Recommended overseas travel in winter

How to enjoy traveling in Vietnam

When going abroad for winter vacation, the climate of the destination will be the most important point. Because it is a great overseas trip, I hope we can have good weather if possible, right? However, there are many countries in the winter season where there are many sunny days in Japan during the dry season. Here, I will introduce one of them, "Vietnam".

Vietnam is recommended to travel on winter vacation, but because the terrain is long and thin, there are dry season and rainy season depending on the area even at the same time. If you go to Vietnam in winter of Japan, "Ho Chi Minh" or "Hanoi" would be good.

Ho Chi Minh will have a climate of constant summer throughout the year, from November to March will be the dry season. The recommended sightseeing spot in Ho Chi Minh is the pink and lovely church called "Tan Dinh Church" (Tan Din Church), a place I want you to absolutely go on a trip with a woman. Also, luxurious hotels can be accommodated at low prices, so it's also a good idea to spend luxurious hours at the hotel.

To enjoy traveling in Vietnam, it is also good to try on the traditional costume of Vietnamese 'Ao Zai', try sightseeing in the bustling town or look for a cute traditional souvenir. In the city, there are many stalls and you can enjoy unusual cuisines and sweets that you can not see in Japan.

Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, a city in northern Vietnam. There are four seasons in Hanoi, the period of January to March is around November of the climate of Japan. Because it is located in the north, it gets a bit cold in winter and long sleeve clothes are necessary, but it is much warmer than winter in Japan.

Luxury hotels in Hanoi can also stay cheaply and enjoy a comfortable hotel stay. You can also receive high quality esthetics and nails fairly cheaply. It is good to have authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the restaurant, but Vietnam was originally French territory, so you can enjoy French cuisine.

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If you are traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland recommends

Asia is easier to go from Japan, so you can travel abroad easily, but in particular it is recommended because Japan has many warm and climatic countries even in cold weather in winter.

Hong Kong has a temperate climate all the year, and is suitable for traveling abroad in the dry season between October and April. Night view is very beautiful and it is the view which is chosen as the world's three biggest night scenes as "Night view of one million dollars". You can stay at a hotel that overlooks the night view from the room at cheap price, or you can eat delicious food at the vibrant night market.

Especially, if you travel in Hong Kong during winter in Japan, "Hong Kong Disneyland" is recommended. Disneyland in Japan is impressed by being wrapped in a gorgeous mood, such as an event to be held in winter, but it is a problem that it is very cold, is not it? But, Hong Kong Disneyland is a time when it is easy to spend and rain is low. Besides, compared to Japan, it is also attractive that it is considerably vacant. Hong Kong is because there are many tourist spots and it will not concentrate on Disneyland.

Therefore, even if you take a two-shot photo with Disney's popular character, you do not have to spend time lining up and you can leave a nice picture. Other than that, Disneyland's castle in Hong Kong may be a place to discover and enjoy the difference with Japan, such as Castle of Sleeping Beauty, not Cinderella Castle.

Also, we can enrich original souvenirs that can only be purchased at Hong Kong Disneyland. Popular character 'Duffy' is also loved by people in Hong Kong, so it is also characterized by many Duffy goodies. You may also find Duffy goods in Hong Kong's unique Chinese clothes.

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How to enjoy in Hong Kong in winter

Hong Kong, like Japan, the four seasons are not clear, but for Hong Kong people, December - February is winter time. And, since there is a method of enjoying only in winter, if you travel overseas to Hong Kong this time, why do not you join in with Hong Kong people?

Hong Kong people who are relatively warm throughout the year seem to feel "winter" through annual events such as Christmas, New Year's Day, Lunar New Year, etc. We enjoy food, fashion, events and so on according to the event. Let's introduce the poetry of Hong Kong in winter that we would like to taste by traveling overseas to Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong people 's winter meal would be "fire pot". In Hong Kong, it seems that many people eat hot pots twice a week. Since firepan has been penetrating in Japan, I think that there are many people who know it, but briefly explaining, the pot is divided into two, one side is a plain hot soup and the other spice is spices Put a hot and red hemp soup that you enter and eat meat, fish and shellfish, vegetables and other favorite ingredients with your favorite soup. At famous firepot shops, crowds are crowded on weekends and so please do not miss the time and go to eat by all means.

