Effect of replacement diet and rebound

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Now, in Japan replacement diet is a little boom.

Replacement diet tends to be a diet that does not eat, but a diet that does not eat creates an obese constitution and eventually falls into rebound or sickness.

Replacement diet is to improve overdose of eating well so as not to rebound.

Diet that does not eat makes a thick constitution, but let's avoid making a mistake that the original replacement diet is a diet that makes lean body constitution.

It is a matter of course that you can lose weight if you do not eat it.
But that is where the body goes into starvation, drops metabolism as much as possible, and makes an obese constitution that tries to pool it in fat.

Therefore, it is not recommended to replace two meals.

It is because it is difficult to take important nutrients on the 1st day with the rest of the meal.

You can succeed in dieting without rebounding by keeping nutrients necessary for the diet every day, taking no extra nutrients unnecessary and avoiding starvation.

Replacement diet is a very promising diet, but there are also many people who have the most failures and are more fat than before the diet.

It is a shortcut for success not to make the starvation state by taking necessary nutrients to not make such a fat constitution.

Nutrients to be thoroughly reduced are carbohydrates, lipids, carbohydrates.
It is important to reduce these and ensure that you take the necessary nutrients securely.

In this way, substitute diet may cause rebound by making thick constitution, it may fail and you have to be careful.

1) Dinner is best if you replace diet with effective
2) Even if you replace diet, it will not be effective
3) Use various substitute diet items well
4) Difference and effect of fasting and replacing diet
5) Method and effect of Fasting replacement diet
6) Exercise for Effective Replacement Diet
7) Method and effect of diet substituting with banana
8) Diet substitution with chicken meat meat ・ method and effect
9) Diet substitution with konjak ・ Method and effect
10) Replaced with egg white Diet ・ Method and effect
11) Replacement diet with enzyme drink ・ Method and effect
12) Diet substitution with apple ・ method and effect
13) Diet replaced with tofu ・ Method and effect
14) Replaced with agar ・ Method and effect
15) Replaced with cabbage Diet ・ Method and effect
16) Diet / method and effect replaced with calorie mate

Dinner is best if you replace diet with effective

Dinner is best if you replace diet with effectiveThe replacement diet is a diet which a beginner of a diet is easy to do first, and it is also a diet that a person who does not succeed in dieting finally arrives at all in the end.

In other words, the replacement diet looks very easy, it is a diet that often fails unexpectedly, it means that it is also a diet that surely effects will come out if you do it firmly.

So there is a point to do effective diet replacement.
It is when it will replace diet.

First of all, it is said that dieting is apt to fail if you try too hard from the beginning.
If it is too impossible, it will not continue.

So first try replacing breakfast or lunch which is not too hot.
However, it is actually dinner that really is effective.

But it is surprisingly painful to replace dinner.
So, you should start by accustoming to a slightly replaced diet.

It is said that the evening is still the most fat meal in the day.
It is more than 4 hours since you absolutely eat it, it is very difficult to go to bed after digesting completely, sleeping in undigested state tends to be the most fat.

Also, suppose that we finished eating lunch at 1 o'clock and breakfast on the next day is 7 o'clock, the stomach will be empty for about 18 hours.

This is a dieting method close to mini-fasting diet, it is said that diet effect is more high.

Let's replace dinner as much as possible for this reason.
Also, replacement of two meals a day is not recommended as it has a high rebound risk due to lack of nutrition.

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Even if you replace diet, it will not be effective

Even diet substitute diet is a popular way.

For those who want to lose weight quickly, you can lower your weight by reducing food anyway.
However, even if the weight actually drops a little, there may be times when the effect is not felt much afterwards, but this is considered to have caused rebound in the body.

When we say rebound, we have an image that it happens as soon as I stop dieting.
Of course, even if it seems that he actually succeeded in dieting when he / she became obese with a wrong diet, it is natural that if you return to normal eating habits, you will become fat.

However, even during a diet, when the body suddenly becomes starved, a rebound condition will occur.

As a result, your weight will not go down, so we will cut down on food quickly and in some cases you will take a diet replaced three times a day if it is terrible.

We will lose weight if we do so, but the body is tattered with nutritional deficiency.
If this happens, the immunity also decreases, and the risk of developing diseases such as cancer and becoming thinner becomes higher.

