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If you are making a homepage you will know about SEO countermeasures.
Even if adequate measures have not been reached, we must know about what we should do as a basic matter.

However, modern SEO measures have a problem symbolized by a procedure called white hat and black hat.
White hat and black hat are a formal procedure and a wicked procedure in a word.
The role of SEO is to point to the appropriate homepage for those looking for necessary information.
To do that, it is necessary to collect and associate a huge amount of data on the Internet.

It is the search engine that is doing it.
However, when thinking as a business, it is a natural flow to think that you want to display your company's site on the top of search results.

Therefore, we will pursue what to do for that.
There are two ways of doing that called White Hat and Black Hat.
White hat is a homepage made according to the guidelines provided by search engines.
On the other hand, black hat is a procedure to make it appear on the top by fooling the search engine.

There was no clear distinction between the SEO countermeasure in the early days between the two.
However, in modern times there is a certain criterion as to whether or not to keep the search engine site presenting guidelines.
SEO thinks what you are looking for and provides the necessary information.
The search site sees that black hat is interfering with its role.

1) SEO and White Hat
2) White hat and black hat
3) SEO application technology
4) SEO problem
5) SEO and black hat
6) Link with SEO
7) SEO and search rank
8) SEO algorithm
9) How SEO works
10) SEO and spam
11) SEO and risk
12) Information on SEO
13) The role of SEO
14) SEO and penalty
15) Attention of SEO
16) SEO guidelines
17) SEO and business
18) SEO and tools
19) Advantages of SEO measures

SEO and White Hat

Naturally, it is natural to create a website that is conscious of SEO countermeasures, but what kind of method is there as a procedure?
The guideline published by Google, the leading search engine, represents the relationship between website creation and search engines, and it is thought that creating in accordance with these guidelines will be the benefit of the final user.

White hat refers to web site production in line with the guidelines.
Because of this word, there are methods that do not meet the guidelines.
It is called black hat and it is considered to act intentionally to guide the user to his homepage.

We do not guarantee that users will meet as targeted even with White Hat, but emphasize that users do not have to do unnecessary searches.
However, the role of the homepage is not only information provision but it is also important to gather users like product sales sites.

Since the intention of each producer is different, the content of website creation will also change.
However, it will be obvious that it is called a black hat to lead a user to the homepage in a procedure that fooled the user.

In the Internet world, various thoughts are intermingled, and even if the search site shows guidelines, it is up to the site creator's thought whether to follow it.
It is also true that there are people who believe that backing the SEO guidelines is an SEO measure.
The use side must also be conscious of this.

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White hat and black hat

Let's explain the White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.
Both are SEO countermeasures, but you can see that White Hat is justice and Black Hat is a bad guy as an image.

Of course, there are various sites in the Internet.
It is a well-known fact that some people try to obtain user information illegally through spam mails.

White hat is a healthy procedure for SEO countermeasures, and it is a method of making a website that follows the guidelines.
Naturally, black hat is the reverse.

Ignoring guidelines, it aims to guide users by using tricks.
Since the search engine was also immature in the early days of the Internet, the method called black hat was considered a legitimate procedure now.

However, in modern times when considerable flow of data can be organized, it can be considered that following the usual way is white hat.
Even if all of the homepages using black hat do not have malicious intention, it should be considered that it will not benefit the user not to follow the guidelines.

In other words, you are pursuing your own interests rather than users.
People who create websites would like many people to see the site.
If it is a shop it will be directly connected to sales.

The idea itself is not wrong, but we have to be careful about the procedure leading to it.
Let's assume that certain guidelines were presented to the Internet, which was a lawless zone.

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SEO application technology

Even if you create a homepage, there is nothing for anyone other than you to know its existence.
Search engines play an important role there.
Understanding the mechanism and gathering attention on your home page is called SEO measures.

Of course, many people say they know SEO for a long time.
But, specifically how do you increase access to your homepage?
It is simple.
You only need to make it appear higher in search results.

However, many people compete around the world to think about the same thing.
People who think night and night how they will be displayed on top of SEO have appeared.
Since it will be in an overly competitive state, it is a victory to analyze the mechanism of SEO and think about the mechanism that leads to the search results from there.
The times have flowed and the modern search engine has become pretty smart.

