides, I get better sleeping and I can get up with a refreshing morning. It is an item not only for improving the effect of Mayalize but also for making our life comfortable, so it is highly recommended.

Another way is to massage around the eyes including the eyebrows. By doing a massage, blood circulation is promoted, so the hair growth effect increases. Let's push the way of massage gently from one eyebrow to the other towards temple. In addition, we recommend pinching eyebrows lightly with fingers and fleeing. When massaging your eyebrows, try not to put power strongly. It is best to feel as pleasant.

However, it is not a good idea to do a long massage, so let's assume that one massage should be around 20 seconds to 30 seconds. Pain may be generated around the eyes and the eyebrows or inflammation may occur on the skin if the force is too strong or too long.

These methods are effective not only for the hair growth of the eyebrows, but also take a good taste and have a relaxing effect, so please take it in.

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Lifestyle also influences the effect of Mayurize

Maulize is effective twice in the morning and night by painting on cleaned eyebrows, but some people do not get much effect even if you do it. That person may have lifestyle habits affecting the hair growth of the eyebrows. Then, I will introduce the lifestyle habits that have an adverse effect on the hair growth of the eyebrows and make it impossible to demonstrate the effects of Mayu Rise.

  • ・Lack of sleep

Sufficient sleep is important for keeping our body healthy because it has the effect of raising the metabolism of blood and skin, adjusting the physical condition, removing stress and anxiety. Therefore, if sleeping time is short, not only will your physical condition worsen but also symptoms may appear on your hair and eyebrows. Actually, if there is not enough sleep, the growth of the eyebrows may stop or depilation, and in that case eyebrows will not grow even if Mayuurais is used.

Sleep promotes growth hormone secretion, but this growth hormone is an important substance that promotes eyebrow growth. In order to increase the secretion of growth hormone, it is important to get a good sleep, for that, try to enter futon every day at a fixed time and try to sleep more than 6 hours a day .

  • ・ Dietary life

To grow your eyebrows, you also have to be careful about your diet. Eyebrows are made of protein called "keratin", so if you do not have enough nutrients to make keratin, you can not increase eyebrows no matter how much you paint Mayu Lyu every day.

The nutrients necessary for hair growth of the eyebrows are protein, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, iron, zinc. Since eyebrows grow normally by the actions of these nutrients, let's consciously eat these five nutrients with everyday meals.

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Usability of Mayurize

Mayurize is a wonderful item that you can get the ideal eyebrows, but it is hard to keep going when it's hard to use, it will stop quitting before the effect comes out? Let's take up the usability of Mayu Rise.

The question of those who have never used Mayalize is that "Does not it drip?" Even if it says to bring good effect to the eyebrows, it is not a good product if it drips out and is difficult to use, or it gets dirty on clothes. Also, if the solution gets into your eyes and inflammation occurs in your eyes or eye sickness, it is not meaningful, it also involves the risk of causing health hazards.

It is best to ask the opinions of the people who actually used Mayuzu to check if you are using canalize and do not drip. Looking at the word-of-mouth, "I can paint with pinpoint only in the part I am interested in without dripping," "It's hard to get on your skin, so I am glad to be able to apply it even on a busy morning." " It will be understood that the evaluation is also high for comfort as it will not "" "Because the liquid can not lean, it can also be used for eyelashes."Although there is an opinion that "odor does not mind" in this word of mouth, actually, how about the odor of Mayu Rise? Mayu rise is "fragrance free", but there are also things that smell of odor is worrisome even for fragrance cosmetics. That is because even if perfume is not included, the used ingredients may smell.

In the case of Mayu Raises, even if I looked at other reviews, I could not find the opinion that "smell is worrisome". Therefore, Mayu Raises is easy to use, it does not matter to odor, it can be said that good items can be expected for eyebrows.

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Everyday habit of suppressing hair growth of eyebrows

People who do not easily grow eyebrows even using Mayuzu may have causes for makeup and habits which are going on everyday.