And even with such a wrong diet even if it succeeds, if you return to your normal diet, it will cause a violent rebound that will get fat more and more than before the diet.
Of course, fearing it and continuing for an unreasonable diet for a long time will cause not only the body but also the spirit to get sick.

In other words, the wrong substitute diet can not be thinned smoothly during a diet, and it tends to fall into a more excessive diet.

Therefore, it is recommended that you replace diet to be effective once a day.

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Use various substitute diet items well

People who are very good at replacing diet seem to be using various diet foods without unexpected surprises.

For example, it is recommended to make a substitute diet that suits yourself by using various foods, such as replacing bananas, making it yoghurt, but you can not get tired of just the same thing after all.

From such tiredness, the substitute diet that has been trying hard all the time, may not continue.

In the case of a replacement diet, if you only lose weight, a breathless battle fight is also recommended, but if you make a constitution that is hard to gain, you will need to do it in a long-term decisive battle.

It is important to keep it to a certain extent in order to create a constitution that is really difficult to gain weight, so to avoid getting tired of it is also important.

Because human beings feel happy to eat, it is important to feel joy in the replacement diet after all.

So, now that various substitute diet products are on sale, it is important to make sure that you can feel satisfied even with deliciousness and quantity, such as placing vegetables plus a bit of hands on them Is it not?

Of course, there are also people who continue to keep thoroughly the same thing everyday, so people who replace diet with the same thing everyday do not have a problem as such people.

But if you want to be more satisfied, want to eat more freely, do not stick to one ingredient, let's use various substitute diet products.

There are also soba noodles made with Konnyaku, ramen, porridge, curry, spaghetti.
Also, when the desire to eat sweets becomes high, it may be good to eat diet cookies etc for replacement.

When you want the amount of konnyaku ramen, you can stir like moyishi if you stir fry, you can satisfy your feelings and your stomach.

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Difference and effect of fasting and replacing diet

Fasting diet is very similar to replacement diet.
Fasting is about fasting, fasting for 18 hours from mini fasting, fasting for 24 hours, 36 hours, 48 ??hours fasting is popular.

Replacement diet will replace only 1 serving out of 3 meals in 24 hours a day, with low-calorie food and reduce the total meal of the day.

It is a part similar to the replacement diet and the fasting diet where opening the meal interval widely from the meal and resting the internal organs is a part which is basically a slightly different diet method.

Basically it is only water and hot water while fasting, but recently there are also ways to replace homemade vegetable juice and enzyme drink instead of meals.

Fasting has the effect of raising metabolism by giving a rest to the internal organs without taking a meal to a certain extent.

It also improves physical condition and improves intestinal environment and has detoxification effect.
Compared to it, substitution diet emphasis on reducing meals first rather than detoxification and metabolism improvement.

Basically it is a little different from Fasting, but enzyme diet substitute diet etc are very similar to Mini Fasting.

Therefore, the diet that replaces dinner is the most effective, which can open the interval between meals best.

Replacement diet needs to be done everyday, and conversely fasting is said to be recommended 1/2/1 of the week.
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Method and effect of Fasting replacement diet

Fasting replacement diet can be said to be a diet method that makes good points of a fast diet and a replacement diet as one.

It is a combination of both a highly effective fasting diet that enhances metabolism and detox and a replacement diet that controls the meal amount per day.

In the case of a replacement diet, you can get a feeling of fullness by eating less calorie.
Therefore, we can replace various low calorie foods instead of meals.

But since Fasting put emphasis on emptying the inside of the gastrointestinal tract, replacement foods that can get a feeling of fullness are not suitable.

In the case of diet substituting for fasting, recommended food is vegetable juice or enzyme extract, avoiding solids as much as possible, these are considered to be optimal as feeling satisfying rather than fasting.

Enzyme drinks and vegetable juices, etc. contain vitamins and minerals, respectively, which enhance absorption of enzymes, but they are also perfect for fasting diets with less strain on the gastrointestinal tract.

Enzyme drinks are expensive compared with those on the market, so we recommend you to make them at home.
Especially the enzyme drink using various fruits, the smell is good, and it will be fun to drink.

Also, vegetable juice, commercially available products are very few enzymes, vitamins and minerals, so we recommend that you make it at home.
To use fresh vegetables and fruits and put out apples in the juicer to eliminate the odor, it would be a good idea.
It is also recommended to add lemon juice.