However, as it is impossible for the general public to understand it, Google has decided to present guidelines for making the homepage.
By following these guidelines, it is possible to display search results on the top level without special knowledge.
That is called White Hut.

White hat is made according to the rules made by the search site.
Some people do not follow this, but call such a method Black Hat.
Ignoring the guidelines, I will try to display it on the top with techniques behind it.
Technical capabilities are necessary for black hat, but that is not a recommendation.

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SEO problem

The technology to make it appear at the top of the search site is called SEO. However, even if we are taking measures against SEO, the same thing is done on many homepages, so anything will be competitive.

Although we will implement SEO countermeasures by using various means to try not to lose the competition, it will be approaching a palliative means that will strike a weak point of underlying skill and SEO.
Although search engines are taking countermeasures, itachi crashes, and the labor of both sides becomes enormous waste.
This is a big problem.

How does the search site respond to such a situation?
Do you know how to create a website called White Hat and Black Hat?
Google, which is a representative of search sites, publishes guidelines for website creation.

By creating according to this procedure it is possible to implement SEO measures in a sound form.
White hat is a method that follows the guidelines, and it can be thought that it is a legitimate procedure of measures against SEO.

On the other hand, it is possible to make it by ignoring the guidelines.
I call it Black Hat as a white-hat counter word.
It is not a word used in everyday life, but people who are making websites should know about it.

Even in modern times where SEO measures are common sense, there are not many people who do not change the way Black Hat thinks.
However, it may be thought that it will gradually be eliminated with the flow of the times.
There is no need to understand these differences.

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SEO and black hat

The history of search engines can be said to be the history of SEO measures and correspondence to black hat.
There were few healthy sites even when conducting a regular search, and there were situations where only sites using spam such as trickery were displayed.

At that time, there was no way to call it black hat, but it does not take much time for the search engine to analyze these mechanisms and to recognize it as spam.
It is because people are trying to increase the number of users' accesses without enriching the contents of the homepage making SEO measures difficult.

It is a healthy deal to provide information that the user is seeking for business use, leading to sales as a result.
However, due to the black hat method, there will be no way that actions involving accessing users will last forever.

Performing SEO measures according to guidelines provided by search engines is called white hat.
It is a synonym for Black Hat.

In any case, the information on the Internet is huge and it is not realistic to see all of the search results.
For that reason we will rely on higher-level display.

Since it is the mission of the search engine to provide the necessary information, it will be beneficial for the search engine to expand the white hat for that.

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Link with SEO

Links play an important role in SEO countermeasures.
Even if the content of the homepage is made to be read by many people, it can not be accessed unless it is displayed in the search engine at the top.

However, once content is noticed and the number of links from many sites increases, the search site will be displayed naturally and upward.
The Internet is an aggregate of links, but if the sentences of each site become interests of people who read it, it is displayed in the upper part of nature.
It will be a model pattern as a measure against SEO.

Of course, website creation is not always going well, and as many people are thinking about the same thing, it is quite intense competition.
There are various methods for SEO measures, and recently the words white hat and black hat have come to be noticed.

This refers to the SEO measures taken in accordance with the guidelines provided by search engines as a white hat, and the approach that does not conform to the guidelines is called black hat.
Black hat is a way to aim for high-ranking display using a so-called spam technique that seems to backside search engines.
As its name suggests it is a black method.

As the performance of search engines improves, Black Hat is getting penalty and ready to lower the ranking.
However, there is this word in reality that there are many sites using black hat.
In the early days of the Internet, Black Hat's method was done as usual.

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SEO and search rank

People who are doing SEO measures know that it is important to raise search rankings well.
However, at the same time I know the work very hard.
Even if you follow the guidelines provided by search engines, it is not possible to do by hand.

White hat is an SEO measure that conforms to the guidelines.
Applications for automating that work are also on the market.
Analyze the created homepage and automatically conduct competition research and analysis.
Some people use it to raise the search ranking of the company.

SEO countermeasures are not to be completed at once, it is necessary to monitor the ranking after the search and regular improvement.
However, we recommend that you create a homepage with the idea of ??White Hat.

On the other hand, there is a method called black hat as the reverse of the white hat.
When the search site detects a black hat, it imposes a penalty and lowers the search ranking.
Even if you know it, there are people who are using Black Hat-like techniques.
It is because he has found a merit by scooping through the penalty web.