People whose eyelashes are always deep makes it easier for ingredients such as eyebrows to clog in the pores of the eyebrows. If the pores are clogged with makeup or dirt, active ingredients of Mayurize will not penetrate easily, so it will be impossible to promote the hair growth of the eyebrows.

Let's make eyebrows thinner than usual when doing mayuzu to make eyebrows as desired. By doing so, clogging of pores can also be prevented, and the burden on the eyebrows is reduced, so the ingredients of Mayalize also become easy to spread.

People who are pulling out to adjust the eyebrows and those who pull out before the habit or noticing also hindered the hair growth of the eyebrows. When pulling out the eyebrows, it deals damage to the extracted eyebrows and the capillary cells in the surroundings, and in the worst case, it may remove the hair cells together with the eyebrows.

When it is a habit to pull out the eyebrows, it is called "depilation habit" in the medical field. Causes differ depending on people, such as those caused by stress, those due to pleasure to withdraw. It is difficult to ascertain the cause of the trichotillomania, but even if you can not stop with pleasure even with stress, finding things that are fun and concentrating, besides pulling out the eyebrows, will lead to improvement.

It is also a measure to shorten it to make eyebrows difficult to cut out, or shorten the fingernail to physically remove it. In the case of trichotillomania, improvement and resolution take considerable time, but if people around me help me, I can gradually change my consciousness, I think that drawing eyebrows will become less.

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Can Mayurize be used in conjunction with other eyebrow beauty lotions?

There are people who are also using other eyebrow beauty care liquids in order to bring out the effect of Mayu Raises quickly, but then it will not be possible to fully demonstrate the effect of Mayu Rise even if it is used.

Why does Mayurize and other eyebrow beauty lotus be used together, it makes eyebrows less likely to grow? That is, the ingredients of other eyebrow beauty care ingredients inhibit the active ingredients of Mayuurizu. The active ingredient "hydrolyzed eggshell membrane" of Mayurize promotes the activation of hair matrix cells, which are greatly related to the growth of the eyebrows, but if other eyebrow beauty care solutions are used in combination, the extra ingredients are hydrolyzed eggshell It gets mixed in the membrane and you can not do enough work and the eyebrows will not grow.

Mayurize has no side effects and can be used with confidence, but other eyebrow serums contain medicinal ingredients in some, there are also side effects that are highly likely to occur. If you use Mayurize with such an eyebrow beauty lotion, it may be possible that a chemical reaction of the ingredients of Mayurize and the medicinal ingredients of eyebrow beauty serum used in combination causes skin troubles. In that case, not only does the eyebrows not grow, but it falls into a situation where important eyebrows fall out.

If it continues every day keeping usage correctly, it can realize the ideal eyebrow by itself. In addition, although it is guaranteed safety that everyone can use with confidence, its safety is not assumed when used in conjunction with other eyebrow beauty care liquids. For that reason, in order to demonstrate the active ingredient of Mayuzu, to use safely, please do not use other eyebrow beauty care liquid together, please work only with Mayu Rise.

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Mayuizu also effective for eyelashes

Looking at the reviews of people who use eyebrow beauty serum Mayuzu, "Eyelashes increased when eyelashes were applied to eyelashes" "Easy to use for eyelashes" "Eyelashes have appeared" Eyelashes There are also many people who realize that effect by using it.

So, is there no problem even if you attach Mayu Rise to eyelashes to grow eyebrows? In conclusion, it does not matter at all, rather it also has a good effect on the eyelashes. The reason is that both eyelashes and eyebrows have the same generation and growth mechanisms, and there are three cycles of growing period, regressing period, and resting period, repeating the cycle of omission and growth. Mayurize was developed focusing on the eyebrow cycle, so even if you use it for eyelashes that repeat cycles in the same way, you can expect equivalent effects.