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Exercise for Effective Replacement Diet

Replacement diet basically has the effect of reducing weight regardless of exercise.

However, if you want to lose weight as soon as possible, if you want to lose weight considerably, we recommend exercise at the same time.

So what kind of exercise is recommended?
First of all exercise has aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.
Aerobic exercise is exercising while putting oxygen in the body, exercise such as walking, swimming, jogging, aerobics.

Also, anaerobic exercise is exercise to make muscle without oxygen and it becomes exercise of muscle tray system.
Ideal for oxygen aerobic center 80%, muscle tray system anaerobic exercise about 20%.

By attaching muscle with anaerobic exercise you can increase basal metabolism.

Aerobic exercise has an energy consumption effect, both of which you want to do in a well-balanced manner.
However, those who do not like exercise, do not like it, will not quite continue even if they do exercise unreasonably.

Therefore, it is recommended to start walking with the intention of taking a walk every day.
Swimming etc. are also popular because of whole body movement.

We also recommend stretching and squatting at home at your own pace.
Aerobic exercise has the effect of arranging autonomic nerves, but there are times when the effect is thin unless it is done for a long time.

In addition, anaerobic exercise can make sharpness in the body, and can also create necking and the like.

However, it seems that it can be said that muscle pain occurs and it is easy to get injured.

If you lose your weight, it is said that hip shapes are also less likely to hang when exercising.

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Method and effect of diet substituting with banana

In the morning banana boom where one doctor became a fireman, the popular banana sales area of ??the supermarket became out of stock and the dieters in Japan jumped.

Simply put, I just replace breakfast with banana.

Afterwards I could eat as much as I want, but at night I finished eating by 4 hours before going to bed and when I was hungry from that I could eat it if it was a banana.

In reality, however, there were very few people who had this effect in this way, eventually this boom ended.
Therefore to be denied to bananas.

But bananas are a very good food for the replacement diet.
It quickly becomes energy and rich in nutrition.
It is easy to struggle to replace the diet because it is also good for your stomach.

However, we can not recommend eating any other meals OK.
The ideal banana replacement diet is to make dinner a banana.

Instead, breakfast and lunch are inappropriate, taking vegetables and protein as much as possible and thinking about the balance of nutrition is a point.

It also prevents rebound, it becomes a thinner constitution.

For small bananas, up to 2 for OK for dinner.
Let's stop with a big banana.
It is also recommended to add 1 cup of milk to the cup.
Eating bananas at night, refreshing in the morning, recommended for relieving constipation.

If anyone who is still inadequate, let's add Plus Tonen.
Since it is agar, the environment inside the intestines is better and the sense of fullness is also added.

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Diet substitution with chicken meat meat ・ method and effect

Chicken breast meat is rich in protein but has a very small amount of fat and is very popular not only for dieters but also for those who are considering health now.

To that evidence, convenience stores are increasingly growing meat products.

As for substitute diet, of course, people who are using meat meat is increasing.
Especially attaching muscle is very important for diet, and for that reason too, meat is very recommended.

Of course you do not have to be muscular.
However, basal metabolism will increase by increasing the muscles in the body.

In other words, it is not fat burning by exercise, energy is used for cell regeneration and restoration while sleeping, so it is very important that the basal metabolism increase.

It is said that basal metabolism accounts for 60% of the day's metabolism, and increasing this basal metabolism in a diet leads to an increase in the overall metabolism.

Therefore, protein is very important, especially chicken breast meat with low quality lipids is highly recommended.
We do not purchase lunch for lunch and more people buy meat at convenience stores.

When cooking at home, it tends to become Pasapasa because there is less fat, but recently it has been circulating products such as eggs, etc. or type of products that do not become Pasapasa just by grinding the flavored powder, so use it Is not it also good?

Also open the flesh and wrap it around with wrapped wrapped in lap and steam it as it is to make moist moon meat roll.

You can expect a diet effect while enjoying the meat meat in various ways.

Since there are many proteins of meat at least even one, the body is satisfied and a feeling of satiety is obtained.
If you change the spice you will enjoy getting tired of it.

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Diet substitution with konjak ・ Method and effect

Konjak is one of the typical foods of low-calorie food.