A lot of information flows through the Internet, but as a means to see it, search engines are indispensable.
As long as there is that situation, you should think that black hat will not go away.
However, even if the search ranking is temporarily high, as long as it is left untouched, the rank will fall.
It is a world where change is very intense.

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SEO algorithm

If you know the algorithm of the search engine that is the source of SEO measures, you can reliably take corresponding SEO measures.
However, it is not easy to do SEO countermeasures manually, so you will need to use a commercially available application or ask an external specialist.

What algorithm is most effective if you do SEO measures depends on the target search engine, and it is also related to the evolution of search engines.
In other words, the search engine 5 years ago and the current search engine must be considered different things.

Also, since the algorithms used are also different, SEO measures must also be changed.
Since it is not easy to change the SEO countermeasure algorithm according to the evolution of search engines, it will be a shortcut for high-level display to conform to the guidelines provided by search engines.
That method is called white hat.

The guidelines of the search engine indicate what kind of points you can keep on to ensure that SEO measures will be taken.
Of course, even if you are aligning keywords of search only in White Hat SEO, we can not see results.
The content of the website is also checked.

However, there are many sites created by Black Hat SEO not in line with the guidelines.
It is a fact that Black Hat SEO has given a certain result even in modern times.
Of course, in the future, black hat is destined to be rejected.
Please understand that and proceed with SEO countermeasures.

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How SEO works

The SEO countermeasure is to understand the points that the search engine uses for ranking, and to arrange the corresponding keywords etc.
A lot of concrete methods have been considered so far.

However, as search engines continue to improve in a way to counter SEO countermeasures, the past methods are often counterproductive.
Although it is called white hat SEO to do SEO measures in accordance with the guidelines published by search engines, it can be considered that there were many reverse black hat SEOs in the past method.

Of course, Black Hat SEO is an act of trying to raise search rank by showing false information to the search engine, and it is a policy to thoroughly eliminate search engines.
General people should use White Hat's approach.

However, although the concrete mechanism of SEO is complicated, it is important to keep down the basic idea.
That is to provide the information the user is seeking.
In other words, it is required to accurately derive what kind of site you are trying to see from the word being searched.
It is easy if it is sentences, but it is not easy to configure it as an algorithm.

In addition, the information on the Internet changes every day.
It is necessary to constantly monitor and update the data.
The site which corresponded smoothly to these series of work will be white hat SEO.
And it is the search engine that judges either the white hat or the black hat.

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SEO and spam

There are SEO techniques that are subject to unnecessary penalties by being judged as spam from search engines.
Even without intentional black hat it will be black hat by not following the guidelines.

In modern website creation, White Hat SEO created according to the guidelines provided by the search site is recommended.
Of course, just by protecting the White Hat does not mean that the attraction rate will be high.
It is inevitable to compete with other sites.

By the way, what is spam specifically?
In fact, the method used to create a homepage so far is included, but it will be culled out along with the flow of the times.

Creating lots of content and increasing the number of keywords is called mirroring.
There is almost no content, and it is created mechanically a lot.
A technique called cloaking is to show different information to search engines and users.
It is a site to check with IP address and browser information as a clue.

The screen which the general person sees and the screen which the search engine sees are totally different things.
It is an act using the characteristics of the search engine, and there is no intention to raise the quality of the homepage at all.

Since the search engine does not respond to the list of keywords alone, there is also a word salad technique to automatically generate sentences by arranging keywords appropriately.
Although there are many other besides this, it should be based on white hat to create the homepage of the future.

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SEO and risk

Risk in SEO countermeasures is a method of creating a homepage that is penalized by search engines.
The technique called black hat SEO is a technique that has been considered in the history of search engines so far.

There are many techniques aimed at high-level display by reversing the movement of search engines.
There is no benefit to the user, it can be said that it is an act to pursue the interest of the site creator.
There is a guideline provided by the search site for such black hat SEO, and the technique according to it is white hat SEO.

It is not special, there are guidelines for putting in keywords, putting them in, how to put links.
Of course, it is nice for the general public to increase the number of people who read their site, but using that much effort for that will be meaningless.
However, there is a reality that increasing the attraction rate as a company leads to sales, so there are cases where Black Hat SEO is used with the risk being aware.

There is sophistication of search engines as a background to such topics.
Unlike the era when we simply picked up words and created databases, we became able to evaluate the context and the site composition in detail.