Also, the dish called "Bow Jay Fan" will appear in the menu when it is in winter. Bowjai Fan is a dish like Japanese kamboa that cooks ingredients such as rice, meat, fish and vegetables in a unique shaped pot for one person. Since it takes time to cook after placing an order, it is a good idea to ask other menus as well.

From the end of November until the end of New Year's Eve, it's a winter bargain season, so it's also a pleasure to travel in Hong Kong. Although it is a warm country in winter, fashionable Hong Kong people are also interested in autumn / winter fashion, so things that Japanese people like are likewise sold well. Please do drop in by all means because we can get it quite cheaply.

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Attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country blessed with climate that is easy to spend even when visiting any time. Especially if you go abroad for the coldest winter vacation in Japan, you want to go to a warm country? There are many warm countries in Japan during winter, but Malaysia is recommended as there are many sightseeing spots.

In November to Malaysia in January it will be rainy season, but squall will still happen occasionally, it will clear up as soon as it passes, and it will not rain all day long. Let me introduce the charm of Malaysia.

When it comes to overseas travel, it is an image that must be secured for long holidays, but if you are traveling to Malaysia you can sightsee for only one day. First of all, the flight time from Japan to Malaysia is about 7 hours and it is a warm country, so you can go shopping with few baggage such as clothes. Among them, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is easy to travel around tourist spots by train, so you can feel the charm of the city in a short time.

If you are traveling in Malaysia you are sure to visit "Badu Caves" located in Badu-Caves Town, Selangor Province near Kuala Lumpur. It is a huge cave opened as a Hindu temple in the 19th century. At the entrance of the cave there is a large golden statue, from which we will climb the stairs of 272 steps. Many colorful mural paintings and exhibits depicting Hindu mythology are displayed in the cave.

It is a recommended tourist spot that you want to go to "Blue Mosque" in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. It is the largest in Malaysia, the fourth largest in the world, magnificent and very beautiful Muslim chapel. Budou cave and Blue Mosque will feel a completely different culture and world view from Japan, so please take a look at the trip plan for yourself.

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Resort sites in Malaysia

When a cold day continues, I miss the summer glittering sun, I feel like a dream when I was scared at the sea. Why do not you travel abroad to such a country where you can enjoy the best beach resort in such a cold winter in Japan?

Malaysia is the best season at any time in the 365th summer tropical paradise. For that reason, there are many resort hotels that can spend elegant and luxurious hours, and there is a nature resort where you can enjoy nature, so you can spend the best time you can not experience in Japan.

Langkawi island floating in the Andaman Sea on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula is a particularly recommended resort island. Spend a relaxing stay in a dreamlike location with a beautiful and clear blue sea and sky, white beach, relax at a luxurious hotel with a service, enjoy a variety of activities. In addition, massage and spa are recommended, and heart and body are healed in the best space.

Pulau Penang is also a recommended resort area in Malaysia, but here you can stroll through historic buildings and townscapes in addition to enjoyment on the beach. Penang Island was settled more than 200 years ago by Britain and then became a relay point of trade between east and west, so there are mixed cultures of different countries and an atmosphere of exoticism is left behind is.

If you go from Japan to Langkawi or Pulau Penang, there is no direct flight, but you can go from Kuala Lumpur by domestic flight. By transferring from Kuala Lumpur to the domestic flight, it takes about 55 minutes to Langkawi Airport and about 50 minutes to Penang Airport. For overseas trips during winter vacation, please go to the Malaysian resort area where you can enjoy the best feeling.

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If you enjoy the beach in Thailand "Phi Phi Islands"

The "rainy season" and "dry season" of "Thailand" are different depending on the region even in Japan. In most areas such as Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket on the Andaman Sea side, the dry season is from November to March, the western Samui is opposite February? September is the dry season. Also, Thailand is a warm country even in winter, but the dry season in the northern part is somewhat chilly. Therefore, if Japan goes overseas trip to northern Thailand during winter time November, if you go to the peninsula in the south, December? February would be the best.