In addition, the active ingredient "hydrolyzed eggshell membrane" that is formulated in Mayalize is a ingredient used in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for wounds, and it also has a hair growth effect. Therefore, when eyelashes are applied to the eyelashes, nutrition is sent to the hair cells of the eyelashes, which promotes cell division, improves the growth power of the eyelashes, and improves the eyelashes which are strong and difficult to escape.

However, those who feel resistance to painting on eyelashes are worried about safety. Especially, since the eyelashes are close to the eyes, I think I'm worried about whether the eyes will get into my eyes. It is a natural ingredient secured safety, so it can be used with eyelashes with ease. Also, since it has a structure that makes it difficult for dripping, it does not worry about entering the eyes.

In this way, Mayuzu can realize an ideal style safely for eyebrows and eyelashes.

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How to use when using Mayurize for eyelashes

There are many eyebrow serums that grow eyebrows, but among them, Mayurize is the most popular item that has won first place in various rankings. Mayu rise contains abundant safe ingredients that encourage the hair growth of the eyebrows, and it is said that if you continue to use it for about 4 months, it becomes an eyebrow of fusafu.

Mayrows eyebrow eyebrow beauty serum, but one of the reasons that it is becoming popular is that there is also an effect on eyelashes. Even if you use it for eyelashes safety is also recognized and the tip of Mayu Rise is "Furokkipi", so you can use it with ease of painting with ease of application with ease. Let's show you how to make it more effective when using Mayuzu for eyelashes.

1, I will apply the liquid of Mayurize on the hairline 's hairline. At this time, painting on the eyelashes' hair does not paint, but if you paint with a feel like filling the hairline part, it is highly effective, it is recommended to close your eyes and paint.

2, I will apply the same to the lower eyelashes, but in the case of the lower eyelashes, it is easier to open the eyes.

3, If you can paint the upper eyelashes and the lower eyelashes as if filling the hairline, the next will apply one eyelash's hair. As an image, with the same feeling as applying mascara, apply the tip to the root of the eyelashes and apply it to the tip of the hair.

If the liquid of mealuzu is getting low, it seems that liquid hardly comes out and it is difficult to use. In that case, please invert the container and collect the liquid in the cap. By doing this, you can incorporate active ingredients without waste until the end.

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Comparison of Mayu Rise and Eyebrow Tinto

Many people are considering using "eyebrow tint" to realize beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrow Tinto is a Korean-born cosmetic that can be used once and keep beautiful eyebrows for a week. It makes it easy to become an ideal eyebrow, so it has become a topic just like Mayu Rise. However, because the eyebrows Tinto and Mayu Rise are completely different in purpose, there are merits and demerits, respectively. Here, I will compare the effect of eyebrows tinting and Mayu Raises and cospa etc, so please try to see which one suits you.

The eyebrow tint is of a gel type, it paints and dries an appropriate amount on the eyebrows, it becomes an eyebrow which looked beautiful just by peeling it off. By penetrating the eyebrows with pigment, it has the effect of becoming a natural impression eyebrow.

Meanwhile, Mayu Rise is not an eye makeup, it has the effect of growing the eyebrows itself. It is the same as the eyebrow tint in that it emphasizes the appearance of the eyebrows, but unlike the eyebrow tinting that only adds color, MayuLeze is a great merit to increase the eyebrow itself.

Compared to the price, the eyebrow tint is 1,400 yen (including tax), and by contracting the course, the eyebrow tint is 980 yen for the first time and about 6,000 yen from the second time onwards. Comparing at a single price, the eyebrow tint is fairly cheap, but since it only makes eye makeup, there is no fundamental effect of thickening the eyebrows.

In the case of Mayu Raises, although the price is high, if you continue for a few months, you can get your own natural eyebrows and resolve many years' troubles, so I think that it is worth it. Also, in the case of eyebrow tinting, the effect is long lasting, but it disappears in one week at most, and there are many times you need to buy to keep going. In that regard too, if Mayu Raises is satisfied with the hair growth of the eyebrows, he can cancel his contract to withdraw from the contract and, as a result, I think that Mayu Rise is better at thinking COSPA is better I will.