By improving this function you can distinguish between black hat and white hat.
If it is judged as a black hat, the rank will decline as a penalty.
It is opposite to the intention of the producer.

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Information on SEO

SEO measures will vary little by search site.
Therefore, we recommend that you collect information on various SEO countermeasures.
Recently, thinking about SEO measures called white hat and black hat has become important.
White hat SEO is a procedure according to guidelines advocated by search engines, and it can be said that it is a general way.

On the other hand, Black Hat SEO is a method to deceive the search engine and aim for high-ranking display, so it is not recommended much.
However, looking back on the flow of SEO countermeasures so far, some people thought that there are many techniques classified as black hat, which is the essence of measures against SEO.

However, as the performance of search engines improves, Black Hat SEO brings the opposite effect.
If the search engine determines that it is a black hat, that site is penalized.
As a result, the rankings will drop greatly.

If it is White Hat SEO according to guidelines, there is no such thing.
Of course, since it can not display high rank just by that, we must enrich the contents of the site.

It is the original role of the homepage to provide useful information for readers.
Information on SEO techniques is on various sites, but it is important to be conscious of whether it is always a white hat.
Also think about what kind of information to provide on your site.

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The role of SEO

What is it for SEO measures?
That is to gather readers to your site, but do you provide valuable information to those who gathered?

Of course, there will be sites that gather customers as a business.
I can not even get the opportunity to sell items unless you look at the site.
So we will take SEO measures in various forms.

Although it can be largely divided into two types, White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO, each has a completely different viewpoint. :White hat SEO can be said to be a healthy SEO measure as it is, according to the search engine guidelines.
In contrast, Black Hat SEO is considered to be a miserable technique.

Of course, the same goal is the same, but if you can get the result you will not say what you can do.
From the point of view of the reader, I do not know how the site is making it.
However, a site that has a structure like a salesman who brute force solicit will have a different atmosphere.

Even without SEO measures, there are many popular sites.
Not only information on the Internet but also networks of people such as word of mouth.
If you become talked about in newspapers and television, the number of accesses will soon increase.

Please understand that SEO measures alone are not a means to gather users.
Although there is no law on the Internet, it is important to have a consciousness to protect manners.
How about your site?
Let's enrich the content and increase the number of users.

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SEO and penalty

There are various methods for SEO measures, but if you decide that search engines are black hat, you will lower your ranking as a penalty greatly.
What you did to raise the ranking would be counterproductive.
In order to avoid it it may be best to follow the guidelines provided on the search site.

We call that way white hat SEO.
White hat SEO is not a difficult technique because it is to observe the procedure to not be the penalty presented in the guidelines.

However, techniques to improve the effect must be considered on each site.
On the other hand, there is a black hat SEO as an SEO by a viewpoint in the opposite direction, not a white hat SE.
This is a way that does not conform to the guidelines, so even a little thing has a risk of penalty.
It is not necessary to forcibly take black hat SEO measures.

However, in reality there are people who like black hat SEO measures.
Therefore, the search engine will further improve the processing performance.
Even if a technique to impose a penalty is presented, you will try to find a way to pass through it.
This is like a crime in real life.
Even if you know it is illegal it will be the same as a person who does whatever it takes for making money.

Which way to choose is left to the person who builds the site.
How about you?
In any case, we must understand the fundamentals of SEO measures.

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Attention of SEO

SEO measures are techniques to increase the ranking on the search site.
However, not every technique is recommended, there are some caveats.

It is a SEO measure called white hat and black hat.
On the search site, a program called a search engine gathers information on the Internet and analyzes it.

Then build a database related to keywords.
There are standards to use at that time, and it is released as a guideline.
If it follows the guidelines, the search engine will do the appropriate processing.

White hat SEO is the composition of the homepage according to the guidelines.
On the other hand, techniques that do not conform to the guidelines are called black hat SEO, and search engines are judged to exclude them.
Even if you do not recognize it as a black hat, you will need to be careful because the ranking will be determined by the search engine's rating.

Knowing what kind of technique will be a black hat can be understood by reading the guidelines and it is common sense for those in the position of operating the company's website.

Of course, if you do not have the knowledge to that extent, you should consider whether the person who reads the sentence that you are writing is useful.
Even if that is not clear, no one will be interested in a site like a brute forceful buyout.