As a result, many Konjak diet products are on the market, for example, Konyaku Ramen, Konjak noodles, Konjac rice and other real noodles and close to rice, it is said to be a strong substitute diet friendly.

Konjac's calorie is only 7 kcal calories per 100 g and low calorie food preeminent.

Besides, nutrients also contain proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, calcium contains 68 mg / 100 g of dietary fiber and 3 g of dietary fiber It is.

Calcium and dietary fiber are nutrients that are said to be chronically insufficient for Japanese people, so it seems to be said that they are also very nice supplementary products.

In Konjak, there are many varieties as well as rich variations.
However, it is also common to purchase konjac at the supermarket, boil it with a mushrooms and a thin soy sauce taste, and eat it with mustard.

Also like sashimi, it is recommended to eat with wasabi and soy sauce.

This way of eating, it is said that it is a delightful food with a high replacement diet effect.
Konjak is also said to be a cleaning house inside the intestines, increasing the amount of clogged feces and dropping it down, keeping the intestines beautiful.

Because it is abundant in water-soluble dietary fiber, it becomes a jelly-like object of Purupuru by sucking moisture inside the gastrointestinal tract, encouraging the discharge of feces while getting entangled with the lipid in the intestine.

So my stomach should be refreshing and every day can be sent.

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Replaced with egg white Diet ・ Method and effect

Diet replaced with egg white is also popular.

Egg white replacement is now a popular replacement diet among overseas celebrities.
Especially it is the best recommendation to replace it with breakfast.

The reason for this is that you can upgrade the metabolism of the day with this egg white effect.

A diet that does not eat makes a fat constitution, but a diet that raises a metabolism is said to make a constitution that can become thin on the contrary, and an egg white diet is said to be a very reasonable diet method.

White omelets are recognized as popular ingredients among women as they become cafes and other menus as well.

Recommend is egg white omelette, you may bake using olive oil or coconut oil.

Then we eat a small amount of calorie such as ketchup and sauce which is not so expensive.

Egg contains a lot of cholesterol, but if egg white it is around 1 mg per 100 g. About 100 g of egg white will be about 3 eggs, you can eat safely.

The calorie is also 100 g and it is low calorie with 47 kcal calories. Vitamin B group such as vitamin B2 and biotin is very abundant■Replaced by mouth ・ diet ・ method and effect〓Replaced by mouth ・ diet ・ method and effectI recommend moisashi for replacement diet food.

Replacement diet foods are on the market, but it can be said that it is quite strict for your wallet.

So one of the cheapest foods that can effectively replace the diet is moist.
Stir frying (OK even if you put other vegetables), you can get a satisfaction.

Stir fry the sardines, put the sauce before stopping the fire, stir fry and finish it.
Rather than hanging sauce to stir fried fish, there are tastes that sauce sauce for sauce sauce for a long time sauce sauce while stir - frying.

If you make buckwheat juice and put frying moyashi there, you will feel like eating sesame or udon.

Rather than boil the mouth starch on the buckwheat soup, you should be able to eat delicious sauce that put frying moyashi on finished soba noodles.

Let's stir fry with olive oil or coconut oil.

Just stirring with a little oil will make Goon and Moi delicious.
Also easy to get bored is palatable and delicious with a single task of stir-frying, it will be perfect for a variety of flavors.

During the diet, the amount of food as a whole also decreases and oil is also being refrained, so you may want to eat greasily abnormally.

It is also possible to lose the temptation such as tempura, fried chicken, tonkatsu, potato fried, etc., leading to failure of dieting.

Therefore, stir frying with a small amount of oil reduces the desire to eat greasily abnormally, making it easy to continue dieting.

In such a meaning, let's use moisture well, let's replace diet while relieving desire.

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Replacement diet with enzyme drink ・ Method and effect

The enzyme diet is basically a replacement diet.

Replacement diet has the effect of eating low-calorie foods anyway, suppressing hunger and reducing the amount of eating a day.

However, this method is more likely to cause rebound, as the amount of meal decreases than before.
As nutrition does not come into the body like it has been until now, the body will become a state of starvation of nutrition, reduce metabolism, increase absorption, create an obesity constitution that can easily accumulate fat.

If you cause rebound, your diet will not progress smoothly, when you stop your diet life you become obese and become fat.

Therefore, by incorporating enzymes, it distributes nutrients within the enzyme drink without loss to the body, so there is an effect that it is difficult to rebound.