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Mayurize also grows a beard?

Mayurize is eyebrow beauty essence to grow eyebrows, but there may be people who think that it is the same as "eyebrow hair growth agent". In the case of a hair growth agent, there may be a case where a beard grows as a side effect. Therefore, some people are worried that "Mayuzu will make you grow beard?"The reason why hair grows when using a hair growth agent that increases hair is because blood circulation is promoted. A hair growth agent with a high hair growth effect contains a medicinal ingredient excellent in hair growth effect called "minoxidil", and this ingredient plays a role of promoting blood circulation and delivering nutrition to the whole body. As a result, nourishment also spreads over the beard, making it easy to grow beards.

Also, since many hair tonic agents work in conjunction with male hormones, it can be considered that beards are likely to grow due to this influence. However, because it does not contain male hormones, it does not make the beard thick due to the influence of male hormones, and because it does not contain ingredients with high blood circulation promoting effect contained in the hair tonic, You can think that there is not enough effect to encourage hair.

Mayurize has hair growth effect by painting on eyebrows, so side effects like hair growing in places that are not painted will not occur. So, on the contrary, is a person who wants to grow beards can increase Mayuize by applying it to the beard?

Both hair, eyebrows and beards have the same structure where hair grows, so it can be thought that if you apply Mayardize to a beard the same effect as eyebrows will be obtained. However, because it is not made to grow mustard, its effect is not guaranteed, and it is not confirmed whether there are side effects. Therefore, if you want to grow beard, please use at your own risk.

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About "repayment guarantee" of Mayu Rise

If you are investigating on Mayurize on the Internet, you probably see a personal site that highlights the term "120 days money back guarantee". Because you will see it on various sites too, there will be people who decided to purchase affected by this information. However, there are many troubles regarding repayment correspondence, actually in the word of mouth. Because, at the official Mayuzu site, we do not currently offer a money back guarantee.

So, why are there so many sites that make such hoaxes flow? To drain hoaxing is not meaningless if there is no profit in the site by fooling, but it is considered that there is no benefit even if you run a hoax that recommends refund guarantee of MayuRaize.

I wonder if you put a hoax that does not have such a profit, it is caused by negligence of the operator of the site. Originally it was not the purpose of shedding hoax, but in the early days when Mayu Raises was sold, the money back guarantee was actually done on the official website. However, many refund guarantees have been reserved for bad purpose such as resale, the refund guarantee is canceled and it is not implemented even now.

Even now, the site which is claiming refund guarantee was made at the time of actual repayment guarantee being carried out on the official website of Mayu Rise. Since personal sites usually do not update once they are made, they keep the old information without checking the old information. Also, even if you know that refund guarantee is not currently taking place, there are sites that are cumbersome to update and leave as it is. And those who do not know that the information is wrong by looking at the personal site will believe the money back guarantee and purchase it and it will be in trouble with the official website.

In Mayurize, the refund guarantee has ceased to exist, but when applying for a regular purchase, it is possible to purchase at the price of 880 yen for the first time at 980 yen. It is not only for people who want a refund guarantee, but all people who wish to purchase can now purchase it with great advantage.

Although there is no refund guarantee for 120 days, we only accept refunds only in special cases where obvious abnormal health has appeared.

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About "Tokutoku course" of Mayu Rise

On the official website, Mayu Rise has a regular course such as "Tocco course" and you can purchase it very advantageously. The Toccok course is conditional on continuation for 4 months, but it is recommended for people who want to increase eyebrows and change the impression of the face seriously.

So then why is this course a four month contract? The reason is that the hair cycle has a time to grow easily and a time to slip easily, which involves taking about 3 months to cycle through the cycle. If you do not know this hair cycle, there are many people who stop using Mayu Rise, thinking that "Effect will not appear at all" by using Mayu Raises for only one month when hair is easily removed.