As many people access it, we can improve nature and rank.
Sticking to SEO countermeasures only will deviate from the purpose of website creation.

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SEO guidelines

Knowing how the search engine evaluates the homepage makes it easier to take SEO measures.
Of course, you will also be able to trust the search engine results.
That leads to what many people want.

For that reason, the search site publishes guidelines for SEO countermeasures.
It is a way called anti-SEO measures according to the guideline called white hat.
However, some people do not follow it.
I call it Black Hat SEO.

There is a clear difference between white and black, and the search engine ranks the site by its evaluation.
Therefore, if you are aiming for top publishing, White Hat SEO is definite.

However, if the contents of the homepage and the frequency of update are objectively inferior, it will be difficult to target the top.
For that reason I will consider improving with Black Hat SEO.

Of course, the performance of the current search engine is high, and if it is judged to be a black hat, the ranking can be greatly lowered, so effort will be in vain.
Still black hat will not go away.

Please read the guidelines first.
It is not by no means difficult techniques are posted, just avoiding meaningless links and listing of keywords.
Many of the SEO countermeasures so far have been judged as black hat.
It can be said that the search method is also evolving.

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SEO and business

If you are setting up a website as a business, how many customers are visiting your site is very important.
Some people will use the technique of Black Hat SEO, thinking that it is not enough that only the general SEO measure White Hat SEO is enough.

However, as a result, if it is judged as a black hat by the search engine, it will lower the ranking greatly.
It is an opposite effect to the aim.
Because the business is made up of the relationship of trust with customers, it should be based on White Hat SEO.
That makes it possible to display a higher result as a result.

Also, instead of emphasizing just the SEO countermeasure, it is important to express the contents of the website and the characteristics of the products being sold firmly.
If you write a sentence, it is the same thing that the feeling of the person who wrote is conveyed to the reader.
Some people think that website creation is different from general advertisement, but in reality it hardly changes.

Also, some people refer to the homepage from newspaper advertisements, so it will not end with everything by SEO measures alone.
It is important to advance business by various countermeasures.

And there must be a posture to always think about the merits of users.
The SEO countermeasure itself is a technique for the merit of the website creator.
Do not forget that.

Black Hat should be considered the most avoidable technique.
If you understand it, the idea of ??website creation in the future will change.

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SEO and tools

It is well known that SEO measures have white hat and black hat.
However, in actual SEO measures, you should use tools rather than doing them manually.
Therefore, many owners do not know details of the SEO countermeasure of the homepage created.

However, since the tool currently being circulated is basically based on White Hat SEO, it will not be mistaken for black hat.
Given the risk of making a meaningless link and judging it as black hat, White Hat SEO according to guidelines is safer and more reliable.

Of course, there are various techniques in practice, so it's not a simple task.
But being limited to the White Hat SEO makes it much simpler to do with the tool.

As a result, it will lead to an increase in the quality of the homepage as a whole.
Originally, the homepage provides information to the reader, and the search engine is considered a signpost to that page.

You can think of a way to deny that idea from the black hat.
I believe that the purpose is to guide users to their own page, and for that I do not care what they do.

If you are in charge of maintaining the homepage, you must fully understand these tools and ideas of SEO measures.
People from all over the world are using search engines, so the guidelines are very important.

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Advantages of SEO measures

What is the merit of SEO countermeasures?
Of course, your homepage will be displayed at the top in search results.
However, because the value of the use of the homepage does not increase by itself, it is necessary to make a site configuration that visitors can read and benefit from.

Although it is different from SEO countermeasures, as a result of visits by many people, the ranking at the search site improves as a result.

In other words, not only SEO countermeasures but also content enhancement is indispensable.
It is called White Hat SEO to create a homepage by fully understanding these.

In other words, it is to know the point that the search engine is checking and make a homepage based on it.
Of course, only the white hat SEO is a method, there is also a technique called black hat.
That is how to display your site in the top by cheating the search engine.

Some people thought that this was SEO measures when the search engines were immature.
However, in modern times it will be eliminated as a black hat.
The search engine judges whether it is a black hat or a white hat, and accordingly changes points of ranking.

It is not worth using black hat SEO by force.
However, we do not recommend sites that do not do SEO measures.
It is because there is a high possibility of becoming a site that no one can see unless you do nothing.
Of course, we can not ignore links by people circle such as word of mouth, so please consider various methods.

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