Without taking unnecessary calories, the body can not get starved because it can deliver abundant vitamins and minerals contained in the enzyme drink firmly in the body by the power of the enzyme.
The fact that it is not starved means that there is no rebound, so that it does not become a constitution which is easy to become fat and that it has the effect of making a diet succeed.

Enzyme drinks are often used for fasting diet, and replacement with dinner is the best means fasting, so it is recommended because fasting time will be longer.

Replacing breakfast, about a dozen hours of fasting, from the day before dinner until lunch the next day.

Replacing dinner makes it possible to do about 18 hours of fasting as it is from the day before lunch to the breakfast of the next day.

Also, if you make only an enzyme drink before going to bed, more metabolism is promoted and the diet effect is outstanding.

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Diet substitution with apple ・ method and effect

There are many benefits when using apple on a replacement diet.

Since apple contains abundant dietary fiber called pectin, it can be expected to have high effect in intestinal environment.

Nutrients are also rich in vitamin C and other polyphenols such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc., and quercetin which is one kind of flavonoids, which is also recommended for health.

The more the proverb says "There is no need for a doctor for an apple a day," the apple health benefits are getting a lot of attention.

And it is perfect for replacement diet, good stomach well, if you eat one apple you will not get satisfaction.
Also, apple has attracted attention because it has cancer prevention effect.

Other recently it has been announced that there is a preventive effect such as asthma, hay fever, atopy etc. It is also recommended for those with allergic constitution and people with asthma tendency.

It is said that pectin contained in apple has the function of suppressing excessive ingestion of histamine so that it can suppress runaway of immune cells.

I also know the effect of increasing good cholesterol and reducing bad cholesterol, and it can be said that you can become healthy while taking a diet substitution.

Finnish studies have shown that the risk of stroke can be reduced by 41% for males and 39% for females.

Especially obese people over middle age and older are also required to prevent lifestyle diseases at the same time, and it seems that substitute diet with apple can be said to be a recommended diet from such a meaning.

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Diet replaced with tofu ・ Method and effect

One of the substitute diets with tofu has two kinds of methods: one meal replacement and a replacement of tofu instead of three meals.
It is important to take proper dietary nutrition firmly.

But I do not want to take carbohydrates, saccharides, lipids too much.
So it is said that diet effect is high by replacing staple food such as rice and bread with tofu.

It is said that there is health damage on the contrary if you do not take carbohydrates at all.
However, when cooking, carbohydrates are quite eating using flour and breadcrumbs in various menus.

In addition, potatoes such as pumpkins and potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, at the very least, dieting becomes smoother by diverting rice and the like of the staple food to tofu at least.
Especially those who firmly eat rice and the like can considerably lose weight even by this method alone.

And if you do both the replacement method and the one serving replacement method, the diet effect will be higher.

In other words, one meal will be replaced with tofu only, and the other two meals will be changed to tofu.
Tofu is rich in high quality protein, so it is recommended for diet.

Also, soy isoflavone contained in tofu is estrogen-like food of female hormone, so it has high beautiful skin, beautiful hair effect, it also has an effect on improving menstrual irregularity etc.

Menopausal women also help alleviate painful symptoms and have an effect in prevention of menopausal disability.
If you eat tofu with warming it also has the effect of warming your body, increasing the diet effect to increase more metabolism.

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Replaced with agar ・ Method and effect

Replacement diet has the purpose of dropping one meal to low calorie as much as possible and lowering the intake of the day.
And there is also the effect of not stopping hunger but giving a feeling of hunger to the body, not just pulling out one meal.

In that sense calorie is close to 0, agar agar is the best.
Even if a person who eats plenty of meal every day eats it because he is hungry, I think that it is often that you lose to hungry after all.

Certainly, people who eat big-bowls, it may be very difficult to skip a meal.
Let's use agar well in such a case.

Agar is rich in dietary fiber, it also works to improve the intestinal environment, it is said that it is effective for eliminating constipation.
As there is no particular taste as to how to eat agar, you can taste delicious with three cups of vinegar and mustard if you go to the place.

You can also eat deliciously even if you eat it with a little dice and black honey etc.
Since agar has a function of suppressing intestinal absorption of carbohydrates and lipids, even if you eat somewhat black honey it does not have a bad influence on diet.