Thailand where mixed historic culture and modern building is a country with various attractions depending on the area, Pattaya Beach, Phi Phi Island, Koh Samet is recommended for those who want to enjoy on the beach, people wanting to visit the temple are capital city Bangkok is recommended. Then, I will introduce sightseeing spots especially recommended for those who want to spend in a beautiful sea of ??Thailand overseas.

If you want to enjoy the best luxury in the beautiful sea, "Phi Phi island" is definitely recommended. There are six islands in Phi Phi Islands called Thai secret islands, and "Phi Phi Don Island" is the center of tourism. On Phi Phi Don Island, you can enjoy resort hotels like restaurants, restaurants, diving shops, and other dreamy resort stays.

Also, "Monkey Beach" is very popular with tourists on Phi Phi Don Island. As its name suggests, there are lots of monkeys on the beach, it is very cute as they come close and friendly. The monkey beach is also a transparent place with a high degree of transparency and the best location, but because it is a secret surrounded by a steep cliff, I can go only by boat. However, it is built into the tour around several islands called 'Island hopping tour', so participating in such a tour is easy to live.

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A famous temple in Bangkok

If you visit Thailand on a trip abroad during winter vacation, you can enjoy it in the hot summer beach where you can not taste in cold winter Japan, but it is also recommended to visit the temple to feel the difference in history and culture.

The Thai temple tour is "Bangkok". There are more than 400 temples in Bangkok City, and each one has a different charm. Here, we will introduce a representative temple you would like us to visit once you visit Bangkok overseas.

The "Emerald Temple" has a beautiful emerald Buddha image made of jade in the main hall. There is also a royal palace residing in the premises from the successive kings to the former Rama VII. On the walls of the corridor, beautiful paintings of "Ramaqueen narrative" are given. The emerald temple is open to gate until 8:30 pm until 8:00 pm, and it takes about an hour to watch slowly, so please leave with time. Also, there are also clothes that are forbidden, so please be sure to check well beforehand because you can not enter shorts, trousers, sandals, clothing with a lot of exposed skin, and damage-treated jeans.

Wat Arun is a famous temple drawn in 10 baht coins. Towing along the Chao Phraya River, a colored glass and pieces of china pottery are scattered, and like a mosaic art, a tower is decorated. The appearance of the sunset and the lighted up time are particularly fantastic and wonderful sights. People who want to slowly turn around in a quiet atmosphere, we recommend visiting early in the morning. Wat Arun is open from 7:30 AM.

Wat Po is the oldest temple in Bangkok. The highlight is the powerful nirvana statue of 46 meters in length, a delicate mural painting, and a stone replica of funny appearance. Also, Wat Pho is a traditional mountain of Thai massage, you can also get a full-scale massage.

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Recommended beach in Bali

Bali is a country that is warm throughout the year, unlike Japan where the four seasons are clear. Therefore, if Japan goes abroad to Bali during the winter season, you can enjoy the beach with swimsuit. There are many beautiful beaches in Bali, but among them is "Kuta beach" located in Kuta, the center of Bali.

Kuta was a small idyllic fishing village in the past but from around the 1960's surfers who were attracted by the beautiful ocean and spectacular waves gathered from the world and now it is the best downtown area in Bali It was. Accessibility of 20 minutes by car from Denpasar airport is also reason for being popular with tourists visiting overseas.

It is famous as a surfing mecca, but since around 5 pm before dusk, a lot of people gather at the beach with a big sunset view. In addition, it is recommended that people who want to spend Kuta beach at inexpensive accommodations, surf shops, large shopping malls, etc. to spend the whole day because there are also many tourists.

Discovery Mall is the most famous large shopping mall in the Kuta area. Anything including surf shops, fashion, souvenirs, electric shops, food, cafes, etc. is available. You can also enjoy the atmosphere alone, such as in the store being colonnade or live being held. Because the back of Discovery Mall is Kuta Beach, it is always crowded with tourists.