It is commonplace that eyebrows do not grow even if Mayu Raises is used at the time of hair loss. Let's remember that eyebrow hair growth agents and eyebrow beauty liquids like Mayalize are made so that they will be effective at the time hair grows.

Therefore, if you do not use it continuously for 3 months or more, you will not get enough effect. And the Mayokuzu Toto t course is also conditional on the continuation of 4 months because there are individual differences in the effect.

In the Mayukura Tosoku course, the regular price is 8,980 yen, the first time it is 980 yen at 89% discount, and when paying with credit it will be 500 yen. Since it can purchase at 5,980 yen of 33% discount after the second time onwards, it is considerably profitable when using it continuously.

You can purchase one book at a regular price by trial, but as you explained here, you can not feel hair growth effect just by trying it for about a month. If you try it in the growing period of hair well, it may be effective, but again, in order to get enough effect we recommend contracting the 4 month Tokutoku course.

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Risky "eyebrow art make-up"

Mayurize is an item that gradually grows eyebrows by active ingredients with excellent safety. However, because it will take several months to realize the effect, you probably think that you want to include "eyebrow art makeup" because you can not wait so much.

Eyebrow art makeup is a technique born in the United States, and injects pigment into the skin where eyebrows are growing, drawing eyebrows in an ideal form. Recently, it has been attracting much attention recently because it will not fall off color even if you sweat or get wet with water, its effect will last 3 years.

However, it is difficult to find a reliable place with a salon in the area that I can communicate with, and the cost will cost around 100,000 yen, so it is not easy to accept. Besides, although it is a reputable salon in a word-of-mouth etc., if there is a problem with the skill of the staff in charge, it may not be the desired eyebrows.

Furthermore, because it puts colors in the same form as "tattoo", if you really do not like the shape, you have to receive treatment for removal. To remove it, it is necessary to use a laser or incision by surgery depending on the condition. As you can see, there are some risks associated with art makeup, so we need to check firmly and consider whether you can really add color.

Actually, some people have trouble on the skin, cuts left, or burned. Why do not you make efforts to raise your own eyebrows at Mayu Rise, although it will take time before making an art make with such a danger? If it is Mayuurizu, you can get natural and healthy eyebrows because it has the effect of healthy skin and adjusting eyebrows growing condition, not burdening the skin.

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Do you stop growing again if you quit Mayu Rise?

Continuing Mayuzu also eliminates the troubles of the eyebrows that are thin or not easily growing, and you can realize the eyebrows of Fusafusa. However, many people are worried that "If you stop using Mayuzuraisu, will not you grow again?" If the eyebrows do not come up as soon as I quit Mayu Raises, I have to keep using Mayu Rise for a long time and then it will cost a lot.

If you stop using it as a hair growth agent for men 's hair, its effect will not continue, and there are things that will return to the original. But, in case of Mayuzu you do not have such a thing, so you do not have to worry. Eyebrows grew in Mayu Rise, so even if you quit at that point, you will not get back soon. This is because Mayu Raises will grow hair by activating the hair root, so if you do not weaken the hair root, it will never return.

However, if you do an act of weakening the hair root, such as extracting the eyebrows, it will not grow again, so it is important that you do not put a strain on the eyebrows afterwards and do the correct care. Also, even if it becomes an ideal eyebrow, it is recommended not to completely stop the Mayu Rise, but to use it only for a while for a while.

Also, in a few weeks, it may be good to urge you to restore the power that the eyebrows possess, on the day that you do not use Mayu Raises. Mayuzu always gives nourishment to the eyebrows, it becomes like what it is supposed to be natural, and it may be influenced if it stops suddenly. For that reason, it is important to gradually reduce the frequency of using Mayuzu, and prepare an environment where hair growth can be achieved with the original power.

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