Many people think that they want to eat sweet things while on a diet, but at such times hanging black nectar etc. on agar will also relieve stress.

Also, when making agar with your favorite vegetable juice, feeling of satiety is much better than just vegetable juice.

Recommended because it suppresses sugar and lipid absorption of meal by eating agar about 100 g before meal at the meal of diet of replacement diet.

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Replaced with cabbage Diet ・ Method and effect

It is said that cabbage is reduced in neutral fat even by eating tapri and it has an effect on weight loss.

Middle-aged and elderly people with a lot of neutral fat also have the effect of dropping triglyceride so that the doctor is advised to eat a large amount of cabbage.

Japanese people are said to be vegetable shortage on average, and many of those who are on a diet tend to lack more.
Therefore, replacing diet with cabbage is also effective to eliminate vegetable shortages.

As cabbage is rich in diastase, it also has a digestion promoting effect, and vitamin C contains abundantly 44 mg in 100 g.
In order to take vitamin C, let's eat raw.

However, because it sometimes gets tired of eating every day, it is recommended as a substitute diet to stir-fry the cabbage.

In addition, calcium is also abundant in cabbage, and it can be said that it is a very delightful vegetable for Japanese who are deficient in calcium.
It is also recommended for preventing irritation during dieting.

It also contains potassium abundantly, it also has the effect of lowering blood pressure.

And since raw cabbage makes you feel full and has an effect to suppress appetite, replace diet■Diet replaced with radish ・ method and effect〓Diet replaced with radish ・ method and effectIf you replace the diet, after all why would you like replacing the radish with people who want volume?

Raw daikon is suitable for diet because it becomes enzyme in the body.
If you say raw radish, there may be many people remembering Daikonase, but there is not much feeling of satiety in Daikonchoroshi.

Let's break the radish into pieces.
If you want to raise your feeling of satiety, cut to 2 cm × 2 cm thick.

Thickened radish with thick cuts needs to chew securely and the feeling of fullness also increases.
If you like a little soft one, slice thinly and shred it thinly.

If you eat a quarter of radish as a serving, you should have a considerable volume.
Sprinkle lightly on Japanese radish with sushi vinegar sauce for several minutes, it gets sour and moist.
You can eat delicious even if you squeeze lightly and hang a bonito string and hang a small amount of soy sauce.

Also, when raw bored, we recommend miso soup with plenty of radish.
In addition, with a thin taste juice that Dashi was lucky, those that slowly boiled a thick round radish will also warm your body.

The radish contains rich in potassium, calcium, etc. in the white part, but in fact the leaves are rich in vitamin B group etc.

If you can purchase one with leaves when purchasing a radish, you can also supply nutrition if you add plus leaves to miso soup etc.

Also, since most of radishes are moisture, if you want to get a sense of satiety firmly, you should be satisfied if you cut the radish thinly, squeeze the moisture to reduce the amount, and eat a lot of radish.

Sprinkle it there and you can eat deliciously.
Also a small amount of sesame oil and ponzu, Chinese radish salad is recommended.

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Diet / method and effect replaced with calorie mate

Replacement diet has the purpose of eating less caloric foods and reducing intake calorie without eating a single meal, but also taking the necessary nutrients firmly is also important for dieting without rebound.

So there is a way to replace low-calorie, calorie-meat + milk 200? With average balanced nutrients.

Calorie mate comes with 4 boxes per box, 100 kcal calories per one.
Therefore 1 calorie mate + 200 ml of milk and 138 kilocalories, totaling 238 calories.

Calorie mate is well-balanced with vitamins, minerals etc. If you add milk, you can make more balanced nutritional supplement.
Would not it be satisfactory if the taste is good and those who like cookies etc.

It is recommended that you take in various substitute foods so as not to get bored and continue enjoying, without adhering to one substitute food, but on the contrary if you decide on the same thing everyday without thinking about various things it's recommended.

Also, diet food is quite expensive for price, but if it is calorie mate it is 50 yen per piece.

Milk is about 100 yen even in a 200ml pack, so even if combined, it is about 150 yen.
The price is stable, and it can be said that it is a substitute diet food that is friendly to your wallet.
Recommended because it can be procured at a convenience store even while you are out, such as when you replace lunch.

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Effective diet method Effective diet method

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