Kuta Beach Walk is a large shopping mall which is a new sight of Kuta opened in 2012, and a hotel is attached. There are shops in various genres such as famous brand shops, affordable shops, cosmetic brands, sports wear shops and so on. Also, shopping malls that children are excited about, such as LEGO shops and toy shops are fulfilling and it is a shopping mall that everyone in the family can enjoy.

Want to taste the best feeling in Bali overseas when the midnight summer mood is missed in the cold winter?

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Sightseeing spots I would like you to visit in Bali travel

If you go abroad on a winter break and go to Bali, you want to enjoy the best beach you can not do in cold winter Japan? There are many beaches in Bali and you can enjoy the beautiful sea. But the charm of Bali is not just the beach. Since there are sightseeing spots to go absolutely when visiting Bali, I will introduce recommended places.

First of all, it is "Tanah Lot Temple". The Tanah Lot Temple is a fantastic temple that seems to float in the sea because it is built on a big rock in the ocean. An entrance fee of approximately 480 yen is required at the gate to enter the temple, but it is a wonderful temple with magnificent view, and you can visit another temple in the street, so it is a tourist spot absolutely free to go. Also, there are many souvenir shops on the approach road, and it is fun just walking around the hula. In addition, there is a cafe in the place where the view of the hill is good, and you can slowly overlook the beautiful sight of Tanah Lot Temple.

Bali has many facilities where animals can be seen in the vicinity, and among them, "Bali safari & marine park" is particularly recommended. There are also 10 Tokyo dome areas on the site, Indonesian animals and animals from all over the world live in wild state. In the park, you can taste the tropical atmosphere where natural trees grow abundantly and it is full of special pleasures that you can not experience in Japan.

Moreover, "Safari journey" which goes around in the park with a special tram that can see the beast such as a lion and a cheetah up close, or can see the animals eating grass gently like zebra and rhin is very popular. Fun animals show is also held, so it is recommended for children.

There are a lot of people going abroad to Bali in the summer, so it may be difficult to pick up airline tickets in the summer, or the room charge is high, which may be troublesome. In that respect, Bali is recommended for abroad traveling during winter vacation, as it is easier to go if you go to Bali travel in winter.

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Attractive Laos

Laos is a small country with a population of about 6 million people, but it is a meat full of charm as it is built a unique culture and is called "unknown jewel of Southeast Asia". You can enjoy the traditional townscape and delicious cuisine, and there are many stylish resort hotels that also focus on sightseeing. Therefore, if you are planning to travel abroad to Southeast Asia, Laos is highly recommended.

Since the climate of Laos is "tropical monsoon climate", it is divided into "late February" in the middle of May, "hot season", late May, "dry season" in the middle of October, "late October" or "rainy season" in late February It does. If traveling abroad to Laos, the dry season which is cool and easy to spend is recommended, especially in Japan, December to January in cold winter season is the best season. I want to get out of winter in Japan and enjoy the summer feeling in warm countries, but it will be hard to get hotel reservations around New Year's Day, so if you are planning on Laos travel, let's plan ahead of time.

In Laos attractions we really want you to go, "Luang Prabang" in the city. The whole city was certified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 because it protects historical and cultural ruins in a beautiful green lush town where Mekong and Khan rivers join.

As a world heritage city, the cityscape is very beautiful, and you can see the city if you climb the "Phusi no Hill". Especially when the setting sun goes down, the best view is spread, so it is recommended to climb the hill of Phousi with time. However, the stairs up to the hill of Phousi is quite hard, so we need to go with easy-to-move clothes and shoes.

Also, on the main street of Luang Prabang, many stalls start to appear from the evening, "Night Market" will be held. A delicious food, Lao's mother handmade accessories and embroidered goods, such as nice shops are lined with narrowing. People in Laos have many modest people, so there is no forced customer attraction, so you can enjoy shopping with confidence.

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A superb view of Bolivia that can be seen only in winter

Bolivia is recommended if going overseas trip in winter. The reason may be that you can see valuable spectacular views that can only be seen during the winter season.

Speaking of Bolivia's superb view is "Uyuni salt lake". Uyuni salt lake is the dry salt ground in the highlands of the central western part of Bolivia. The area is 12,000 square kilometers, which is about the same size as Niigata Prefecture.

Bolivia has dry season and rainy season, and when water accumulates in Uyuni salt lake due to the rain falling in the rainy season, the scenery called "mirror of the sky" spreads out only to the water surface for the period until the water evaporates. The rainy season in Bolivia is from December to March, so if you go to see phenomenon like this heaven, you can not see it as not going in winter in Japan. However, most Japanese tourists are going to see the mirror in the sky, but Westerners and others are more popular when the white scenery in the dry season spreads all over. Also, in the vast world of white color, the perspective is crazy, so many tourists enjoy trick photographs using it.

However, in the best season to see the mirror in the sky, there are things we can not see if the amount of rain is small, too much, wind is strong. Let's remember that the mirror in the sky happened only in the rainy season and the miracle scenery that appears only when various conditions are met.

Also, the way from Japan to Uyuni Salt Lake is quite time consuming and expensive expenses are also required. Besides, it is a fact that there are many people who lose their physical condition because they are in a high altitude place and in harsh environments. If you really want to see a magnificent scenery, let's prepare a plenty of travel plans and prepare thoroughly for yourself and make thorough preparations.

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Christmas Market in Prague

If you are planning to go abroad in the winter, we recommend "Christmas market" which is also a synonym for winter in Europe. Here I will introduce the Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic, where you can feel like the world of picture books.

A Christmas market is a market that is open during Christmas time, and items unique to this time such as merchandise related to Christmas, food, drinks etc. are arranged. A lot of people gather before Christmas, but Christmas markets are held even in the beginning of December even after Christmas is over, so if you want to slowly go around the shop, we recommend you to move the times To do.

The most famous place in the Christmas market in Prague is the venue to be opened in front of the Teen church located in the Old Town Square. On the stalls that are decorated with ginkgo bowls, there are sausages, corn, local dishes, hot food shops, shops selling alcohol such as Czech beer and hot wine, wooden toys, handmade jewelry, scented candles, Christmas There are a variety of attractive shops, such as decorations and traditional goods shops. Also, the most impressive thing in this venue is the big Christmas tree in the center of the square. The fir tree used in this tree is brought from Mount Kourconosie in the northern part of the Czech Republic, and in the evening the light turns on and it shines beautifully.

I really want you to eat at Prague's Christmas Market, "Turdelneek". This sweet is made by winding a cloth around a metal thick rod and wrapping it with sugar, cinnamon, nuts and so on. At Christmas Market you can eat freshly made Atsuazu, and the dough is very delicious and it is very delicious.

If you travel overseas in winter, please make a wonderful memory at Prague Christmas Market by all means.

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Hot spring to enjoy on overseas trips

In Japan 's winter, you will want to go to "Onsen"? Especially the outdoor bath in the cold season will be extraordinary. Many people think that hot springs are unique to Japan, but in reality, there are other countries that enjoy hot springs in winter. Among them, the hot spring culture is rooted in Hungary in central Europe. Japanese hot springs are also good, but if you are considering traveling abroad in winter, why do not you enjoy Hungarian hot springs in a completely different atmosphere from Japan?

Hot springs in Hungary are pumping groundwater warmed by geothermal energy, so the temperature of hot water is around 35 degrees and it is tough for Japanese people. Therefore, even if it enters long, it is not only immersed in hot water, but also enjoying chess, enjoying DJ events, dancing while drinking beer, and seeing the hot spring in Japan The atmosphere is quite different. Let me introduce recommended hot spring facilities in Hungary.

Szechenyi Hot Spring is a hot spring located adjacent to the citizen park in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. You can bathe while watching the luxurious and very beautiful Neo Baroque-style building, there are various kinds of baths, and there is a hot spring pool outdoors. Business hours are from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, but DJ events are held every Saturday from 10:30 pm, and you can enjoy authentic club feeling while entering a hot spring by directing music and laser beam.

Miskolc Tapolca Cave Hot Springs is a facility where caves in the northeastern part of Hungary are hot springs. The cave is about 150 m in length, and there are five kinds of baths in it. The temperature of the hot water is 29 degrees? 35 degrees and it is lukewarm, but since outside air does not enter inside the cave, I do not feel cold even in winter. Miskolc Tapolca Cave Hot Spring is the best spot to enjoy both limestone cave exploration and hot springs.

People who like hot springs are recommended to travel overseas to Hungary, a hot spring big country. Please try experiencing hot springs that you can not imagine in Japan.

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Guatemala feels history

Central Guatemala is a country full of charm, one of the countries recommended for overseas travel, especially in winter. Guatemala will be in the summer season in the dry season from November to April. It is a country that is easy to spend with a mild climate throughout the year, but during the dry season it is difficult for hurricanes and squalls to happen, so it is recommended to go during the winter season in Japan.

There are many sightseeing resources in Guatemala. The ancient city of Antigua is registered as a World Heritage Site in a beautiful colonial style town. Antigua also has good access from Guatemala City where international flights arrive and depart, it is easy to understand because the road looks like a go board, and tourist spots are gathered, so it is easy to tourist city. Although it is a distance that can walk around walking, I am recommending it to memories of overseas travel because the "Tuk Tuk" of a three-wheeled taxi runs in the city, so it can cheaply and easily ride.

Antigua has many churches and monasteries built during the Spanish colonial era, and things that have become ruined by a major earthquake can also be viewed as tourist facilities. There is also a monastery refurbished for use as a hotel. The monastery hotel is a heavy stone building, decorated with antique furnishings with taste, each one has a different guest room, all of which are gorgeous spaces. The restaurant has an elegant atmosphere, and the taste of dishes is also the best. Moreover, Guatemala is very cheap, so luxurious hotels can stay cheaply.

Guatemala is a country where the history of ancient Maya remains, and you can feel it with your eyes by the skin. Please go to Guatemala for your next overseas trip.

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Aurora observation overseas travel

It seems like a dream to observe "aurora", but if you can do it I would like to see it once in my life. People who are interested in aurora recommend such a tour because overseas travel tours of travel agencies are prepared to go to see the aurora.

Famous for being able to observe aurora are Iceland, Finland, Canada's yellow knife, etc. I think that you are particularly concerned about the recommended place and the high probability of being seen. Even if you go to a place where you can observe, the aurora can not be seen reliably. Therefore, when traveling overseas to see the aurora, it is necessary to know a certain extent about aurora beforehand.

The area where the aurora is seen is called "aurora belt" and conditions of climate and solar activity are suitable for aurora observation. Also important for auroral observation is that the weather is "fine weather". Since the place where the aurora appears is altitude 100 ?, it emits light at a higher place than the cloud, so if clouds are out, you can not see the aurora from the ground.

Even if it is sunny, it can not be observed in places where visibility is obstructed by buildings or buildings, so it is a condition that can be observed, because there is no big building, a place where visibility has been opened. Also, in places with many buildings, the lights are lit even at night when the aurora can be observed, so the aurora can not be observed. For that reason, a dark place where there is no artificial light in a fairly wide place is the best.

Although it is the observation season of the aurora, the region such as Scandinavian and North America has a high probability in the winter of November to March. The middle of August? The summer season at the end of September is also the observation season, but conditions such as climate and sunshine hours are better in winter time. Therefore, when planning an aurora tour etc overseas trip, winter season is recommended.

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Yellow knife with high aurora encounter rate

For those who are planning to travel abroad for aurora observation, Canada's "Yellowknife" is recommended. The yellow knife is a town in the northwestern part of Canada, located just under the aurora belt and the winter weather is good, so it is one of the world's best aurora spots.

Also, the yellow knife is famous not only for the high encounter rate of the aurora but also for the good quality aurora to be seen, the phenomenon that the aurora "breakup" explodes occurs several times a month, it is fantastic It is also highly likely that you can see the appearance of aurora.

The time when the aurora can be observed with the yellow knife is in the middle of August? The summer season in late September, the middle of November? The winter season in early April. During this period, it is said that the probability of seeing aurora in 3 days is 95%, and you can watch the aurora with a good probability. On the contrary, it is difficult to watch the aurora during times other than the observation season when the weather becomes unstable or dark, so it is better to check well in advance.

Especially, it is good to observe in the winter with a good climate, but it will be pretty cold in winter, so you have to be careful about anti-cold measures adequately. However, there is also a facility called "Aurora Village" complete with heating, so that we can warm the body, such as warm drinks are prepared and it is a facility for observing aurora, so pick up, tour, We can also receive advice and advice from staff members, such as guides.

The way to go to the yellow knife on overseas trip will be transferred from Narita airport by Vancouver or Calgary. When you transfer in Vancouver, you can go from Vancouver to Edmond or Calgary, then transfer to another yellow knife. The person who went from Narita airport by Calgary flight feels like a recommendation because it only requires one connection, but this flight will be less convenient in the winter as the number of flights will be less in the winter season There is also. Let's decide which route to route, the time to go, the time required, departure and arrival time, price and so on.

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Recommended clothing and belongings for overseas travel in winter

It is considered to be an off season for overseas trips in winter, and you can enjoy traveling abroad by avoiding congestion at cheaper rates than summer. However, when going to a warm country in the winter of Japan, it is good, but when going to a cold country, I do not know how cold it is, I think there are times when you are in trouble with clothes and belongings. Here, I will introduce points of belongings and clothes when going abroad in the cold winter.

When going to a cold country, Cairo and Heat Tech are useful. However, in the country where the winter is cold, there are times when the interior is made quite warm with the heating equipment so that you can spend comfortably in the room, so you may sweat it if you wear it too much. When I sweat and go out to cold places, I will catch a cold and ruin my overseas trips. People who are easy to sweat and worried people are encouraged to prepare them to be replaced with T - shirts.

In cold countries, it is cold outside and most of the rooms are warm, so considering the choice of coat you wear outside, you do not have to wear so much in the inside. The recommended coat is a material that is resistant to rain and wind, is a light and warm long down coat. In the case of women, fashion is indispensable anywhere and skirts may also be worn so let's keep it cold with a long length coat.

Also, even if you warm your body with the coat, it will be cold and painful when your ears are out. Therefore, let's not forget the measures against the cold of the ear with ear hat and knit cap etc. Furthermore, if it is a cold place too, even if you are wearing socks, the tip of the foot may get cold, so you have to be careful with the shoes you wear. Sneakers are easy to walk but they are cold through the wind and weak on the water, so boots from leather are recommended.

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Clothes useful for overseas travel

If you decide to go abroad, you will be excited at the preparatory stage with pleasure and you will want to dress fashionably, do not you? However, when traveling abroad with climate completely different from Japan, it does not mean that we just need to go fashionable. Also, when traveling to various countries over several days, weather and temperature will differ depending on the country, so preparation will be hard. Here, as you go to any country, please refer to clothing that you should bring at least as good as you can, so please try it.

  • ・Windbreaker

If you go to a warm country throughout the year in Japan, if you jump out of cold Japan and you can taste the everyday summer, there will be people who only prepare light clothes. However, it may be cold at night or it may rain suddenly, so it is very useful to have a wind breaker. Because the fabric of the wind breaker is thin, it is compact and gathered up and it is not bulky, I think that it is easy to carry with it.

If you buy a wind breaker when traveling overseas, choose a ventilation function that can prevent stuffiness and adjust the temperature. Moreover, it is recommended to fold compactly, it is convenient to carry and recommended.

  • ・ Thin long-sleeved T-shirt

A thin long-sleeved T-shirt fabric is recommended because it can be used as a measure against sunburn in summer, as a measure against cold in winter. Even in a pretty hot country, it is not hot to wear thin long sleeves rather than direct sunlight directly to the skin.

  • ・ Breathable pants

When traveling for several days, I think that some people sleep wearing clothes to wear the next day instead of pajamas to reduce their luggage. And you will wash yourself in the middle of the trip, go to the coin laundry, and wear it. However, thick trousers are hard to dry, so it may be better not to wash. Therefore, it is better to take only thin pants for pajamas. Also, sportswear trousers are mostly breathable, so it's easy to dry easily after washing.

  • ・Beach sandal

When saying beach sandals, it is an image to wear to spend on a beach in a warm country, but it is also useful for others. It is used as footwear for indoor use such as hotels. Slippers are prepared in the hotel room, but I think that there are also people who have resistance to wearing with bare feet, so it would be nice if there is something that you can wear with confidence. Also, even in an airplane, shoes feel cramped, so I think that feet will be comfortable if you change to a beach sandal.

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A handy medicine when taking it overseas trip

Since traveling abroad goes to an unfamiliar country, changes may also appear in the physical condition. Therefore, you need to prepare medicines in case you lose your physical condition. Although you can purchase medicine overseas, we may not be able to read explanations or you may be concerned about efficacy, so we recommend taking medications you always use.

  • ・ Intestinal regulator

When going overseas travel, there are unusual foods that can not be eaten in Japan, I think that you will want to eat while feeling the cultural difference. However, eating unfamiliar foods may cause you to get hungry. It is safe to prepare an "intestinal preparation" for such a time. Since the intestinal agent has the effect of balancing the intestinal environment, it also improves the condition of the stomach. Also, due to a different environmental change from Japan, you may become stressed before you notice it, causing abdominal pain, so even in such cases, the intestinal is effective.

  • ・ Anti-diarrhea

Like an intestinal disorder, when your stomach is in bad shape, it is safe to prepare "diarrhea stop". However, if you have symptoms such as fever and nausea with diarrhea, we recommend that you consult a medical institution as soon as possible because there is a possibility of infection.

  • ・ Overall cold medicine

Even if Japan goes on a trip in the winter season, the destination may be hot like the summer, or the temperature may be quite low even in the same winter, which may cause a burden on the body and cause symptoms of a cold. Also, some people can not adjust their clothes well and lose their physical condition. In preparation for such a case, let's prepare a "general cold medicine" containing multiple ingredients.

Besides, it is safe to prepare antipyretic analgesics for headaches and menstrual cramps, people who are concerned about motion sickness, sickness, stomach medicine and so on.

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Notes on overseas trip with children

Children under 2 years of age can keep traveling expenses such as airplane and hotel considerably even if taking overseas travel, so you can enjoy it cheaply even if you travel with all your family. However, taking a small child to travel abroad has various problems.

For example, a baby does not have immunity, so it is easy to infect a virus, there are fears of accidental ingestion or falling while keeping a moment, or parents are careful, I do not know when and what will happen .

Also, sanitary goods such as baby bottles, powdered milk, disposable diapers are good ones normally used in Japan, and since we need to bring strollers, the number of luggage will be quite high. Also, even in an airplane, when the baby's bad mood gets worse, I will cry loudly and I think parents will get tired of their bodily mind both to praise it.

Considering such worries, we recommend that you decide your destination for traveling overseas with small children by paying attention to the following points.

  • ・ A country of comfortable climate and temperature
  • ・ Countries with little time difference with Japan
  • ・ Countries that can be reached with short flight times
  • ・ Less travel and less time spent
  • ・ Hotel where hygiene is thoroughly done

Since the air is dry in Japan's winter season, there are also many children who lose their physical condition after returning home, so be careful. As an adult's feeling, I think that I want to enjoy the cold winter at the beach of a warm country, but for children's body, that temperature difference becomes a heavy burden. Therefore, it is recommended to go to countries and times where the temperature difference with Japan is not so large.

Also, even in countries where the climate does not change with Japan, air conditioning is often very effective in hotels, shopping malls, department stores, etc., so it is also necessary to prepare for temperature adjustment.

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